‘Blindspot’ 3×19 Review: “Galaxy of Minds”

Blindspot has returned one more week! We are in the final stretch, Blindspotters and it shows with episodes like “Galaxy of Minds.” It has been an episode where some more questions have been opened and, above all, they have shown us how the world around Crawford but, above all, of Roman is collapsing more and more, although he tries to fight with all his strength so that don’t happen. This situation, places all the characters to the point of candy for the final episodes of the season. This episode marks the beginning of the end of the season in the best possible way, with great emotional depth. Let’s talk about everything! Here we go!


This week Jane’s tattoos have returned to prominence, one has jumped into view of Patterson and have begun to investigate it while Roman, just know what they were going to do, has flown to New York to prevent them from discovering what the tattoo had to show them.

The tattoo takes them to a book whose author is one of the paladins of the most crazy conspiracy theories but, in the midst of all that, he has come across a terrifying truth that comes from a mysterious source: there is a kind of sodium weapon that It was used to kill a senior army officer.

At first, everything seems crazy but the research, along with the invaluable help of the author of the book, makes them find out that the weapon is very real. They manage to know the name of one of the men who participated in the affair but Roman goes ahead and ends up killing him. He took advantage of them but then they manage to find out that Avery’s father participated in that plan and they catch one of the women who was present when they murdered the high-ranking army officer.

She doesn’t seem willing to say anything until following Jane’s plan, Kurt shows her Avery’s confession about her father. The collaboration of that woman takes them to the engineer who built the weapon.

BLINDSPOT — “Galaxy of Minds” Episode 319 — Pictured: Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe — (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/NBC/Warner Bros)

Both the team and Roman start up. Something goes wrong and the engineer realizes that they are going to catch him and puts the weapon into operation, making it impossible for the team and giving Roman time to make sure nothing points at Crawford and kill the engineer. The team tries to catch Roman but manages to escape by the hair … although the weapon is destroyed. They have managed to hit Crawford a good blow. And Roman counterattacks by overloading the database of Jane’s tattoos, leaving the team blind.

There has been a lot of action but I was delighted that they have changed the pattern of imminent bombing / attack in New York. The change is appreciated. In addition, I found interesting what this case has brought out, Roman has had to fight tooth and nail to preserve the life he wants to treasure as his and Avery has had an active role in the fight against Crawford. Apart from this, it is interesting to know how Roman has such access to the FBI database to know what tattoo they are investigating and to be able to leave them blind. Does he has someone inside? I can not stop thinking about that, I think it’s important. And you?


Jane and Avery

Mother and daughter come closer and closer. Avery is frustrated, hurt and angry. She needs to catch Crawford now and make him pay for everything he has done to her family but, at the same time, there is the situation with her father. She remembers her good times, her childhood full of happy moments … but she is angry with him for spoiling all that with the truth of his life. Now those memories are … stained in a way that doesn’t seem repairable.

Therefore, Avery is torn between several contradictory emotions. She loves her father but it hurts her that he has somehow broken her memories of him. But, above all, she wants to catch Crawford at once and feels trapped in a safe house, alone, with two FBI agents guarding her. She doesn’t need something like that, she needs a family, she needs not be alone.

BLINDSPOT — “Galaxy of Minds” Episode 319 — Pictured: (l-r) Christina Reyes as Avery, Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC/Warner Bros)

She gets tough, that’s the way she talks to Jane. Avery talks about what is happening with Jane with strength and poise but, at the same time, she begins to open up with Jane and to tell her how she feels about her father. But she still has that facade of hardness because she doesn’t want to tell Jane that she needs to not feel more alone.

Although she doesn’t tell her anything, Jane realizes that Avery is pretty bad even if she seems different and that the best way to be by her side is not to visit her from time to time, but to give her what she needs: a family.

