‘Timeless’ 2×03 Review: You Saved My Life

Before we get into this glorious episode that’s almost fanfic come to life, I want to start by making a list of things I really, really didn’t need to see in this episode, or any episode, really. It’s a short list, but I think we’ll all agree on it.

  1. Jessica
  2. Jessica
  3. Jessica

That being said, I also want to make a list of things I knew we were going to get in this episode, or in any episode where Lucy and Wyatt took that final step forward into a real relationship, as I called way back in my Pilot review:

  1. Jessica
  2. Jessica
  3. Jessica

With that out of the way, I just want to add that, considering this show has a time-travel element, this is absolutely something that needed to happen if these characters were ever going to move forward completely, and as much as it sucks now (and it does suck quite a lot), it’s something they’re going to get through. I firmly believe that.

But that’s all the time we’re going to devote to Jessica talk in this review. That’s for the next episode, and probably the one to come after. For now it’s time to rejoice. Because Lyatt is finally canon, and yes, sure, there’s some heavy angst coming our way, but at least we’ve got this episode to re-watch over and over again during our dark days.

So, in this review, we’re going to take a different approach. We’re going to break it down by character, and by relationships, as we examine the glorious, incredible, romantic ride these writers (and Matt and Abigail) took us on in “Hollywoodland”:



Timeless takes Jiya on a journey this episode, more a journey that they’ve ever taken her, and it’s truly amazing to see what a character can become with just a little more screentime. I went from liking Jiya and wanting more from her to absolutely falling for Jiiya, relating her in a deep way and just wanting to protect her from the world.

This is good, because, apparently, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Jiya and my job is easy.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Part of the beauty of this show, and of good writing, in general, is that it makes you not just feel for the character, but hear yourself, see yourself in them. When Jiya was telling the story about her dad, her demeanor, the way she let her fear dictate her response to both Mason and Agent Christopher, I was Jiya. I didn’t just feel her, for a minute there, I almost embodied her.

Because I know how hard it is to know, and how scary it can be to wait to know and how, sometimes, it seems like just shutting yourself off is the easier choice, the smarter one. Except Jiya, even without Rufus, is not really alone. This family has grown beyond the Time Team, and now has Agent Christopher and Mason as the reluctant parental figures to these kids who just keep.making.the.wrong.decisions.over.and.over.again.

So, with a little bit of support, Jiya chooses to face her fears and yes, goes to see a doctor who tells her that she’s …perfectly fine. More than fine, she’s healthier than she was before she went on the Lifeboat?

How is that possible? Was her body somehow affected in the same way her mind is – she’s getting visions of the future, and her body was somehow transported to a future state? Is that even a thing? And most importantly: was she the one affected because she was the only one who hadn’t been in the Lifeboat before or is there another reason that made Jiya more susceptible?

I get the feeling I’m not going to like the answer to this question, just as I get the feeling it’s coming, sooner rather than later, probably.

Either way, I’m glad my girl is getting her chance to shine. I have a feeling this storyline is just going to get more complicated/interesting, and that her visions are going to end up being something the team tries to exploit in the future. I just hope that doesn’t spell trouble for Jiya, personally. Or for relationship with Rufus. Though, I think we can all agree that’s been going too smoothly and this being TV, something’s gotta give, right?

Which brings me to the final thing I want to say about Jiya: Timeless, don’t you dare touch her. Don’t you dare. She has to survive this season, and the Season 3 this show is going to get, and all seasons. She better outlast me, you hear me? She better live till she’s an old woman telling her kids and Wyatt and Lucy’s kids about the time they went on this magical adventure through time. I won’t have it any other way.



This wasn’t exactly the episode to showcase team dynamics, but it’s still interesting to note that even on an episode that was almost fanfic for Lyatt, the character who is the designated “third wheel” never really feels like the third wheel, and that’s because Timeless has given Rufus a deep and meaningful relationship with Wyatt and a deep and meaningful relationship with Lucy.

