10 Reasons We’re Excited for 'Timeless' to Return

As we prepare for Timeless’ season 2 premiere this Sunday, it’s crazy to even think about a time when this show — this upcoming season — was dead in the water. How a network could even consider cancelling such a smart, action-packed, diverse, emotional, thrilling show like Timeless is just beyond me.
But let us not dwell any longer on NBC’s darkest moment. Timeless is back, baby! And it’s gearing up for an even better (that’s right better) second season — even after a freshman season that was simply stunning.
It’s been a year — that’s right, an entire year — since we last left our Time Team amidst a key victory and the openness to possibilities. Oh, and that cliffhanger, where it was revealed that Lucy’s mom is also a member — an important one — of Rittenhouse. (Seriously, after the promise of Lucy and Wyatt and that Rittenhouse cliffhanger, I don’t think I could’ve gone on in life without knowing what happened!)
There are thousands of reasons why we’re thrilled for Timeless’ return — especially because we miss the hell out of these characters. From our Lyatt desires to clarity on Rittenhouse to Jiya’s future, here are just 10 reasons we’re excited for Timeless’ return.

1. We miss the Time Team!

There are no words to describe the hole in our heart that’s existed since Timeless aired its season 1 finale. Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus have become more than just television characters. They’ve become family — not only to each other, but to fans, as well. While we’ve said it before — and will continue to say it — the chemistry between Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, and Malcolm Barrett is the stuff of magic. There’s an effortless to it that makes it not only powerful in its execution but believable. You can’t force or create that kind chemistry. It just happens. And we’re thankful every day for our Time Team. We’re ready for more moments with our favorite characters — the ups, the downs, the uplifting, the heartbreaking.

2. Lyatt, Lyatt, and Lyatt!

While we were in from the very beginning, Lucy and Wyatt’s relationship has taken on a new sense of importance as we head into season 2. We watched these two characters develop a trusting foundation as they grew close as friends to the point where they both realize that, yes, they can be happy. Yes, it’s okay for them to move on. Yes, it’s okay for them to be open to possibilities. With each other. When you live the kind of lives that Lucy and Wyatt do, it puts things into perspective. You realize that life is precious, and that when the future is always at risk, it’s important to live while you still can. It’s important to embrace the things you love. It’s important that you realize that you are deserving of happiness no matter how much you’ve been hurting. The thing I loved about Lyatt in season 1 was that it wasn’t forced in its eventual progression. There was definitely a feeling of Oh yeah, they’re going to get there. Eventually. But this show didn’t sacrifice these characters’ bond and foundation to get to the romance immediately. It was a natural progression for their individual characters’ journeys — for Lucy, being open to this love and for Wyatt, coming to a place where he knew that he could move on. Now that Lucy and Wyatt are open to the possibility of being together, we’re ready for more of those chemistry-filled moments (seriously, Abigail and Matt are just fire), the angst, and the moment we know is coming.

3. What the hell is going on with Rittenhouse?!

Only Timeless could one-up itself following what was an enticing and threatening anti-hero in Garcia Flynn and the looming threat of Rittenhouse and blow it up into this world-changing threat that has us shaking in our boots. Rittenhouse, as we saw in season 1, have this ideal world that they envision — and we can only assume that whatever their plan is for rewriting history, it can’t possibly be good. The season finale did a good job of setting up Rittenhouse to be the big bad for season 2, and our Time Team will certainly need to be on its toes. Sure, we know that Rittenhouse wants to rewrite history. But whatever extent they’ve gone to and whatever their ultimate endgame is, that is going to be the big questions as we go through season 2. And, honestly, I’m scared. Rittenhouse stretches even further than we could’ve imagined.

4. Meeting new historical figures & exploring historical moments

It cannot be said how important Timeless is not only because of how it’s telling stories that need to be told and incorporating our world and its perceptions into a fictional show but also because of the history it teaches us. History has always been one of my favorite subjects, so it’s been cool getting to see the moments you’ve read in your textbooks come to life in an original and creative way. But there have also been moments where I’ve learned something that I didn’t know, and it’s a thrilling weekly field trip back in time. Timeless does an amazing job not only with recreating these historical sets and famous figures but also crafting a story that shines a light on the significance of the time period or figure that will be with us long after the show airs. Every episode is a new history lesson. And this is the best history class we’ve ever taken!

5. We’re ready for our minds to be blown…again!

No one does twists, turns, and heartstopping emotion like Timeless. This show is able to deliver shocks that not only take you by surprise but that are so deeply emotionally rooted that it affects you long after the episode airs. The Rittenhouse bomb? Didn’t see that coming. And I’m usually quite perceptive. I love giving myself to this show and letting them take me on a roller coaster ride that is fast, windy, terrifying, and satisfying. Even when we can see things coming (because we theorize way too much) it always feels satisfying and leaves us feeling that shock that leaves us talking and speculating for hours. With season 2, I can’t even imagine the twists and turns headed our way. With Rittenhouse at the wheel, who knows what they’re willing to do. Though I just know — just know — that one of them is going to involve Jessica. I’ve watched too much television, read too many books to not see this coming. But you know what, it’s still going to be shocking as hell. It’s still going to hurt as hell. (To be fair, Lizzie and I called back when we first watched the pilot.) Though I’d be more than fine if they just left Jessica alone. Please and thank you.

