‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 4 Trailer Is A Bit “Groovy”

Things look to get pretty far out in the newest season of Legends of Tomorrow as the team deals with all new team members and a new kind of mission. Having dealt with Mallus at the end of last season, the new trailer for season 4 showcases a few things while highlighting the majority of season 3.

Now we weren’t expecting a ton of new footage (After all , only one episode is to be believed to been filmed for the new season at the moment) but there was enough to build up our anticipation even more. Among other things : It looks like the Legends have taken a trip to the 60’s and looking very groovy while doing it. (Caity Lotz was made for that era’s fashion), A shirtless Constantine in battle with some new mystical force and Ray having a little fun at Legends’s ratings.

Legends of Tomorrow returns October 22nd at 9 pm on The CW.


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