Our 5 Wishes For ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season Four

Quick question: if you had to pick the most fun show on television today, what would you pick?

While there are several choices, you wouldn’t be wrong in going with Legends of Tomorrow. Legends’s third season has came and gone with a few new faces aboard the Waverider as a few left for good. New team members and faces like Zari Tomaz and Ava Sharpe replaced Stein, Jax and Amaya. All the changes didn’t affect the wackiness of the show at all as Legends threw everything but the kitchen sink into the third season. We mean, after all, once you’ve had a giant toy named Beebo fight a time-displaced demon…where do you go from there?

Well, while it looks like the show might go more mystical with the addition of new team member John Constantine.  We still have a few hopes for the fourth season of Legends of Tomorrow, and since the Legends writers’ room is reconvening today, we thought we’d put them out there.

So without any further ado….here are some of our wishes for Season 4 of Legends of Tomorrow!

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1. The continued growth of AvaLance.

Charles: Season 3 saw the debut of a new ship on the Waverider: AvaLance. Following a version of the “enemies to lovers” trope, Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe saw their hostility towards one another at the beginning of the season turn into a full blown relationship at the end of the season. Having survived one of the toughest thing any starting relationship can go through (finding out one of you is a clone), we have the highest hope that it’s smooth sailing for the AvaLance ship in Season 4. While it doesn’t always have to be lovey-dovey each episode, we just want them to be stable and united in their love for one another without having to worry about them breaking up and getting back together over and over again. Legends, you have a good thing going here. Don’t mess it up.

Lariel: I’m lukewarm at best on the ship. I liked Ava better when we were supposed to hate her. But if they continue the ship, then please please please, let Ava act like a grownup. She may have been cloned yesterday, figuratively speaking, but if we’re to buy her as the leader of a U.N.-sanctioned agency charged with guarding time, then she shouldn’t be acting like a first grader afraid that Constantine will infect her with cooties. Phil Klemmer has said in Season 4 Sara and Ava will be like CEOs of companies. Let’s see them in that light- a pair of smart women working together to protect time.

And as long as we’re talking about Ava, I’d like to know more about her origins. We know there were eleven Avas before “Sara’s Ava.” What happened to them? Have we already met any of them? There are some good possibilities there.

2. The return of a few faces from Season 3.

Charles: There’s no doubt that while it’s always good to bring in fresh new blood, there is something nice about seeing a familiar face. While there are many we’d love to see return for at least a quick appearance, two characters come to mind fairly quickly: Nora Darhk and Rip Hunter.

Seeing Nora return, but this time to help the team, would be a lovely story of redemption and trying to become a better person. Also selfishly, it always nice to see Ray and Nora together once again.

As for Rip, you have to follow that old TV rule : If there’s no body, then they aren’t dead. And then even if there is a body, they still might not be dead! It would be a very interesting and exciting story to see the Legends meet up with Rip somehow some way in time. Also, when you have an actor like Arthur Darvill, it’s a shame not to have him return one more time.

Lariel: I am definitely on the #RedemptionForNoraDarhk train. Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford work together marvelously – as well they should since they are married! It was wonderful to see Ray hand Nora that Time Stone, and would be wonderful to see him help find her way back.

I also firmly believe Rip is still alive. My headcanon is that he and Earth-1 Snart were thrown into the same pocket dimension and are snarking at each other until they can come back to the Waverider. After all, they “died” in very similar explosions. And it’s no secret I want Captain Cold to return!

Two more faces I’d love to see: Leo “Citizen Cold” Snart and “The Ray” Terrill. I loved these two  and want more of what, to me, was the best ship of last fall’s crossover. And I’d pay good money to have Earth-1 Leonard meet Leo!

3. Embrace the Arrowverse history

Charles: There is a vast and far-reaching universe that has been around for years since Arrow first premiered. Why not go back in time to meet a young Moira Queen? Or to the future once again to see if the 2046 Oliver Queen is still the one the Legends met back in Season 1’s classic episode “Star City 2046?” These are just two stories available thanks to the history available to the Legends writers.

Lariel: Or how about some League of Assassins backstory? There’s long been a demand for it.

4. Tone down the Gary

Charles: Now, we can admit that Legends sometimes goes a little too far in the silliness and goofiness. It’s a very fine line to walk, but most times Legends is able to walk that line masterfully. However, there’s something or someone that as the 3rd season progressed, got more and more obnoxious as he got more and more screen time: Gary.

Now this is nothing against the actor, but more a complaint about how Gary was given the role of comic relief. They pushed Gary down our throats too much. For Season 4, give us Gary in small doses. An appearance here, an appearance there.

Lariel: A little silliness goes a long way! Charles and I haven’t always agreed on the humor of the last season, but I think we’re in sync here. I want more humor like we saw in 3×06 “Helen Hunt” or 3×11 “Here I Go Again” or 3×17 “Guest Starring John Noble.”

And while we’re at it – can we stop making Nate so damned irritating just for a laugh? He’s smarter than they let him be in Season 3.

5. A Different type of bad guy – or gal!

Charles: Through the show’s run, we have seen the villains of Legends of Tomorrow in many different forms — from Vandal Savage and Mallus to the Legion of Doom. So what kind of bad guy can Season 4 deliver? We would love to see a female baddie this upcoming season. The DC Universe is full of terrific female villains to choose from. Perhaps with the introduction of Themyscira last season, perhaps you can now bring in long-time Wonder Woman villain Circe? Or as a nod to Season 1, introduce Vandal Savage’s daughter to the Arrowverse: Scandal Savage. The possibilities are there. It’s just up to the Legends writers to take them.

Lariel: I love the idea of a female villain. I also like the idea of going back in Legends history, so how about Captain Eve Baxter from Season 1, out to avenge the deaths of all the Time Masters?

So as the Legends writers gather, those are some of our hopes and wishes for Legends of Tomorrow. What do you want to see next season? Let us know in the comments section, and we’ll see you aboard the Waverider next season!!

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