‘Timeless’ 2×08 Roundtable: “The Day Reagan Was Shot”

Timeless is good all the time, and Timeless moves us all the time, but this episode was, if possible, more emotional, more important and more poignant than most Timeless episodes. And we, of course, have a lot to discuss!

Joining me this week are Fangirlish writers Lyra, Lariel, Sarah, Charles, Lacey, Bex, Marta, Mimi, and our friends Shana and Luci from Writes of the Roundtable.

Here we go!

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I have to ask the Jessica question first, so we can get it out of the way and gush in peace. What was THAT? Do you believe she’s actually pregnant? If so – do you believe it’s Wyatt’s baby? Is she a sleeper agent? What is going on here, and how does this tie to the end of the season? Speculate.

Lizzie: *insert eye roll gif* That was ….well, a trope that ended up playing it out just like I expected it to. Damn you, Timeless. I was so used to you flipping the script that I thought you would this time too. But I guess, considering the only way she could have been brought back was through Rittenhouse interference, there was really little you could do.

Is she pregnant? Hmm ….I’m not sure. I’m leaning towards no. If she is, I’m leaning heavily towards it not being Wyatt’s. RH does like to keep shit in the family. I think she’s a sleeper agent. Maybe she’s got a baby daddy somewhere who wants her back. Hopefully she does. Go back, Jessica! Go back!

As for how it ties to the end of the season – the Lauren Reed way, sadly. There’s only one reason you bring a RH agent to the secret bunker, and it’s not a good one.

Lyra: Oh yeah. Homegirl is pregnant and a SLEEPER AGENT! Timeless has this way of surprising me at every turn it takes so I’m betting they’re giving me this for the price of oneeeee! It’s not the kind of sale I want but it’s unfortunately the kind of sale I’m going to get. Difference is, not all sales are final. Maybe she is a sleeper agent, maybe she’s got a cause, and maybe she changes her mind. Who knows….

Lariel: OK, I come to this Roundtable having seen the sneak peak for the finale. So yeah, I think she’s a sleeper. She may be pregnant, but I don’t think it’s Wyatt’s – at least, not *our* Wyatt’s. Alternate timeline Wyatt’s? Maybe. But gotta hand it to the Timeless writers: Jessica was not a completely hateworthy evil you-know-what when she came into the bunker. Well played.

Sarah: First off, hell no – I don’t think for a second she’s pregnant with Wyatt’s baby or if she’s actually pregnant at all. That type of ridiculous out of nowhere twist (no offense Timeless writers but really) is too bizarre to me to be anything but a ploy by a Rittenhouse sleeper agent. Second Wyatt is many things but he has a brain and is far from an idiot even if we have called him that a few times in regards to his choices about Lucy the past few episodes.

The man can freaking put two and two together period, and while I have no idea how this propels forward RH’s plans I don’t think this “twist” will last five minute into the finale.

Charles: May I say something to Wyatt here? Wyatt, if you believe Jessica then you are dumber than a box of rocks! Jessica has been there three weeks max. Sorry but they weren’t having sex till after the first week. I know you all are risking danger each time you leave the bunker but in times like this, take that damn risk! Something isn’t right here.

This clinches for me that Jessica is working with Rittenhouse. Whether willingly or being forced, I have no idea.

As for the end of the season, a decision is going to have to be made by Wyatt I feel : Jessica , the woman who wanted to divorce you and hasn’t been truthful at all or Lucy who has had the patience of a saint with Wyatt. I think or I hope I know what Wyatt’s choice will be.

Lacey: As I said in my input on a past roundtable, Jessica is evil. 100%! And I don’t for one second believe that she’s pregnant. Wyatt was really suspicious when she was talking about her brother and then when he questioned her, all of a sudden she’s pregnant? Sure, Jan. She’s trying to distract him and I don’t think it’s going to work. How convenient that she’s pregnant…*side eye* All, let’s not forget the pictures that Agent Christopher found during the last episode. The evidence just continues to pile up against her and she’s becoming more and more like Lauren Vaughn circa Alias and I hope Jessica meets the same fate. #sorrynotsorry #diejessicadie #okaythatwasharsh #noregrets

Marta: Despite the initial shock, I have to say I bought it for about two seconds before I realized it had to be fake. Looking back on the scene now, she blurts it out like she’s out of options, like it’s the first somewhat decent excuse she can think of because she’s all of a sudden cornered. It doesn’t feel like a legitimately true way to break to your husband that you’re carrying his baby. Plus the math just doesn’t check out if it’s his. So, definitely not pregnant.

If she’s a Rittenhouse agent, she’s not one of the best, to be honest. Like I just said, she makes up this excuse and you can literally see in her face that she’s making it up on the spot. How was she not prepared for this potential plot twist? Did she really think Wyatt wouldn’t suspect her, EVER? Come on, Jessica. Cut our guy some slack. Give him some credit.

