‘Black Lightning’ 1×07 Review: ‘Equinox: The Book of Fate’

The CW went and did the damn thang this week! Like I knew they could, they delivered back to back kick ass episodes of their superhero line up. The Flash kicked it off with Enter Flashtime and Black Lightning pulled up the rear with Eqinox: The Book of Fate.

With several good episodes under their freshman series belt, The Book of Fate was probably my favorite so far. (If I’ve said this before cut me a little slack and blame it on the show for being too good. LOL) This episode was heavy on emotions and great family moments. I know I always talk about the family, but it is at the core of what makes this show special. Here we go:

Anissa and Her Parents


Like her parents, I was still shaken by the fight between Anissa and Jefferson. The sadness on Jeff’s face gave his whole game away, so it was no surprise that he flipped like a pancake when it came to Anissa using her powers. With Lynn being against it too, Anissa was up against a united front for a while.

I loved how the family dynamics were executed- everyone was allowed to step into the others shoes.  For years Lynn felt the agony of Jefferson’s choice to be a hero, and now Jefferson is put in the same position with Anissa and the wild card that may be Jennifer. His reaction, though hypocritical was purely parental. Anissa- thristy to explore her powers and right every wrong she can, is allowed to feel the sting of putting someone else’s life in jeopardy when she finds David Poe, who helped her, was killed; this guilt is the kind Jefferson carries around after years of suiting up.

Lynn and Jeff are then forced to come to terms with Anissa’s determination and have to accept that she will become a hero with or without her father’s help. Lynn’s heart warming story of Anissa learning to walk is why I love this show so much; she knows her daughter so well and that leaving her with powers on her own will be a deadly mistake. Someone said Lynn was the best mother on the CW, and she checks that box for me, but I think she could give some other network moms a real run.

Jeff acknowledging that he was a hypocrite and agreeing to train and work with Anissa made me breathe easier. Anissa and Jefferson need each other to survive the hero life and to save the city.

Lady Eve, Tobias and Gambi


What the hell is this hot mess of a triangle? What controlled street chaos bull do Gambi and Lady Eve have going? What agency do Gambi and Lady Eve know each other from and why did Gambi shoot Joey Toledo looking like The Lone Ranger? Why is Tobias still so biased against black people? Um hello, your sister is a beautiful dark chocolate hue and she has your back- so much that she took a bullet for yo ass.

As you can see I’m full of questions about this story arc. I need some answers Black Lightning writers room!

Tobias and his sister did play Lady Eve, the cops, and Black Lightning though. I did not see the framing BL thing coming!

Some Thoughts As I Watched:

  • Why are they lying to Jennifer??
  • Jennifer side-eyeing Anissa and her dad was priceless!
  • Some of the lines in this episode were too dope: “I’ll throw him off that bridge when I get to it”-Lady Eve, “Jen is too much to handle without powers”-Jefferson Pierce, “I’m willing to sacrifice my own happiness so other people can have theirs”-Anissa Pierce, “Protection is what the Pierce family does”-Anissa Pierce
  • Lynn is such a great mom!
  • I hate Tobias!
  • Where did Tobias and his thugs get electricity guns??

What did you think of this episode of Black Lightning?

Black Lightning airs on Tuesdays on the CW at 9/8 Central.

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