6. We’re ready to feel ALL the emotions!

It’s truly incredible the range of emotions one can feel while watching an episode of Timeless. From shock to pure joy to gut wrenching heartbreak, this show never fails when it comes to making its characters and audience feel. That’s one of the things this show has succeeded with — focusing this show on the characters, making us care about them, and eliciting powerful emotional responses as a result. We feel so deeply because we care so deeply for this show, these characters, and their journeys. Given that this show has already made a living on making its audience feel, we cannot imagine the level of emotion that’ll come with a second season that was revived because of the fans. But we’re ready. The good, the bad, the ugly; the highs, the lows; the most uplifting of moments and the most heartbreaking moments. We’re ready for all of it.

7. We need to know what the hell is happening with Jiya!

When I think back to certain storylines, whether it’s Lyatt or Jiya, I cannot help but imagine what would’ve happened if Timeless actually had been cancelled. How would we have gone on living without answers to these questions?! Like what the hell is happening with Jiya? After the Time Team brought four people in the Lifeboat, Jiya started having seizures and was seeing glimpses of…something. Is she seeing the past? Is she seeing the future? Is this going to have negative connotations (of course it is because we care so deeply)? Jiya has been one of my favorite characters because of her intelligence, confidence, and just the way she carries herself in life. Not to mention she’s like the cutest thing ever. (Rufus is a lucky man.) Just the thought of something bad happening to Jiya is enough to make me start yelling obscenities. Whatever hardships await Jiya (we know it’s coming), if anyone can pull through this, it’s Jiya. She’ll be okay. (I’ll keep repeating that mantra to myself until it comes true.)

8. More Rufus/Jiya cuteness!

While Lucy and Wyatt own my damn soul, there are no words for how much I love Rufus and Jiya’s relationship. They are too cuties that found love in a hopeless place (I think that’s a song, but it’s damn true.) They’re both intelligent people that are stronger than even they give themselves credit for. They compliment each other so well that it almost seems too good to be true. They are too pure for this world. And yet I couldn’t be more thankful that we get to see this beautiful couple. And season 1 was only the beginning. I’m ready for more Rufus and Jiya (please, give me all the Rufus and Jiya.) I’m curious to see how Jiya’s condition will test their relationship. I’m ready for disagreements. I’m ready to see that strong, trusting foundation carry them through hardships. They can get through anything. And they’re still cute as hell. Not to mention Malcolm Barrett and Claudia Doumit just have an effortless rapport that makes this relationship feel so beautiful and real.

9. More of the perfect balance of humor, thrill, and intensity.

Timeless is one of the few shows on television that I actually really love right now. Scratch that, it’s the only show that I really give a damn about right now. And why wouldn’t I given everything that this show gives us on a weekly basis? Timeless has something for everyone, whether it’s the thrilling action, historical focus, humor that doesn’t get enough credit, intense storylines, and emotion that always leaves us feeling emotionally compromised at least five times every episode. The way this show balances all of these elements is beyond impressive. It would be easy to want to focus on just action or just being funny or just being intense in a single episode. But Timeless is able to repeatedly blend these elements together in a way that’s not overwhelming, it’s not too much, and it just feels right.

10. We fans brought this show back from the dead…we wanted it back that bad.

Perhaps the most important reason that we’re excited for Timeless to return is because, well, WE WANTED IT BACK. We wanted it back so much that we were able to revive it from the dead. That’s right, WE ACTUALLY MADE TIME TRAVEL A REAL THING. (Unless it’s already a real thing that the government is hiding from us and we’ll never know about until an evil organization changes history.) But the point is, Timeless is a show that us fans demanded return. And NBC listened. There was a time when Timeless was gone. No second season. No more of Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus, Jiya, Agent Christopher, even Flynn. It was such a terrible time to even think about. And now? We got them back. We rewrote history the way it was always supposed to be. And make no mistakes, we’re going to fight as hard as we possibly can to ensure Timeless comes back for a third season…without time travel this time. And we need your help. Make sure you’re watching live, tweeting live, rewatching on digital platforms within the first three days. Make sure you’re telling everyone and their mother to watch this beautiful, brilliant show. We need more. I can’t imagine a world without more Timeless. Let’s protect history, Clockblockers. Let’s bring Timeless home for a third season (and fourth and fifth and sixth.)l.
Timeless season 2 premieres Sunday at 10/9c on NBC.

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