Abigail Spencer To Star In Hulu’s ‘Revival’

We’re not happy over the ending of Timeless, as you all know. But with it ending we know that we are going to follow the stars of it where ever they go next.

Abigail Spencer has booked her next gig – a badass femme fatale in the pilot of Hulu’s upcoming Reprisal. Who will she play? Katherine Harlow, a woman who was left for dead but survives – cause you know, badass – and takes on the new persona of Doris Dearie.

See the basics are that she’s okay staying hidden, but when her niece is kidnapped by the same gang that tried to kill her – she’s out for revenge. Personally – we’d rise from the dead too and be out for revenge.

Something to look forward to after the two part series finale of Timeless, which is scheduled to air during the holiday season.

We still hate you NBC.

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