‘Charmed’ Reboot Will Have a Lesbian Witch and We’re Here for It!

'Charmed' Reboot Will Have a Lesbian Witch and We're Here for It!
Credit: Jeff Vespa

The Charmed reboot coming to life over on The CW has cast its first major character. Melonie Diaz has been cast as one of the three sisters the show will be focusing on. And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, her character will also be a lesbian!

For some this might feel like pandering. I can already imagine the Twitter firestorm some are are starting because this isn’t the story they grew up with and turning one of them into a lesbian is “killing” their youth. Newsflash, the world has changed and grown in amazing ways since Charmed came out in the 90’s. Including lesbian characters in the stories we great isn’t pandering, it’s representation.

If Black Lightning and the way that they are developing Anissa Pierce’s storyline is any indication of what’s to come, then we are over the moon for a chance to see a lesbian Charmed lead. It’s about damn time and we’re so here for witchy antics that pop up when our sister meets the girl of her dreams, reunites with an evil lover (because that always happens on Charmed), and even just some hand holding that turns into their hands being stuck together because magic and they end up telling each other their feelings.

There’s no word on whether the actresses Latinx heritage will be explored or even be a part of the character she plays, but we’d love to see that too! They could have different mom’s or be half sisters. We’ve seen it in the original and it could work in the remake. Plus, we’ve seen shows like One Day at Time and Starz Vida take a stand and create Latinx stories that aren’t stereotypical garbage. Maybe The CW will be next one to join this team.

Point is we’re down for a Charmed reboot with a lesbian sister. It’s about damn time!

How are you feeling about this casting choice? Are you down with one of the sisters being a lesbian? Let us know in the comments below!

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