Mimi: Ugh. I’ve said it before and I will say it again for the cheap seats in the back, FUCK JESSICA!  Dude, she gets on my last fucking nerve!  Math wise she could say that her Wyatt had sex before he left for 2 months (in her timeline) and that she is 3 months pregnant. However, when she found the time to take a pregnancy test is beyond me. OR she’s not pregnant and doing everything she can to keep Wyatt trapped and away from Lucy.  OR she is pregnant but it’s not his.  If she’s lying, it’s to get Wyatt to leave the bunker and therefore make the Time Team vulnerable to RH, we all know shit goes awry when Wyatt is not there to serve and protect.  Jessica is a sleeper agent, that I’m sure of. I know that RH saved her brother from cancer and made her family work for them in return. I think she was just activated in this timeline, hence the convenience of Wyatt being gone for 2 months without a word to her.  Remember the song “Creep” that played when she first appeared?  That song means something guys! And I quote “ But I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo, what the hell am I doing here? I don’t belong here.”  Guys, Jessica doesn’t belong in our timeline!  Also, they don’t play random songs on Timeless, it means something. I have no  idea how the writers are gonna wrap this up in two episodes?  I have complained about Jessica numerous times on Twitter, because her character sucks and has provided me with nothing but angst and more questions.  I think Wyatt was moving on with Lucy, I really do, and I don’t think he needed a ghost (Punk Ass Jessica) to haunt him this season. I see/saw no purpose in her return especially since her motives have been so unclear.  In my opinion they have wasted valuable time with her, seriously we were supposed to like her, but I never did. Bitch Bye!  I’d like to see the pregnancy issue be resolved by the finale and I’d like to see her go away and not return for season 3.  Timeless doesn’t need her or the story to move forward with Lyatt, they were doing just fine on their own.  Also If I have to see Lucy in tears over Wyatt again, or fucking drinking out of a bottle because of Wyatt… I will stab Jessica myself and push her ass into some sort of time vortex, that she can never escape from. ( I’m brutal I know, but don’t fuck with my ships and expect me not to come after you.) #bitchesgetstitches

Shana: All I have to say is she’s evil, and it’s probably a demon baby — if there’s a baby at all. Logic would say there’s no way she’s been back with Wyatt for such a short time and just knows she’s pregnant already, despite zero access to a pregnancy test or an ob/gyn in the bunker; so, the only option is Mr. and Mrs. Dumb-Dumb had hate sex before he “disappeared” for two months in NotDead!Jessica’s timeline.

…but then, if that’s the case, why wouldn’t she have told him sooner? Oh. Right. She’s evil.

Luci: Ugh, don’t even get me started on that. It was a curveball I had not been expecting at all and I really wish they hadn’t used this god awful trope, but here we are. To be completely honest, I don’t think she’s pregnant at all. She’s just using this to buy herself some time because she knows her cover is about to be blown.

Also, how does she even know she’s pregnant? She’s been in a bunker for three weeks and I doubt Agent Christopher would do her a solid and go pick up a pregnancy test from the drugstore for her. So on the off chance that she is, in fact, preggers, it’s not Wyatt’s. So there, crisis averted.

I just feel bad for my baby Wyatt. Hasn’t he been through enough? God.


This episode focused on Agent Denise Christopher’s journey. How do you think Timeless did at portraying her story? What does it mean that they’re willing to tell diverse stories like this, and to do it in a respectful, inclusive way?

Lizzie: I think this is where Timeless excels, at telling diverse stories in a beautiful, respectful way that never seems to be tone-deaf. And that’s probably because they let actual minorities have a say in how their stories are told, including, in this case, Sakina Jaffrey. So, kudos to that. Every show should be doing it.

On a personal note, I find that, when these stories are told so well, we manage to relate even if they’re not telling our personal story down to the details. That’s the power of telling different stories and that’s what elevates this show above most shows on TV.

Lyra: SWEET BUTTERY JESUS, IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! They gave Agent Christopher everything that I’ve ever seen TV give a straight couple and I’M STILL GETTING FEELS OVER IT! She had breakfast with her family, a goodbye kiss, a slow motion return to the house with all the beautiful music that gave me the feels. Just…ALL OF IT! And the fact that Timeless is willing and ready to write such a story tells me that they value MY story and that they want to share more experiences like the ones I hope to have one day.

P.S. To all the people who bounced after they saw that Agent Christopher was married TO A WOMAN…didn’t you watch season one? Like seriously…it’s not a surprise and the fact that you’re acting like it IS could possibly mean two things: A) You’ve got bad memory or B) Timeless wrote a story that treated a queer character just like everyone else and you *gasp* believed it! NOW that you’ve realized that simple fact, your view/thoughts about queer people has been thrown off and you’re in deep stages of denial.