Tasha and Patterson

Tasha keeps insisting on approaching Patterson. They are small details, this time, she has offered her help, just to be close to her and try to start recovering their friendship. But Patterson has rejected it. She isn’t yet ready to try to repair their friendship. She needs more time to process everything and start to forgive her. When feeling that rejection, Tasha’s face has contracted in a gesture of pain. I don’t want her to suffer … but I understand Patterson, she is entitled to take all the time she needs. Zapata doesn’t have to stop trying, she has to show Patterson that her friendship matters to her and that she wants to recover it, as well as that she is sorry for her mistakes.

BLINDSPOT — “Galaxy of Minds” Episode 319 — Pictured: Audrey Esparza as Tasha Zapata — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC/Warner Bros)


The couple is going from strength to strength! Once Jane realizes that Avery needs her family by her side, Jane asks Kurt if it’s okay for her to go live with them. She explains what Avery feels and needs to know if Kurt agrees with her. His smile illuminates absolutely everything – seriously, what a smile! -. What he has always wanted and desired has been to formalize his family with Jane, to take a step further, especially after what happened when Berlin was discovered.

They have been moving forward, step by step, and that Jane asks him for something now is not only living a dream but the unequivocal proof that they have become stronger than ever. Therefore, Kurt doesn’t hesitate to tell Jane that yes, they will formalize their family, of course Avery can go and live with them if she wants.

It’s great that final detail, Avery is not a child and Kurt knows that she needs and has to be taken into account. Her opinion is valuable and, even if they want her to go live with them, she must decide it.

BLINDSPOT — “Galaxy of Minds” Episode 319 — Pictured: Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC/Warner Bros)

In addition to this, Jane includes Avery when she has had the opportunity. She has also realized that she doesn’t want to be left out, she wants to participate in catching Crawford. Jane didn’t want to stay in her day on the bench and Avery can’t do it now either. Jane understands that situation, listens to her and makes her part of the whole plan to catch Crawford. This shows that they are beginning to know each other and to truly accept each other.

Once the case is over, Jeller thanks Avery for her help and she is hopeful that they have achieved something. When they discover that not everything has gone exactly as they wanted, the frustration comes out through the pores. She wants to catch Crawford and she wants him now. But Avery must have patience, the war is won with victories in small battles. They have done something good and they have given Crawford a good blow. Roman is nervous … everything is going up, she just need to has patience.

That’s when Jeller asks Avery if she wants to go live with them, she happily accepts and smiles. At last she will not be alone anymore, she has not said anything, but Jane has seen through her, understood her as only a mother would do and gave her what her heart cried out for: a family. Although Avery wants to make sure they don’t do it so that they are the ones who protect her. She needs to know what Jane really has seen through her. As soon as Jane clarifies that it will not be like that, that they will not act as bodyguards, but as parents, Avery’s doubts and insecurities disappear. It’s a wonderful family picture. The three are not only getting to know each other, they are building their life together, little by little they are creating, united, a family.


Roman has had to fight against everyone and everything to safeguard his life and his family. But it is not working in any way. Blake has realized that he is hiding something, has even flown to New York to end that conversation. And while she was there, Roman has killed a man and then has the crime scene cleaned up.

Blake is not stupid and knows that something is not right, she knows that he is hiding something but only … she loves him and when she notices the sincerity in his eyes on his feelings for her she forgets everything else and enters the bubble of perfection that Roman offers. That is why she goes away with him when he proposes it.

But nothing lasts forever and that is no exception. Blake continues to feel inside that nothing is right and doesn’t hesitate to face Roman. There happens a turning point in all this. Roman sees himself telling the whole truth to Blake and her reaction, the hatred and betrayal in her eyes, how she stabs him as if he meant nothing to her. That is his biggest fear, his biggest nightmare, to lose Blake. But, at the same time, he wants so much to tell her the truth … because he knows that nothing is real, not really.

BLINDSPOT — “Galaxy of Minds” Episode 319 — Pictured: Luke Mitchell as Roman — (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/NBC/Warner Bros)

The only real thing is the feelings of Roman for Blake, who loves her but Blake doesn’t love the real Roman because she doesn’t know him, she only knows Tom. Roman wishes that she loves him for himself, for who he really is. That’s why he wants so much to tell her everything … but he fears her reaction. I understand. When we hide such a big secret from our loved ones our own mind creates a personal torture for us. It makes us imagine what it would be like if they knew it, different possibilities, different reactions go through your head and hurt you because it is a vision of what you most fear: losing that special person.

