‘The Originals’ 5×05 Review: “Don’t It Just Break Your Heart”

Antoinette background is revealed (still wondering how I didn’t see this coming), Klaus thought he could make decisions for Hope despite being an absentee father, and Elijah keeps being used as a crutch by his hybrid brother, despite the distance/ocean between them.

Let’s talk “Don’t It Just Break Your Heart.”

Klaus Not Being Able to Live without Elijah

This Mikaelson will stand no chance at becoming a fully formed character unless he stop depending on Klaus. He loves his brother. I know that. You know that. He, she, we, knows that. But he’s using Elijah as a crutch to blame why he does things, especially when he loses control.

I killed those people. But, oh wait. It wouldn’t have happened if I had Elijah with me so it’s kind of his fault that this all happened!


Think about what you’re saying. You’re not accepting the fact that you, Klaus Mikaelson, aren’t perfect. That doesn’t change how I feel about you as a character or how wonderful it’s been to watch your journey. It just means you’re reaching your own plateau and the sooner you realize you’re not perfect, the sooner you can work past your own limitations.

For your daughter, for your family, and for yourself, you’ve got to continue without Elijah and TRY to do better, without falling back on old excuses. It’s season 5 Klaus, your final hoorah. Get your shit together because we both know this isn’t going to the last time Elijah leaves you. You’re immortal beings and there’s bound to be something else that separates you, be it some evil foe or Elijah wants to go and lose himself in the 2020 Olympics.

You can’t always be attached at the hip. Sorry, not sorry.

Damn It, Antoinette

I’ve watched Timeless. I’ve watched Alias. I know all about significant others hiding HUGE secrets like, “oh yeah, I’m evil” or “oh yeah, I come from an evil family or organization.” SO WHY DID THIS CATCH ME OFF GUARD?!

Maybe it was the actress. There is a kind and seductive nature about how she carries the characters that she plays, from Dexter to Warehouse 13. I’ve enjoyed every single character of hers and have always managed to be surprised by her range. Of course, she would follow the same model with The Originals.

Additionally, I love the man we’ve seen Elijah become while around Antoinette. I don’t want that lose that carefree nature, and lightheartedness that we’ve seen from him this season. He’s free of the burdens that weighed his conscious down before. I don’t want him to lose that. If it means never going back to a family that he feel indebted to and that puts so much on him…I’m kind of ok with that.

Hope and Her Choice

Remember way back when The Originals first but The Vampire Diaries? The trouble they caused because Klaus thought something had been stolen from him? That he was destined to be the strongest because of his blood? All of it was about his choice. And he took away Hopes.

She should have the choice to decide what to do with her blood just like Klaus did. Yes, she did that stupid and ridiculous thing by locking away Hayley so her father would come and visit her, but it’s still her choice. The fact that he didn’t trust her ENOUGH to make it, is just going to drive her to get things done without her father as part of these choices.

Oh and let’s talk about the blood and siring. Klaus doesn’t get to decide what to do with Hope’s blood or who to feed it too. These people will be under Hope’s control and that should be her choice once more. And before anyone jumps up and yells, “But he’s her father!” He’s her biological father, but he hasn’t been around. He chose that. So at this point he doesn’t really get a choice.


Someone who was also left behind by a father.

Check out the trailer for next week’s episode titled “What, Will, I, Have, Left”:

The Originals airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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