Lariel: I was reminded of two high school classmates, sisters, who were also Indian. The older one had a clandestine relationship with a white boy, and it was “scandalous.” The younger one toes the line of expectations, and I know she is a doctor now. I also thought of some other classmates who are LGBT but were very firmly closeted then (this was the early 80s). To me, from my admittedly straight white girl perspective, the story of Denise’s struggles with her mom and with the cultural expectations rang very true, and it’s the kind of representation we need to see more of.

Sarah: One of the gifts Timeless showers it’s fans and the world with is seamlessly telling stories that should be commonplace, but yet are so rare we treasure them when they grace the screen. Denise’s story choked me up at so many moments I couldn’t even count them and frankly I don’t want to. Inclusive diversity like this is so important because it brings to light how real stories like this are, and how many are happening right now in the world that deserve to be told respectfully in a medium that reaches so many. It’s altogether amazing, inspirational and touching rolled together and I can’t imagine what it means for people out there who are feeling like they are seeing themselves or a part of their lives told onscreen the way Timeless has. Bravo writers, bravo.

Charles: This was done as well and beautifully as possible. Timeless’s main strength is always how respectful they treat these stories and Denise’s was done masterfully. If you didn’t cheer her Lucy and Jiya trying to help Denise be true to herself, I don’t know what to tell you. Shows like this with stories like this are so important to this tv landscape. They inspire us, they strengthen us and gives us the diverse stories that is needed now more than ever.

Lacey: This episode was so beautiful and heartwarming. It proved that you should always be true to yourself no matter what. That no matter the adversity you encounter, choosing our own path will make you stronger. I love that this show isn’t afraid and doesn’t shy away from anything. They aren’t afraid to tell a story that reaches us all in some kind of way. I love and respect these writers so much because every decision they make is smart and calculated and it just further proves why this show deserves to be on the air.

Bex: I have never been more proud to be a fan of Timeless than during the last two episodes. The writers did a beautiful, respectful, and honest job with Agent Christopher’s story, and that it had a positive, uplifting outcome was everything I needed. In answering what it means, we only need to look to the fans. Since this episode aired there have been stories on twitter of people summoning the courage to come out to their families. For those not ready, there have been stories of how it made them feel more positive about the outcome when it happens. That says it all, really. A show that inspires like this, instills us with courage, moves us forward in our own stories, allows us to live more honestly, it means the world to me.

Marta: In one word? Beautiful. Timeless always aims to give these stories some visibility, but within this visibility a certain normalcy that is actually even better, in some ways. The first time we were introduced to Agent Christopher’s family they didn’t make it a big deal that she was gay. It was surprising, but not shocking. They were just introduced like any other character’s family would be. And already that was a welcome change.

But giving her an entire episode that not only showed us her backstory but also dealt with all of these issues was outstanding. It felt believable, it felt true and real. It was a story about diversity in every sense. I can’t even explain how important this is for people who are going through the same thing and finally see themselves represented and embodied in the form of such a strong and fierce character as Denise is. Hopefully it will start to prove that we are, not only willing to write these stories, but also willing to watch them and be emotionally involved with them.

Mimi: Bravo to Timeless for capturing Denise’s backstory in this way. Denise has three strikes against her in our society, she’s a lesbian, a minority and a child of immigrants. How alone she must have felt growing up and also being a cop in the 80’s.  I just feel like the writers did a great job at bringing Lucy and Jiya in Denise’s life when she needed them most and how meeting them in her past changed everyone’s future for the better. Wyatt saved her life! That’s how he became a part of the present team. Lucy convinced her to come out to her mother! And Jiya convinced her that leading her own life and being herself would lead her to happiness and fulfillment. Listen, Timeless has always shown diverse stories, they have never shied away from that. I think Timeless will continue to do so, if given the platform and we will see more of this in season 3.

Shana: I thought that Agent Christopher’s story was beautifully told. One thing that Timeless has always nailed is the ability to tell diverse stories without being preachy, to bring the supposed “other” to the forefront and show us all that we’re all just…people. Most of television, with its emphasis on the same, boring white cishet dudebro stories, can’t relate.

And the best part? Despite the fact that I do not come from Denise’s background, I was able to relate. How many of us have had to fight the push-and-pull battle between our family’s expectations or traditions and how we want to be? How many women, regardless of ethnicity or sexuality, have had to push back against an overbearing family’s demand that they get married and have children? How many of us — all of us, even men — have had to justify our career and life choices to our families and fight to maintain the very essence of who we are? At the end of the day, while so many viewers were finally seeing themselves in this character’s journey, even those of us who get to see ourselves more often had the chance to look in the mirror. Timeless has proven, time and time again, that you do not alienate the “majority” audience by finally providing representation for those too often left out.

Hollywood: Take note.

