‘Timeless’ 2×09/2×10 Advance Review: I’ll Trade my Soul For A Season 3

What can I say about the two-hour season finale of Timeless? What can I say about what this show is, what it means, what it creates with every episode? I’m not sure. I’m tempted to call it art, but not in the way all forms of creation are, but a new way, one that we’re just now inventing to describe this show.

Yes, I’m waxing poetic, but I just watched the season finale and I have feels, okay? Bear with me.

Did everything turn out the way I wanted it to? Hell no. Did I get every little prediction right? No again, though I’m proud to say I got some things right. Am I satisfied with this as the ending of the show, in case we don’t get a Season 3? Hell to the no. That final shot will haunt me forever if we don’t get any more episodes. I’ll never be able to let go of the possibilities.

Pun totally intended.

But am I happy with this finale? Did it live up to my very high expectations? Yes, in so many more ways than one. I see now, where the path was always leading, and though I would have changed a thing or two (or five), I have no complaints about the setup for Season 3, or about the journeys we took with some of these characters. Getting to know them better, getting to love them, getting to see them become a family? It was worth it.

So, here are some teases for the season(not series, not series) finale of Timeless:

  • Is Jessica Rittenhouse? There’s a definite answer.
  • Is Jessica pregnant? There’s a definite answer …or, is there?
  • The Flynn/Lucy connection gets more confusing.
  • Jiya is not the only one having visions.
  • Flynn is …Flynn. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing depends on what you think about Flynn.
  • Jiya gets even more bad-ass. Like 50 times more.
  • Klingon is very, very important.
  • For people who “don’t get along,” Flynn and Wyatt sure can work together when they need to.
  • Someone double-crosses someone.
  • Remember when we didn’t care that much for Mason? Me either.
  • Rufus and Wyatt have a couple of long-overdue conversations.
  • People die.
  • Agent Christopher has a hobby that helps her pass the time while the Time Team is away. It’s adorable.
  • You wanted a high-stakes-confrontation? YOU GET TWO!
  • Someone says “I love you.”
  • The final scene of “Chinatown” will spawn a thousand fanfictions. One of them might even be mine.

Timeless airs Sundays at 10/9c on NBC. The two-hour season finale will air this Sunday, starting at 9/8c.

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