In this episode, because sometimes, when it comes to romance, things do end up falling along gender lines, the show takes the time to showcase a playful banter between Rufus and Wyatt that’s about as pure and delightful as anything you’ll ever see on network TV.

Rufus plays the younger brother to Wyatt’s older brother often enough, but never quite as on point as in the scene AFTER he interrupts the morning-after for our favorite couple (though let it be said there’s no clockblocking this time!). There’s just such a joy in the knowing smile he’s wearing as he asks Wyatt how his night was, and such playful annoyance in Wyatt’s pleas for him to be cool. Plus, they’re men discussing feelings, or if not discussing, at least bringing them up, a thing that, again TV never ever does.

I’m just gonna have t-shirts made with the phrase: Toxic masculinity, Timeless has never heard of you, at this point.

And, let me just add that, once again, Rufus is the fandom and the fandom is Rufus: Is this happening? Is it happening? was, after all, exactly our question.

But the takeaway from that scene, and really, from every scene that the three of them have together, is this: Rufus loves Lucy, and Rufus loves Wyatt. He can’t, and shouldn’t be asked to pick between the two of them. And now he’s facing a situation where he might very well have to.

Yeah, what’s coming is going to be hard for Lucy and Wyatt, but it’s going to be a different kind of hard for Rufus as well, and no one really prepares you for his kind of struggle.



Wyatt Logan is not a complicated man, not really. He’s a strong man, yes, but he’s not the stoic soldier type, he’s a man who’s suffered great losses and who is not afraid to admit that he’s got feelings. And though, when we first met him, he was the type of man who tried to avoid emotional entanglements, it was more because he didn’t think he deserved them than because he didn’t want to feel anything.

Simply put, the Wyatt we met in season 1 was a lost man, a man without a reason to live. He was like Lucy from episode 1 of this season, which is why he understood how she was feeling right away. And, this is not just me trying to analyze the character, no, this is something he specifically states in this episode, when he says: “You know why I took this assignment? Because it was dangerous.”

He wasn’t actively suicidal. He wasn’t in the throes of a depressive episode, though he was depressed, and he clearly has PTSD. He was just a man without a reason for living, and when you don’t have a reason for living, dying doesn’t sound like the best answer, but it still sounds like an answer.

But that’s not Wyatt anymore. If we’re being honest, that hasn’t been Wyatt for a while, at least since the Alamo episode last season, when Lucy plainly stated that she needed him. That Rufus needed him. Back then, though, his reason wasn’t as defined. They were his reason, yes, but he probably wouldn’t have said that he loved them, and though at the end of the season he would have probably agreed that he did, he wouldn’t have known how to differentiate his feelings from Lucy from regular feelings of friendship.

That is, of course, till she went missing. Just like it happened with Jessica. Except, this time, it was worse, because this time, the person he lost didn’t know how he felt. Except this time, he didn’t lose something real that he had a chance to savor, but the possibility of something.

Is there anything more painful than losing something you might have had?

So, as we’ve talked about before, those six weeks were the spark for Wyatt’s feelings. When they reunited, he knew. He might not have been ready to admit it, but he knew. This woman had changed everything. She’d changed his life. She’d opened a door in his soul that he’d thought was locked and shut, and she’d snuck in there, never to leave again.

Lucy Preston was – is – now his reason for living.

And yet, in his relationship with her, he also has something he’s never had before. Certainty. We don’ know enough about his relationship with Jessica, not yet, but we can guess from the little we saw that it was probably not roses and champagne, no matter what Wyatt wants to tell himself. It hasn’t been that either, with Lucy, but the arc of their relationship has been one of continuous growth. They learned to be teammates, then partners, then friends, and finally, they learned they could be something else, if he could let himself get there.

Wyatt is now there. One hundred percent.

How did he get there? He did so by putting the guilt and the ghost of Jessica in the past and opening himself to the future that was right there, waiting for him. He did it by letting her make the first move twice, and then, when he saw that she needed him to make it this time, taking that final step.