But it was more than that. Timeless, yet again, showed us the importance of love and acceptance (things that certain top-rated comedy series on the alphabet network will never relate to), as well as the dangers of straying away from that path. In one timeline, Denise’s mother didn’t even know her family existed; in another, she was able to live freely as who she wanted to be and still keep her mom an active, engaged part of her life. Both of these situations are honest and real, but only one was the happy ending that we should all be fighting for.

The only thing I wish they would’ve done differently was to show us that journey from the young woman in the ‘80s, who couldn’t believe that gay marriage would one day be the law of the land, to the hero that Agent Christopher is today. But, of course, that would require its own series…and we just don’t have the time.

Luci: God, they did amazing! I can’t stress enough how brilliant this show is and how refreshing it is to see a network show actually tackle issues like this in a mature and open way. I thought the writing is this episode was stellar, but I particularly loved how Lucy and Jiya slowly convinced her that being gay was completely fine and that she needed to follow her heart and be true to herself. Isn’t this a fantastic message? I still don’t understand why we’re still even debating whether or not this show is going to be renewed. It should be a no-brainer.


What was the most emotional moment of the episode for you?

Lizzie: I will admit I sobbed my way through this episode, and the top moments were the Lucy/Jiya convo near the end and when Lucy and Jiya show young Denise her family, as well as when they return to find her there, but the moment that broke me so bad I had to press pause and take a deep breath was Flynn talking about what he wouldn’t give for just one more minute, one more second with his daughter. Because I get it, and I so agree.

Lyra: Baby Agent Christopher being confronted by the reality that she will one day be married to a woman, have children, and be AMAZINGLY HAPPYYYYYYY. It was like a punch to my queer heart. (The punch being filled with rainbows and acceptance.) The vulnerability on her face, the shock, the subtle excitement…it was beautiful. I’m going to stop now because I’m getting teary eyed thinking about it all over again.

Lariel: When Denise went home to her family, and they were sitting around the coffee table playing Jenga. What a choice the Timeless team made there – a game where things are balanced so precariously, and one wrong move could send it all tumbling down. It just reinforced my fear of what might happen. I felt as relieved as Jiya and Lucy did when they saw Denise again in the bunker.

Sarah: The entire Lucy/Jiya/Young Denise conversation hands down. I was bawling my eyes out when Denise asked “Two women can get married” in response to the future revelations and pictures of her wife and family. Proving they were from the future was less important than showing Denise when she needed it she can choose to be honest with her family about who she is. Coming back to her in the present where her mom has accepted her and loves her kids just made it even better.

Charles: I would say the scene where Flynn tells Denise about how much he wishes he could spend just one more second with his daughter. The feelings of regret and hurt echoed with me loudly and seeing it hit home with Denise as she rushed home to spend as much time with her family before it was too late.

Lacey: When Denise learned about her future family and saw their pictures. The look of pure awe and love in her eyes was breathtaking. She saw that she could be happy being true to herself and not settling in a loveless marriage to appease her family. It was such a beautiful moment and felt so real and raw in the best ways possible. I’m getting emotional just thinking about it!

Bex: The most emotional moment for me was after the lifeboat returned to the present and Lucy was able to hear how her own words to Agent Christopher in the past changed her relationship with her mother. That they now have one that involves her family. That revelation gave me hope of my own.

Marta: Denise learning about her family, for sure. I would’ve never imagined that someone staring at pictures on a computer could be so emotionally compelling, but it was. She was being promised a better future, one where she was happy with who she was and one where she was totally free to be herself and achieve her goals. The fact that she was given that sliver of hope when her life couldn’t seemingly be going worse was so heartbreaking. I was moved to tears, honestly.

Mimi: The  most emotional part for me was when Lucy showed Denise her family, from the jump drive in season 1. In that episode Denise told Lucy, to give it to her if she ever forgot who her family was.  I thought bringing that storyline full circle and watching how all of the Time team really needs each other and they were always meant to be in each others lives, proves that fate is real.  I loved that!  Let me also say that I liked Lucy telling Denise that is was okay to be who she is and she should not be ashamed of it, or deny it, or push it aside. That’s real. BE who you were meant to BE. If people don’t like you for that, then peace out. It’s their issue, not yours. How absolutely lovely that she reconciled with her mom thanks to Lucy and that her mom accepted her as lesbian and her children as well. That really touched me and if anyone is a bunker mama right now it’s Lucy. I’d like to see her get her happy ending too, because she deserves it, but that’s another story.