That’s what happens to Roman, he wants to tell her so … but he’s afraid that means losing her and his mind plays with it. That’s why in the end he doesn’t say anything and tells her a lie, again. Although I think this scene is a turning point first, because Roman finally recognizes before himself that he has fallen in love with her, that he loves her and, through her, has changed his whole plan, and second, because he shows us the greatest desire and the greatest fear of Roman.

After this, the heart of Blake telling her that something is very wrong, is a feeling that can’t be undone. So, when Roman gets out of bed and leaves for five hours she can’t stand it. When he returns, Blake will not take long to face him. She knows that something is not right, that he is hiding something from her.

Then Roman offers to leave everything and go together to some distant place where nothing reaches them. He offers to flee, just as he offered it in New York. But this time, Blake doesn’t say yes. She can’t leave her life just like that, she likes it and doesn’t want to give it up. Roman is disappointed and something more … needed. It’s as if he needed Blake to say yes and someone chose him above all for once in his life but, at the same time, he knew that she wasn’t going to do it because nobody has ever done it for him and this time it is not different And I want to hold him very strong.

While in New York, Roman has an interesting face-to-face with Jane. Again, the brothers are face to face and Jane is determined to take down Roman, so she tells him. But he doesn’t think she can do it because she would kill a part of her. Jane replies that maybe that part should die and that he has become a monster. There Roman throws a bellow of pure rage mixed with pain. Jane has rejected and turned her back on Romi and, with it, him. That harms Roman because Romi was his sister, the only family he has ever known and, for him, that Jane reneges on her is more than he can bear. That’s why he says goodbye.

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There comes a time when Jane must shoot and both brothers stare at each other, it seems that Jane shoots, a trigger is heard, but no bullet comes out of the gun. Jane in the end could not do it? The gun didn’t have more bullets ?. Anyway, I find that moment interesting … it really feels like the final farewell between brothers. Although I hope that is not so.

Roman is protecting tooth and nail what his family considers, as he told Blake in that reverie, her father accepted him and now that he finally has what he has always wanted, he will protect it, even if he has to go back to his old methods. In fact, it is what he has done, he has returned to the old Roman, to kill without remorse, all for a monster. But, after being with Jane and the team, he has to prioritize … and his priority is Blake, she is his family. The woman who loves him, his light in the dark. That’s the reason he wants to go with her.

He wants to flee … but fleeing is never the solution. You have to stay and face things, as Blake tells Roman, and that gives him the extra strength he needed to get up and start a fight again. Roman is not going to give up and will protect what he has with Blake and what his family considers to the ultimate consequences. The problem, as I mentioned before, is that everything is built on lies and all this will fall like a house of cards sooner or later. I’m afraid that Roman will be more destroyed by that and by the inevitable rejection of Blake than by everything that the FBI, the team, Jane or the law can do to him. And I still love him with all my strength, my baby!


In conclusion, it has been an episode where the team has made Crawford check for the first time. Roman is really nervous because he sees that what he has built around him crumbles under his fingers, he is anxious … and he starts to make mistakes.

This situation means that the pieces of the board are in place for the remainder of the season. Everything is where it must be to start cornered Crawford.

In addition, Avery, Jane and Kurt are more united than ever, which will be essential to withstand all the blows that will come. Roman didn’t manage to separate them, on the contrary, and I think that is going to be key in the final straight. Roman is going to hurt himself more when everything falls apart than the damage he has done to Jane because in the end she has her family together.

This episode has been the beginning of the end of the season, the plot has turned in a perfect way to prepare for what is coming in what is left of this season. Everything begins to fall by its own weight and we can only observe. The final stretch looks awesome!

Agree? Disagree? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below! We’ll be back next week with episode 3 × 20 “Let it go.” And here’s the promo for the next episode.


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