Let me be clear, the first two times they got very close to kissing, Wyatt wasn’t an unwilling participant, no. He was just letting Lucy lead, probably because of a combination of fear and just the general respect he has for her ability to make her own decisions. And both of those times, when they were rudely interrupted, he did not turn away, he did not pretend he didn’t want to kiss her, he did not act embarrassed, instead he stayed right there, by her side, rubbing her back the first time, smiling at Rufus even while caught in a compromising situation the second time.

He’s always wanted this, Wyatt. He just hadn’t had a chance to state his intentions clearly, not till now. And if we’ve learned something about Wyatt Logan is that, when he gets a chance, he does not miss his shot.


The decision he makes, about Lucy, about the man he can be with her, about his future, is going to have to be reevaluated very soon. He’s going to have a crisis of faith, a moment where he wonders if he made the right choice. He might even have to make the wrong decision a few times to realize that his original choice was right. This is what he wants. This is what he needs. This feeling, this kind of love? That’s what he deserves.

He’s fought for Lucy before, multiple times. I have no doubt he can do it again. You shouldn’t either. Just remember, this is the man who lost everything, including the will to live, and then found everything in a woman who challenged him and cared for him and respected him. He knows this, deep down. He loves her. And I truly believe he won’t let her get away.

(Besides, he didn’t get to say the fateful three words, which just means they’re saving them for the reunion. Mark my words, he’s gonna get to say them this season – and it’s going to be glorious)



Lucy’s arc is a little – no, wait, did I say little? I meant a lot. A LOT – different from Wyatt’s. His is about learning that he can love again, that he can find a new purpose, that life doesn’t end when you lose someone. Lucy’s arc, however, is about allowing herself to open up to a point where she can feel that emotion. While, for him, this is a second chance at love, Lucy has never been in love, not really.

This doesn’t make her arc any less beautiful than his, though, or any less heartbreaking. Our brave Lucy is in a very emotionally vulnerable place right now, what with having lost all her family due to the fact that they are all a) Rittenhouse or b) Wiped from existence. So, you can see why a girl would be hanging on to the good things in her life, and right now, the best thing in her life is Wyatt.

In the first episode of this season she expresses the idea that, when she thought he was dead, she found that she had no reason for living, in two separate occasions. Back then, she makes it sound like a general thing, like she was including him and Rufus in the statement. This time, there’s more intent in her words, and if there is, it’s because his words had intent first.

Look, it’s easy for Lucy to lean in for a kiss when she’s vulnerable, and it’s easy to get caught up in that moment in the trunk. It’s way harder to put what she feels into words and to make a conscious decision when she’s not overwhelmed by emotions and/or proximity.

Because that means letting go of the one thing Lucy Preston holds dear above everything else: her control. That means putting her life, her happiness, her well-being, into someone else’s hands. That means trusting Wyatt with something that is, perhaps, more important than her life.

Her heart.

That’s why; as they walk into that room, Lucy’s trembling so much that it’s noticeable. That’s why she needs him to take the first step this time. That’s why, when they separate after that first, glorious kiss, she still takes a moment to stare into his eyes and try to discern if this is real, if he truly wants the same thing she does.

And then, Lucy does the hardest thing someone like her can do. She lets go, completely, for a moment. She jumps into Wyatt’s arms and she stops thinking. It’s as beautiful as it’s heartbreaking to think of what comes next.

BUT WE’RE NOT GOING THERE YET. NOPE. WE’RE STAYING IN OUR HAPPY BUBBLE. COME JOIN ME. It’s bullet proof. Your logic can’t touch me, not today. Today I’m just happy.

The thing about Lucy, the thing that weighs the most on her mind, the think that’s breaking her right now, is that she wasn’t her mother’s choice. That, as she stood in front of Carol at the end of the season 2 premiere, she offered her mother a choice and her mother chose Rittenhouse, not Lucy. Because no one ever chooses Lucy.