Shana: For me, it was a series of moments: Let’s start with my overall most emotional scene, which was probably the one where Flynn told Agent Christopher that she was wasting her time in the bunker, rather than spending her (possible) last minutes with her family. For him and for so many of us who know what it’s like to lose a loved one, we’d give anything for one more second. His whole story about the three extra minutes that he didn’t get to spend with his child was absolutely heartbreaking, especially since I know all about that kind of regret. After graduating college, I moved out of my grandmother’s house for better “opportunities” with other relatives. That year wound up being the last year of her life; and although I frequently visited when she was on a steady decline, I could have — should have — been there with her the whole year. I’d give anything to get any part of that year, even a millisecond, of it back…But I can’t because time travel isn’t real. It’s been 11 years, and I’m not over it. Never will be.

On top of Goran Visnjic’s brilliant acting in that moment, there was the type of relatability that Timeless weaves into every single story — and then some.

Adding to that theme, there was the really beautiful juxtaposition of moments between the past and present, when Denise stopped being Bunker!Mom and went home to just be Mom in 2018, versus those moments in the past where a Rittenhouse agent was just moments away from ripping it all away. It was played and edited with such a painful combination of “just normal time with loved ones,” along with that heightened sense of suspense regarding what might actually be the outcome. I was absolutely bawling. Again, it was relatable: Sometimes, we’re completely oblivious to what could be our last moments with someone we love; and there it was, in living color, for us to see (and cry over ice cream while we did).

Finally, seeing everything come full circle and knowing that not only did Lucy and Jiya save Agent Christopher’s future family — but also strengthened it by giving her a path forward that involved including her mother — just really did me in. It was so much. So, so much. At least someone gets a happy ending; that’s far too rare these days and nearly impossible for many of us.

Here’s hoping that Flynn and the rest of the Timeless crew actually get to buy themselves the kind of renewed time with their loved ones that the rest of us can only dream of.

Luci: Wait, do I have to choose just one? I can’t. I won’t. From young AC telling the story of how her dad died and why she became a cop, to Flynn convincing Denise that she should go home and spend time with her family while she still could, to Lucy and Jiya showing young Denise what her future looked like, to when they returned to the present and that entire sequence of AC thanking Wyatt and then talking and hugging Lucy and Jiya…

Basically, I cried through this entire episode.

But the one that really did me in — for real, ugly crying — was when they returned to the present and Lucy and Jiya were so relieved to see that Denise was alive and well. I think it was a culmination of all the other emotional moments, but I was sobbing while Lucy hugged our Mama Bear tight.

 This gif is you after Jessica claimed she was pregnant. Which gif is it?

Lizzie: Oh Hell No GIF





Lacey: Sarcastic Christine Taylor GIF


Marta: Iron Man Eye Roll GIF


Shana: Gillian Anderson GIF


Flynn found himself being the voice of reason as he pointed out to Agent Christopher that we must cherish each moment we have with the people we love. What does this moment say about Flynn, about who he is and about what he wants? Does it make you trust him more of, on the contrary, do you still think he’d do anything and everything as long as it meant getting his family back? Also – what are your thoughts on the diary story?

Lizzie:I think it’s a beautiful moment that’s also meant to reinforce the fact that, above all, Flynn is here to get his family back. That’s his mission. That’s where his heart lies. And I trust him, I do, but I wouldn’t trust him to put anyone on the team above that mission, so I don’t know how much trust that is.

As for the diary – it seems like there’s a lot unsaid in what he did say. So, I only have more questions. Why would future Lucy think Flynn could do this? Why him? Why the diary? What was the plan her? More questions than answers, way more.

Lyra: What Lizzie said. No matter what he’s doing with the Time Team right now his first mission, the most important one, is his family. Him giving Agent Christopher perspective was a small olive branch and plea for her to not miss out on another second of being with her family like he did. As for the diary, that humanized him more than I expected. He was drowning when Lucy found him. She gave him purpose. Yes, twisted purpose cuz we all remember season one. But she set him on this path, she set all of them on this path.

Sarah: Flynn I know is a polarizing character for a lot of Timeless fans, but I appreciated him being straight to Denise so much because underneath it all beats a strong heart who clearly loves and misses his family. His entire motivation for so long has been to avenge their murder and work to get his family back. I know a lot of people might disagree, but for as sassy and sarcastic he’s been he has no ties to the Time Team that would explain acting in the way he has unless he’s come to care and value these people more than he lets on.

His ultimate goal I know is to save his family, but after everything he’s been through before and now being on the same side as these guys I have a hard time believing he’d throw them to the wolves to get his family back. His conversation with Lucy back a few episodes and telling Denise his honest opinion about her terrifying conundrum in this hour spoke volumes in how much he tends to bury underneath the surface.

The diary story only reinforced how much he keeps to the vest. He could been honest a long time ago with Lucy about how he got the diary, but he never came forward – just told the truth when he was asked. I don’t think he’s lying, but certainly it brings out how much he has a tendency to put on a face around a team that he may not have all the answers for especially as regarding future Lucy’s choice to hand him the diary as a weapon to take down Rittenhouse in a timeline that she already existed in. Talk about a mind bender of a twist.

