‘Black Lightning’ 1×06 Review “Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder”

I usually try to have some sort of order about my thinking when writing a review, but with Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder, I have to write things a little out of order because of the sheer magnitude of how Jefferson and Anissa ended the episode. So pardon me while I start from the end.

The Main Event: Black Lightning vs. Thunder


What can I say? Jefferson and Anissa were bound to come face to face at some point, but it never occurred to me that they would take each other on like they did. I guess I should have known the Black Lightning writers didn’t come to play from the pilot. Though the fight was entertaining as hell, I hate having to say this, Jefferson beat Anissa’s ass. She didn’t go down without a fight, and she blasted him a time or two, but when he slammed her face first, I had to turn my head.

Then the grief stricken look as he watched her in the ambulance and as she lay in bed just broke my heart. The shock and hurt on Anissa’s face-heart wrenching. When Lynn repeated the words, “She has powers” to Jefferson, he seemed to finally understand the pain and horror that Lynn tried to convey each time he suited up. Do these three keep these secrets from Jennifer? Will they run tests on Jennifer to see if she has the meta human gene? So many questions.

Writing about anything else in the episode doesn’t seem as interesting after the epic showdown, but here goes:

Family Feels


Well, I take that back. Thinking about the Pierce family gives me all kinds of good feelings. Anissa and Jennifer are hands down my favorite siblings on television right now. (This is Us folks don’t come for me please. I have to get into it and I plan to. This woman just needs more hours in the day.) Their black girl math magic scene was so sweet and uplifting. A big sister studying molecular/cellular biology stopping to check her little sister’s pre-calculus homework, which she got all correct, was powerful imagery for black kids everywhere. Keep this content coming writers.

Then of course there’s Jeff and Lynn- though she wasn’t giving him too much love this episode until the end. Then there’s Jeff and his daughters. Lately its been Jeff and Jennifer giving us the lovey dovey moments. His pep talks to her have been so on point; his relationship with her is one that I’m sure many girls long to have with their fathers and truly cherish if they are lucky enough to have it already. “Listen and stay honest about what you hear”- this Jeffersonism is one for Jennifer and the tv audience to live by.

The Real


Black Lightning has done a whole lot in just a short period of time. Black Lives Matter, lesbian relationships, police brutality, colorism, sex trafficking- you name it and they’ve touched it. I didn’t expect them to go full on tiki torches, Charlottesville on us though. Not mincing words, the writers and creators have made a bold choice to have the Pierces exist at this point in time. White nationalists marching proudly and Confederate statues being destroyed are all hallmarks of this era being burned into our consciousness lest we forget it. Anissa and Jefferson put on their masks to fight this in Freeland- how will we fight it? I sometimes feel the show can be a little heavy handed with things, but at the same time I have to ask, why should they shy away from it?

Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder was a great episode; this show just keeps getting better.

Things I Wondered As I Watched:

  • What in the entire hell is Gambi mixed up in?
  • What agency is Lady Eve referring to?
  • Along with the use of his legs, Khalil has lost his damn mind. (I know that’s mean.)
  • Tobias promises Khalil he’ll walk again. Does he have some sort of tech to help Khalil regain the use of his legs?
  • I would take out my own mother if I had to.” Damn, Lady Eve!
  • You stay getting arrested.” LOL! Jennifer Pierce
  • Anissa’s guilt and the call to her mom for comfort as she realizes being a hero sometimes has costs to the innocent. (Me crying)

What did you think of the episode? Share your comments below.

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