And then Wyatt does. Over, and over again. He’s there for her when she needs him, he’s there for her when she doesn’t want him, he’s honest with her, he’s open, and he looks at her just like George looks at Hedy. And she sees it. She knows it. If she didn’t she wouldn’t have gone for the kiss not once, but twice. She knows how he feels and she knows how she feels.

What she doesn’t know is how to do this: How to be in love. How to be in a relationship. How to even start one. How to be vulnerable and open. For that, she defaults to Wyatt, and in multiple moments in this episode he’s there to calm her down, to assure her they’re on the same page, that she’s his choice.

No, I’m not gonna repeat the thing you know happened, not now. That would just be cruel.

I just want to add, however, that part of Lucy’s arc is not just allowing herself to feel the love and to open up, but now that she’s open, allowing herself to feel that pain, and everything that comes with it. And, sadly, while her Season 1 arc was about her learning to lean on others, her Season 2 arc is about learning to stand on her own two legs, without Wyatt’s support.

She has to learn that she’s enough, that she’s strong, and that, as much as others can be your reasons for living, they can never be your only reason. Amy couldn’t be, and Wyatt couldn’t be. You have to love yourself as much as you love others. And sometimes, that means making mistakes, being reckless, being angry, being sad, but it always, always means being open.

Wyatt’s gotta make a choice, yes, but so does Lucy. She has to choose herself in a way that will allow her to ask for what she wants. She has to believe she deserves the kind of love he offers, and she has to be willing to fight for it. That’s what this is all about. Putting the past to rest and growing as individual to a point where you can be a unit, and understanding that yes, she deserves this. This is not chance, or pure blind luck, or even fate.

This is a choice, and not just one he has to make, but one they have to make together.



If you want, this might be a good time to go grab a snack, or a drink or something, because we’re gonna be here a while. There’s, after all, a lot to unpack when it comes to, probably, one of the best OTPs on TV, if not the best.

Yes, big words, I know. But I said what I said, and I stand by it. Allow me to explain.

We’ve talked before about how Lucy and Wyatt got here, about the journey they took together, from that very first ma’am to this episode, where they both readily admit that they want to be, well, together. The beauty of that journey is that it took eighteen episodes, yes, but it wasn’t drawn out too long, and it wasn’t really rushed either, despite the fact that we’re just at the beginning of season 2.

In fact, I almost want to say that Timeless found the right time to bring them together, especially considering they’re about to throw a very big wrench their way.


The journey, yes. They started as two people who didn’t trust each other and who butted heads because they had trouble accepting the other person’s expertise, but they suddenly found that they could lean on each other, and later, care for each other, in a way they probably hadn’t felt before.

And yes, I know you’re gonna say, but Wyatt’s been in love before, and he has. But Wyatt has never really had a partner, not in the way Lucy is, and I think it’s not going to take too long for him to realize that what he has with Lucy is different, not just because of what he feels, but because of the journey they both took to get to those feelings.

Teammates. Partners. Friends. Possibilities. It’s all there, and the show has clearly outlined the growth from one thing to another, the emotional journey that these two have taken. We want them together not just because they’re two pretty faces on a TV show, but because we see that they’re better together, happier, freer, and we want that.

We love them too much to want otherwise.

You made me love you,” sings Lucy to Wyatt in this episode, and though the words cannot be taken at face value, in a way, they can be used to describe their relationship. Neither of them came into this looking to fall in love, or even wanting to. In fact, I’ll argue they weren’t even looking for friends. Wyatt was just getting by, not hoping to die, necessarily, but not really minding if he did; while Lucy was just…existing, content with just her family and her work.

So no, he didn’t make her love him, but then again, by being himself, he kinda did, and the same thing is true the other way around. Wyatt clearly recognizes the veracity of these words as she sings to him, and she clearly feels them as he stares at him while singing. But before that even happens, there’s a moment that so clearly exemplifies their relationship that I can’t but focus on it.

Lucy is deathly afraid of singing. Wyatt, who knows she can sing (these conversations they’re having that we’re not privy to are killing me), encourages her to do it. And if she gets up there it’s not just because she has to, but because he believes in her, and sometimes, that’s all you need. Someone to believe in you.