Charles: I believe Flynn’s story of a older Lucy giving him the diary. Now is it the right diary or even our Lucy that gave it to him? Who knows??? It wouldn’t shock me if it was a alternate-dimension Lucy! Now that a long-shot but on a show that time-travels every episode, is it really out of the realm of possiblity?

Now about Flynn and Agent Christopher’s scene. It shows to me a man who still feels the pain of not having his family in his life anymore. If you notice, Flynn still wears his wedding ring. That means he still thinks of them regularly and the pain hasn’t left him yet.

As for trust, I do trust him as of now. After all, he’s had multiple chances to save his family and hasn’t. I mean, they left him in the 50’s a whole episode. He had plenty of time to pull a “Western Union” trick! Now do I think he is done trying to save his family though? Ask me again in season 3 and you might get a different answer.

Lacey: Sigh, this is a tough one. I want to hate Flynn based off his actions last season but he’s making it harder and harder each episode. His words to Denise were unexpected in a good way and I think truly helped her. This is a man who lost his everything he’s trying to save someone else from feeling that pain or having to live with any regret. It was a great scene and is definitely helping to build his character into being more than just the hot head we’ve seen in the past.

As far as the diary story goes, I’m still weary on that and I’m not sure I fully believe that’s how it all went down. I guess we’ll have to see. I have to say though, I hope he proves me wrong. I know, I’m as surprised as you are LOL

Bex: I’m glad Flynn’s in the bunker this season. I think everyone’s actually been benefiting from his presence in some way (okay, except maybe Wyatt). I think in moments like these we’re seeing glimpses of the man he used to be. I do trust him more now, and I don’t think he’d necessarily screw over the time team to get his family back. In fact I think he’d need them as support. I believe the diary story. There’s obviously more to it – but probably only Lucy can expand on it, five years from now.

Marta: This season has finally given me reasons to like Flynn and I am excited! He was such a great villain –mainly because of how un-villainous he was at the time– and now he has the chance to be a great hero, and I am all here for it. His speech to Denise made me feel for him so much. It was so clear that everything he was saying came from his heart, that he had given so much thought to it for so long that it basically drove him mad at one point. It’s so refreshing to see that he has such a capacity to feel so deeply.

As for the diary story, I buy it. Were I Lucy, I would’ve pressed for more information about it, but then again, I would’ve also asked Flynn about the diary much, much sooner. So who knows.

Mimi: I been saying Flynn is the voice of reason this season,  because he is not emotionally invested like everyone else and therefore he is uncompromised. Denise needed to hear what Flynn had to say, she can be a hard ass sometimes. Flynn really wants his family back and I hope he gets the chance to have them. I actually like him this season, he’s funny and knows his shit. I’m terribly confused at this journal business and how he got it. I listened to the story and I’m not saying he’s lying,  I just think the timelines have been screwed with so much that I don’t fully trust Lucy’s journal anymore. I mean where is it? Does it change when the timelines change? Wyatt’s wife never came back in the original journal, I don’t think the bunker is in the original journal, or is it? Finding out the details of how Flynn came into possession of the journal only raised more questions for me. Perhaps it can be explored more in season 3?

Shana: Hi. My name is Shana, and I’m a Flynn-aholic. (Say it with me now: “Hi, Shana!”)

The Flynn of Timeless season one was painted as the villain, but we’ve learned all season long that he’s far more complicated than that. He’s not outright evil like the leaders of Rittenhouse; he’s a man who lost everything, became desperate, and did whatever he thought it would take to get his family back. It’s a fascinating, gray-area distinction that has been really entertaining to see play out. Flynn’s moment with Agent Christopher furthered the idea that he’s…maybe not one of the good guys but definitely not the enemy. It also looks like he’s slowly trying to be part of the family, which opens up all sorts of interesting questions about forgiveness and redemption. I’m here for it.

Keeping in line with Flynn’s gray area status: After this scene, I both find him more trustworthy/more a part of the team and believe he would do absolutely anything to get his family back. We all have our limits, and family is Flynn’s. I think that he’s desperately trying to be a true part of the team, but he’s willing to sacrifice that for the one thing that matters to him the most.

Oh, and um. The diary. That. Nope. That story was way, way too non-specific. I mean, it gave me more Flynn feelings; but other than that, it was kind of a letdown. Imma need more details.

Luci: I love Flynn. I never thought I’d say that, but I really do. Now that he’s apparently no longer a villain, he’s grown on me so much. I honestly think he’s a really nice guy — with a slightly skewed moral compass and a tendency towards violence — but he really just wants his family back. I love love love how sassy and funny he is, and how much he loves to get under Wyatt’s skin.

