Fangirlish Exclusive: Getting To Know Country Music Star Canaan Cox

We always love someone who radiates charm and draws us in with a smile and good music. Canaan Cox is one of those people. An up and coming star in country music, he’s captivated us with his self titled EP.

He’s opened for Chuck Wicks, Broken Bow Record duo, Walker McGuire, and has embarked on a radio tour. He sat down to talk to us and we’re pleased to introduce you to this country music star.

How would you describe yourself as an artist for those who have never listened to you? What’s the most important thing you want them to know?

If Stevie Wonder and Ed Sheeran had a baby and sang country music, you’d have Canaan Cox. I simply love to entertain. Whether it’s on stage, a hosting a house party, or simply playing charades when the power goes off with the family, I thrive at being behind the mic, or simply, the center of attention.

You have a new single “Coming Back”. How is this song different from “Lie”?

This song is complete opposite ends of the spectrum, lyrically and melodically. Lie was very aggressive with the lyrics describing a relationship where the guy was simply vulnerable and naive, which I think isn’t very common in country music today. But it was from the girl leaving him for someone else and him not accepting it. I wanted to reflect that in the song, almost desperate. Coming Back technically is about a failed relationship but reflects on the good times rather than the negative connotations of a heart break.

Were there any challenges writing the track. What was the writing process like?

I came up with this idea on an airplane actually. I was playing around with chords on my iPad and came up with what you hear in the song. It wasn’t until after I had put it to words. If you don’t know me, I’m OBSESSED with How I Met Your Mother (like seen the series 10 times through obsessed). I came up with the line Coming Back and I had pictured Barney and Ted always in that love triangle with Robin. There are some personal influences as well at the time but I actually pulled from some of the shows episodes to help the writing process along.

How does “Coming Back” relate to you personally and what would you tell someone that’s coming out of a similar situation?

Some of this was personally driven from a college relationship I had. Seemed it didn’t matter what happened, who left who, what the other did – we found ourselves right back at each others dorm room. It was nothing unhealthy, so I think thats why the song has a more positive vibe. I was in college… to me, she was the one, I was in love, yada yada yada.. so I think depending on where you are in life the song could mean many things. In my case, it was stupid first time love. But Im sure we all have been there where we know it isn’t right, but we keep coming back.

How do you get over someone?

Hahaha, this is a real deal question, y’all! But I dig it. It’s funny looking back at the person I was then, hell, even 2 years ago. I’m not the same person I was. Not necessarily with COMING BACK, but with my single LIE, that was all very true and came from real emotion. My outlet to get over it was fitness. I had become so co-dependent on someone else, my confidence was gone, and I was over it when she left. So focused solely on me, fitness, and the thing I have control over. The rest will figure itself out.

You recently filmed the music video for the song? Who’s idea was it to capture the story the way you did in the video? What was the funnest memory you had while shooting?

I actually LOVE the cinematic world so look out HOLLYWOOD! So with all my videos I like to be heavily involved with the story, shots, locations, the works. I had about 4 different ideas for this video and sometimes you get in your own way. When I was on the road I listened to the song repeatedly contemplating ideas. And one time through, I really dug into the feelings of the things I was saying, the positives, what that first kiss felt like, what it felt like slow dancing in the rain… and I was like.. thats it. Not necessarily play out the lyrics, but capture that first time, infatuated feeling. The funniest part – If you watch in the first chorus, Emma (the girl) jumps in a puddle in the tunnel. We did that take a few times and the last time she really went for it and it got all over me and actually.. in my mouth! If you watch in the 2nd Chorus, you’ll see a frontal shot of us running and you’ll see my shirt is wet… good times.

What is the greatest fanboy memory you have? Who did you fanboy over? Did you fanboy in the moment or afterward?

I’ve actually never really met anyone to Fanboy over. I met Gavin DeGraw once, he’s one of my biggest musical influences, but I simply said “Hey Gavin, just wanted you to know you’re a huge inspiration for me”. We talked briefly about music, had a beer, and continued on. I think I would die though if I ever met Chris Pratt. He. Is. My. Hero.

What are some of your favorite artists in music right now?

I write and love country music, don’t get me wrong. But, I find myself listening to indie Pop more often than not. I’m really loving Calum Scott’s new album, James Arthur, and I’m pretty sure Anne-Marie and I will get married… she’s doesn’t know it yet, but I’m calling it.

What’s next for you? Tour plans?

I’m actually filling this out at a Starbucks in Huntington, WV whilst on tour. I’m rocking a few shows along the road making my way to New York where I have gigs next weekend. April is another small acoustic tour through Wisconsin, but come May, I’m hoping to drop a new single along with an album later in the year. Later this Summer, we are booked solid with music festivals and tours ranging from Wisconsin to Florida. Always like to stay busy and progressive, so stay tuned for more music, videos, shows, and much more!!!

Learn more about Canaan here. 

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