Because that’s what love is, not needing someone else to be your strength, but knowing there’s someone you can rely on if you falter. And yes, that includes something as simple as cheering you on while you sing to a room full of artists.

Later, when they’re by the pool, Wyatt puts into words the realizations of that instant looking at her as she sings – not just that she’s beautiful, though she is, and he’s never really stated it this plainly, but that she’s so amazing and perfect that, to him, she’s intimidating.

Of course, Wyatt being Wyatt, he makes a bad joke and it gets awkward there for a minute or two, especially with Lucy trying to break the ice later, but his words, and the way she picks it back up and kinda throws the sentiment at him prove that they’re on the same page.

To him, she’s beautiful and perfect and amazing. The light of his life.

To her, he’s gorgeous and perfect and amazing. The light of her life.

And that’s terrifying as hell, for both of them, but in this moment, it seems more terrifying for Lucy. She has, after all, taken the first step twice before, and not been rejected as much as interrupted. She doesn’t want to turn back, no, but she doesn’t know how to move forward. And that’s when Wyatt takes over.

“You saved my life,” is both “I love you” and “I can’t live without you,” rolled into one, and it’s also the only thing he could have said in that moment to express how she makes him want to get up in the mornings and just on existing. It’s that simple. She’s his reason for reason, and Wyatt is putting all his cards on the table as he explains that he’s got something to live for now that he’s got her.

She reciprocates the sentiment – by making a comparison I myself made in the review for “The War To End All Wars.” For Lucy, those six weeks with her mother were the moment of realization, and not a slow realization, either. Instead, it was like a switch had been flipped and life without Wyatt was empty and sad. Of course she was willing to sacrifice herself to save Rittenhouse, there was no reason for her to fight.

We review a lot of superhero shows here, and superhero shows are usually good at sending the message that when the hero has something to fight for, that’s when they’re at their best. A person with nothing to lose is reckless – someone with too much to lose, however, is focused. Sounds like a contradiction, but in truth, it’s about the only message I think TV shows are consistent in sending, in a positive way.

It’s better, easier, to face life with someone by your side than it is to face it by yourself.

Some people will come out of this scene thinking, oh, but they didn’t say “I love you.” And they didn’t. That’s most likely a conscious choice on the part of the writers. Those three words need to be saved for the reunion, after all. They need to be saved for that moment of complete and total understanding, not just of what they mean to each other – which I think they had this episode – but what that means for the future, their future together.

But for right now, “You saved my life” is almost I love you. Take it for what it is. Enjoy it. Lucy gave Wyatt a reason for living, and she did the same for him. Hold onto that thought as we watch the next few episodes. Let the fact that this is a TV show, and on TV, declarations like that are never, never wasted on couples that are not endgame, soothe your worries.

“We have each other, don’t we?” She asks, RIGHT BEFORE THE THING THAT YOU KNOW HAPPENED, because, of course, why would Timeless do anything but twist the knife. Because they did, they do …and yet they don’t. Not completely. Not yet. They still have to get through this obstacle. And I’m not saying it’s gonna be easy, I’m not saying it’s going to be quick, but they’re going to get through this.

How do I know? The same way I knew we would end up here. Because I follow the clues, because I believe in their growth and because I’m 100% committed to this journey.

Let’s hang on, Timeless fans. Hard times are coming. But we just got 41 minutes of basically fanfic acted out by our faves that you can repeat over and over again. Because this, this is how you spell endgame. Never forget that, no matter what’s coming. The only reason why we’re going through this is to grow. And by we I mean Lucy and Wyatt, of course, but it almost feels like it’s happening to us, doesn’t it?

So, we should all try to enjoy the ride. And when we can’t, there’s always wine? I know I’ll have some handy for next episode.