I think he’s a valuable asset to the Time Team and I can’t wait to see more of him. As long as he firmly stays in Lucy’s friend zone, he can stay in the bunker for as long as he likes. As for the diary, I think there’s a lot more to this story. As much as it gave us an answer — this Brazilian here thinks Goran saying São Paulo in his accent is cutest thing EVER — it also just raised another million questions. Are they stuck in a temporal loop? Does the start of this whole thing depends on what happened in the future? What came first — the chicken or the egg? This timey wimey stuff gives me a headache.


Rufus and Jiya have a conversation that’s not just emotional, but also seems to set up an interesting possibility for the future – a way to travel back into a time they already exist. What did you think about this scene? Do you think this comes into play right away or is it a long game kinda thing?

Lizzie: I loved the Riya scene, and I hope and pray that this is the scene for them, that we’re done with the one step forward, two steps back deal. I’m tired of that. As for the traveling back in a time they already exist shit, we know that’s coming since Lucy went back to give Flynn the diary, and if Rufus really does die, I’m thinking this comes into play RIGHT AWAY. It better.

Lyra: Riya is being treated with the same love, time, and respect as Lyatt. It’s not being pushed to the side or forgotten because the main OTP is in love with each other. This can be seen in every conversation they have and every step they take forward as a couple and as people. Now I’m going to zip my lips because I’ve watched the finale…so yeah…REJOICE FOR THE GLORY THAT IS RIYA!

Lariel: Has there ever actually been an example cited of what happens when someone travels in time to a place they’ve already been? I may have forgotten it. But… unless Flynn was lying about how he got the diary, it has to be possible. Unless Lucy jumps somewhere else, lives a few years, and then jumps to wherever Flynn is? This may just be “here they be dragons” territory – they don’t know how to do it – yet.

Sarah: After all the conflict they’ve dealt with both internally and in their relationship from Jiya’s visions, I can’t express how happy I was for them to finally come together on the same page in how to face the future, predicted or not. This scene brought up a lot of possibilities, adding in Flynn’s confession of Lucy apparentlying traveling into a future she already existed in which may open up how Rufus escapes this fate of dying on a time trip. Granted it’s a lot of speculation, but all these little hints Timeless has been planting I believe will pay off in the finale.

I can’t begin to guess where, and frankly I’m in it for the surprise and how it all comes together in a way only this show is able to pull off so phenomenally. Whatever we don’t get answers to I expect will come up in the third season (that I refuse to believe we aren’t getting) and I can’t freaking wait!

Charles: While I understand them not wanting have the team members meet their past selves, I hope that they do in future seasons. It’s a tricky line for time-travel shows to do when they start going into the future but eventually it will happen. Remember Jiya’s vision at the end of season 1 of the Golden Gate Bridge destroyed? That has to come into play sometime very soon. These writers are too good not to forget about that plot thread.

Lacey: First off, I’m so happy they’re doing better and that Rufus is listening to her and being reasonable with her visions. All Jiya wants to do is help him and save him so she can spend the rest of her life with him. And I think the possibility of the Time Team traveling to a timeline where they exist is going to open up so many amazing storylines and I can’t wait to see where that goes. WHEN it gets renewed because if it doesn’t, I’m suing, I think season 3 will definitely dive deep into that storyline and I’m so here for it!

Marta: I love Rufus and Jiya so much, please don’t let anything happen to them! But, about the discussion of going back to your own timeline, I think it’s something very commonly debunked in many time travel works of fiction. It’s always the number one rule, and yet, somehow, they always find a loophole to avoid it and go back. So I think the writers definitely opened up a bunch of storyline possibilities to explore in further seasons –please let us get more seasons!

Mimi: Hmmm, definitely a season 3 storyline but I think it has to happen. Jiya and Rufus figured out how to add 4 seats to the lifeboat so they can certainly figure out how to move backwards and forward through time. Time is not linear guys! There are multiple timelines happening all around us. Have we learned nothing from Stranger Things?  They might have to get this worked sooner than later too, because from the looks of the finale, some tweaking with time needs to happen in order for our team to remain intact.

Shana: There’s no way that, with so little time left, to fully develop this concept. It definitely plants the seeds for future plot lines — assuming NBC does the right thing and lets us have them — but I think that’s all I can say about that.

Luci: That last scene between Rufus and Jiya was easily my favorite Riya scene ever. How amazing was it to see a couple actually communicating and supporting and loving each other? And having Rufus own up to how much of a jerk he had been these past few weeks and apologize and accept her support was the icing on the cake.

That said, I think that with the diary storyline, we are bound to see them trying to figure out how to travel into their own timelines. But I don’t think there’s enough time to introduce or develop this concept in only two episodes, so this will probably play out in season 3. Because we are getting a season 3. I refuse to believe anything else.


With only two more episodes to go, tell us your theories about how this season ends – and what the possible cliffhanger is.

