5 WTF Moments from ‘The Originals’ “We Have Not Long to Love”

This week’s The Originals, titled *We Have Not Long to Love” had too many moments that I’d love to break down, discuss, and generally bitch about (or cry in joy because Freya and Keelin are engaged, in love, and not dead.)

To save on time, and avoid making this 50 pages, here are 5 WTF moments from The Originals “We Have Not Long to Love”!

1. The bigoted vampires have a witch.

Remember during Hayley’s funeral how Ivy helped Klaus astral project? It was a hard spell that took time, patience, a whole lot of energy from Ivy. Basically it was hard AF. But this witch, whoever they may be, didn’t just astral project one person. She/he/them did it for a whole gang of vampires with an ease I’ve never seen before! That means that they have to have immense power and they’ve decided to side with the prejudiced vampires. That right there is scary and makes me wary for what comes next.

2. The death of Lisina.

I can’t help but think it’s lazy storytelling, especially after you just gave me a hint of Lisina’s personality when she isn’t worried about the death of her kid or pack. She was vibrant and someone I’d love to get to know more about. Unfortunately, as storytelling does, I knew she would be ripped away from me as soon as I got a hint of her personality. And I’m tired of it. Death is a powerful motivator. I’m not ignorant of that fact. I’d just like to see something a little different, a little bit bolder, than the same ol’, same ol’.

3. Hopes bracelet burning her skin.

It’s like the power inside of Hope is bigger, badder, and more pissed off than ever now that it’s back as one. That bracelet was going to keep burning Hopes arms and probably light on fire on her arm if she didn’t take it off. And that’s scary as hell. I understand that she was between a rock and hard place when she took The Hollow back inside of her. But hot damn. This is turning into a shit show that she can not control at all. And if what she did to Elijah is any indication of what’s to come, they should all be scared.

4. Declan gets his mind altered.

This WTF moment is one I understand and back. What Elijah did was born out of love. I’ve just never seen this kind of mercy or mind bending (yes, I said mind bending) when it comes to altering ones memories. Elijah didn’t want Declan to forget Hayley or the love they held for each other. He wanted to honor Hayley by giving this man clarity, peace, and the ability to move forward and past the pain of her loss. What Elijah gave Declan was mercy in a town, in a world, where there often isn’t any.

5. Freya and Keelin are engaged and one of them didn’t immediately die right after. (Thank God!)

This WTF is special to me and deserving of being on this list because I was ready for pain. I just saw Lisina die and I was about to put my foot through the TV if Keelin died and this was used as a motivator to get Freya out of this life/mode where she sacrifices everything for her family. But The Originals didn’t do that. They gave me a beautiful moment between two women who love each other to the moon and back. I’m going to pray to every deity/god that these two are a lean, mean united front against whatever comes next. They deserve to be together and we deserve to see a queer couple stay together and fight the woes of life at each other’s side.

Favorite Moment from “We Have Not Long to Love”:


The Originals returns July 11, 2018 at 9/8c on The CW.


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