Things I think I think:

  • When the FIRST scene in the “Previously On” is the convo from the Pilot about Jessica, then you know Jessica is coming back.
  • Rules of TV.
  • Also, about the “Previously On,” I just have to say that if Clyde was a sleeper agent, he was a BAD one.
  • Yeah, your drop your son in the past. Totally cool. No father issues here. Move along.
  • Oh, hello there Jay Garrick. I have a feeling I won’t like you in this either.
  • “Jiya made us promise not to.” Oh, Rufus, no. No. That’s not what you say.
  • Her face when Rufus says this is a poem. We’re with you, girl. All of womankind is.
  • You’re supposed to have her back, Rufus. Girlfriend = partner. You don’t throw her to the wolves and then look at her like: “well, I told you so.”
  • I smell some issues in the Riya ship, coming right up.
  • “Jiya, no one here is expendable, not to me.” Mom Agent Christopher is my favorite.
  • You ever notice how Mason, Agent Christopher, Jiya and Rufus have a lot of conversations by themselves while Wyatt and Lucy are who knows where doing who knows what?
  • *ahem*
  • One of favorite things about this show is that they absolutely never make Lucy be the person who suddenly has all the answers. She can know history – she can’t, and shouldn’t, know everything that happened every day of the past who knows how many years.
  • I don’t know why, but this Flynn is very attractive to me. It’s like he’s on edge all the time, and Goran plays that to perfection. Or maybe I’m just having ER flashbacks. Either way, I like this version of Flynn.
  • “Do you have any ability to do this on your own?” Ouch.
  • I’m still feeling -2 romantic vibe between Flynn and Lucy, but I think I’m gonna like exploring their partnership, especially considering he knows so much about the future.
  • Also, it’s about time we learned HOW he does. Did he visit the future? Has he seen the Lyatt babies?
  • Inquiring minds want to know.
  • “So this is what we do now? We just steal clothes wherever we go?”
  • Rufus, people get killed in like, half your missions, and you have a moral issue with stealing clothes?
  • When Rufus makes jokes, Lucy and Wyatt just look at each other with the same bemused expression. It’s cute.
  • Flynn has a lot of weird clues. And he strangely remembers them all.
  • “So Flynn says we jump and now we jump?” First you ask how high, Wyatt. Duh.
  • Flynn, you SUCK at drawing.
  • Wyatt’s face at Rufus improvising is pretty darn funny.
  • As is Lucy having to correct half of what Rufus is saying.
  • “Who knows what writers look like?” HA.
  • “Hamilton? As a musical? It’ll never work.” Weeeeeell, I’ve got news for you.
  • Where is Wyatt hiding the gun? No, seriously, where?
  • “Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid.” I need this on a t-shirt.
  • I still don’t get why ALL of this is about a movie.
  • Wyatt is me and I am Wyatt. I tried to watch Citizen Kane once. I only remember the first five minutes, if that.
  • Hedy Lamarr is a badass and you should all be googling her right now and learning more about her.
  • Lucy’s party dress is literally the dress Katherine Hepburn wears in “Philadelphia Story.” That’s what we’re supposed to get from the fact that they went into the studio to steal those clothes, right?
  • “More security in Hollywood than Nazi Germany.”/”And just as many black people.”
  • Self-aware shows are such a joy.
  • “The Prince of Bel-Air”? Seriously, Rufus? To Hedy Lamarr? You should be ashamed of yourself.
  • They make a dashing couple, Lucy and Wyatt. They really do.
  • “What’s a spoiler?” It’s that thing Timeless fans have been asking for!
  • Yes, Rufus, go save the day while Lucy and Wyatt go …sing?
  • “You told me you could sing!” When did this come up? Was there another conversation other than the one where you said you were in a band? I hope so.
  • I absolutely adore that Lucy didn’t just stand there and bam, song came out, perfect in every way. It made it even better.
  • Wyatt telling her to smile could have been condescending, instead it’s just cute. Mostly because of the character he is, and because Matt embodies that persona really well.