Lizzie: Well, Jessica is evil, that much is obvious. She’s gonna show her true colors and kidnap Jiya and the team is going to have to scramble to either get the mothership or the Lifeboat to get to where Jiya is. I think Rufus is going to die and the cliffhanger is that the team is going to say to hell with everything, we’re going back to save Rufus, WE DON’T CARE WHAT IT COSTS.


Lariel: You know, I’m good to go along for the ride, wherever it takes us… as long as there’s a Season 3. I tend to theorize more on shows where I think things need to be fixed – I don’t have that urge for Timeless because I just trust the writers here.

Sarah: I expect a massive jaw dropping cliffhanger which will be even more painful if we don’t get a third season, Lyatt goodness, and twists that make the surprises of time travel pale in comparison to these writer’s abilities to shock me with their brilliance. Theory wise I have nothing because anything I guess I doubt will even come close and you know I am GOOD with that. I would rather be surprised by every second of the finale as I’m positive it will be amazing, with lots of character drama from every person we’ve been graced with and a heart stopping adventure that only Timeless can deliver. So to sum up – BRING IT ON!

Charles: Honestly I have no clue what is going to happen. I don’t think Rufus will die but someone else could (Most likely on the Rittenhouse side). Also I see something happening with Wyatt and Lucy where Lyatt stands strong and tall at the end of the finale. My guess is Lyatt ends up staying in the past but it messes up the present so badly that the rest of Time Team will have to go bring them back as the cliffhanger for the end of the season.

Lacey: Like I’ve said in the past, I’m the worst at this kind of thing Haha All I know is Jessica better be evil and die and Lyatt gets back together and are stronger than ever going into season 3. Simple and sweet LOL

Marta: Other than Jessica totally tricked Wyatt and is actually Rittenhouse like we knew she was since she first came back? Yeah, okay. We need some sort of closure on Lucy and her mother’s conflict, and I have a hunch it may be a devastating one for Lucy. And we need to find out if Rufus really does die. The promo seems to show him being shot or hurt, which adds up. But it’s a little bit too similar to the season one finale, isn’t it? I honestly don’t know. But if someone from the Time Team ends up being left back in the past… We know what direction season 3 is headed towards.

Mimi: Oh Jesus, there is not enough room. LOL!  Where is Sarah? I am on board with her massive theory with the exception that we now know, its Jiya who steals the lifeboat and NOT Jessica. I have a theory that Jessica joins her because she knows she is fucked, because Wyatt is not buying her lies. Jessica needs to get away from RH and hide because we all know they will kill you if you mess up a mission.  Remember the promo for 9/10 and Wyatt is running after the lifeboat in a panic. Grant it no one wants the lifeboat to be stolen but he looks distraught, like my used to be dead wife is on board that ship distraught.  Also everyone else is standing around him in their pj’s but where is Jessica? The Sophie’s choice is gonna come down to Lyatt v Jessica bottom line. Wyatt will choose Lucy, the love of his life and Jessica will be revealed to be a sleeper agent. When this comes out, hopefully Emma will kill her or she’ll get trampled by horses, either way, I need her gone.  We all saw Rufus get shot in the promo but I don’t think he dies, I think Lucy tells them to get him back and leave her there in past, because she has nothing left. However, Wyatt will step up and tell her that she has HIM! Gah!! The FEEELS! So Lyatt will stay in the past, Riya, and Flynn will go back to the present. Boom credits roll! See you in season 3. #yourwelcome

Shana: Hmmm…We know Harriet Tubman plays a part in the finale, but then the second half is called “Chinatown.” A lot of major U.S. cities have a Chinatown, but for convenience purposes, I’ll assume this one is the one in New York. So! Lucy is going to abandon the Time Team, steal the lifeboat, go to 13-ish years ago in New York, and convince Donna and Harvey to actually continue with a relationship after that “other time.” Considering her high-key level of badassery, let’s even tie this in to part 1 and say that Lucy brings Harriet Tubman into the future with her as backup.

I mean. If Suits can’t get the job done, and Abigail Spencer appeared in their finale as Scottie, then it’s only fair that we get some timey-wimey redemption on Timeless. Thank you, thank you.

No, I don’t care that this is technically a part of Lucy’s timeline and would also be weird, given the whole Scottie doppelgänger phenomenon. This is a finale. Finales twist reality. Let’s do it.

Oh, you wanted a real theory? Sorry, no can do.

…I plead the fifth.

Luci: Jessica is an evil Rittenhouse bitch and I want her to suffer. I think she’s going to kidnap Jiya and take the Lifeboat and all hell is going to break loose. Wyatt will feel massive amounts of guilt for not seeing that his zombie wife was a sleeper agent and we’re all going to die with a giant cliffhanger.

Agree? Disagree? Have more Timeless feels to share with us? Hit us up in the comments below!

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