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'Arrow' 6×14 Review: Why I'm Officially Done With Not Team Arrow

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  1. MJ says:

    I know I’m years late seeing this (never looked stuff up at the time to avoid spoilers) but THANK YOU. Currently rewatching Arrow. The first time around I remember hating them, but this time after season 5 I actually found myself liking Rene and Dinah (not really Curtis tbh). So I thought maybe the first time around I was just biased, i really went in giving them the benefit of the doubt this time. I was completely wrong. Wow. Children playing dress up is EXACTLY how I described them before reading this. It’s honestly the same feel I got when Laurel suited up as Canary. All these characters Laurel included were in the fight for like 5 minutes and tried acting like Oliver was wrong. Not only are they completely in the wrong, but as you said they’re villains. Hurting Diggle? Come on thats just low. Rene deserved worse than the beating he got, so did Dinah. I soooo badly wanted Oliver to snap. The writers are inconsistent, if Earth X Oliver can beat the 3 of them up so can our Oliver. This is a man who took down Slade, Ras, Damien, and Merlyn. Stop using plot induced stupidity he should easily beat them. I’m not going to rehash what you said because wow you detailed all the issues perfectly. I just watched Collison Course and I’m currently watching the next episode. Seeing Thea and SPOILER Roy Harper again shows you what TRUE sidekicks are. And lets be clear, these are all sidekicks. I think Marc Guggenheim and his team confused that part, these aren’t teammates they’re sidekicks. Roy and Thea always had their issues with Oliver sure, but they always understood it was his fight and they knew their place in it. They respected what he did for them and when they screwed up they acknowledged it instead of just projecting the blame to Oliver. Marc tried saying that the reason us fans sided with OTA was familiarity, if you ask me what a lazy way of defending his writing. Their arguments were all wrong. Oliver spied on them and literally uncovered that 2/3 of them betrayed him. What was he supposed to do, just sit back and let it happen? Anyways, now I know for sure it wasn’t just me and that the writing was terrible.

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