  • That half smile thing Wyatt does should be illegal. ILLEGAL.
  • How he goes from surprised, to amazed, to in awe, to in love, is just too much for my fragile heart.
  • I’m not even gonna worry about where Hedy got the tape. My brain is still stuck on “You made me love you.”
  • “Fake news! But, like, actual fake news.”
  • How did Rittenhouse go from Keynes master plan to this? How many historians are there on Rittenhouse that poured through ever second in history to find the best moments to change? Are all historians Rittenhouse?
  • “Whoever controls information controls everything.”
  • Connor, you motherfucker.
  • That’s basically all I can say right now. You were keeping this from everyone?
  • “You two lovebirds make yourself at home.” EVERYONE CAN SEE IT. EVERYONE.
  • But the talk about bad timing isn’t foreshadowing, right?
  • The suspenders are doing it for me, they really are.
  • “A beautiful women with brains” is a better compliment than just “A beautiful woman.” Your joke kinda ruined it, though, Wyatt. Stop trying to be funny. READ THE MOMENT.
  • Though embarrassed Wyatt is my aesthetic.
  • “I skipped my prom to attend a speech and debate tournament. I regret nothing.”
  • OKAY, STOP EVERYTHING YOU’RE DOING. After Wyatt agrees with Lucy that skipping Prom for the debate tournament is pretty nerdy, she bumps his shoulder and he BITES HIS LIPS. Go rewatch, I swear to God.
  • I’m having heart palpitations.
  • “You saved my life, you know?”/”Which time, the Alamo, Watergate, I’m losing count.” Is THE perfect conversation.
  • This whole scene is perfection.
  • Damnit, NBC. It’s 10 PM. Give me something more.
  • At least we get cuddles.
  • I take back what I said about episode two, this conversation in bed is the most intimate shit ever. The way she touches him!!
  • His face is priceless. And the way he sorta looks back to check after he said he was leaving?
  • Malcolm, you are a gem.
  • “He’ll be cool?” It’s like you’ve never met Rufus.
  • ALSO, YAY FOR ROUND TWO. Again, this is 10 PM, NBC. Show me a little more.
  • Either that or air the show earlier.
  • The subtle comedy of this Matt/Malcolm interaction is one of the things that makes Timeless stand out from other shows in TV.
  • How many conversations do we think Jiya and Rufus have had about Wyatt and Lucy?
  • “Be careful” is such a cute moment, because, of course, she always wants him to be careful, but right now, after what happened, it all means so much more.
  • Is it the guard? Is that what changed?
  • Poor Agent Christopher, about 80% of what she’s done in this show has been against her better judgment.
  • “We’ve got a long drive, no radio. Maybe you could sing us a song?” WHAT DID THEY TALK ABOUT DURING THIS LONG RIDE? Did they play games? I NEED SOMEONE TO WRITE THIS.
  • Rufus seems totally fine with them kissing by the end of this episode. He’s like, yeah, this is happening, it’s all good. My OTP is finally canon!
  • Wyatt and Rufus agree, but they all do what Lucy says. I like this dynamic.
  • “Just keep him on a leash.” Oh, this is gonna be FUN.
  • Jiya’s reaction is also priceless. Claudia says a lot without words.
  • “Can we just forget about Flynn for like, a minute?” ALREADY DONE, LUCY. ALREADY DONE.
  • The ease Matt and Abigail portray Wyatt and Lucy as having for each other, they way they can joke even in charged moments, the total comfort they feel in each other’s presence, that’s rare.
  • Oh, Wyatt. Oh, Wyatt. USE YOUR WORDS, WYATT. USE. YOUR. WORDS.
  • Don’t just run out.
  • Especially.
  • Not.
  • To.
  • See.
  • Jessica.
  • Damn it.
  • Hey, at least she doesn’t look at all happy to see HIM.
  • The Easter break looks really, really cruel just about now, Timeless. But hey, we can always just replay the first 41 minutes of this episode over and over and over again!

Agree? Disagree? Have any more thoughts about this episode? Do you need a drink? To scream? A hug? Ice cream? All of the above? Share with us in the comments below!

Timeless airs Sundays at 10/9c on NBC.

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