Clockblockers Never Stop: ‘Timeless’ does LACC

Clockblockers just won’t quit. They don’t know how to.

That’s not just an euphemism. They really, really have no idea – and no reason, either. They got a second season after cancellation was announced, then got a movie after cancellation was announced again, and they’re still going. You want to bet against them getting more? I wouldn’t. I’m in for this. I believe.

Especially when you hear from the volunteers, the people who put their money where their mouth is, so to speak, and dedicated time and hard work to making this particular endeavor, at LAAC, the success that it was. Like Mary, who was manning the booth at LAAC every day, and who remembers “when cancellation news came out, the first thing I thought was no, there is no way a show this amazing is not going to live on,” a sentiment we wholeheartedly agree with, and who also had this to say, a rallying cry for the whole movement: “What does Wyatt say? Why us? There is nobody but us.  We [the fans] are the best advertisers, and I feel we can do anything if we work together.”

Did I already say I was in? Because I’m in.

And then, there’s something more, the thing that’s behind why this particular show deserves to be saved, above so many others. To that respect, Laura, who alongside Mary was in charge of the booth at LAAC, had words that touched me deep: What really got me passionate about Timeless was the effect it had on my kids. Particularly my oldest daughter, who is now 11. She has a reading disability but after watching Timeless, and coming to care for the characters, she suddenly wanted to read books in order to learn about all the women in history she she didn’t know about. I didn’t have to struggle to get her hooked on a book about Marie Curie & even though she found the reading difficult, she persevered because she so wanted to know more about this woman scientist. How often does TV make kids want to read? We need more of that.”

Forgive me while I cry a bit.

Laura went on to say: “That is why I so want to Save Timeless, for all the kids, including my own, who are inspired by it. I see this as part and parcel of my responsibilities to make the world a better place if I can. Timeless is a small part of that, but part of it none the less, because I feel that we need the lessons Timeless teaches to more forward in a positive way.  I was happy to volunteer for the fan-booth because I felt I was doing something concrete toward improving our society, however silly that might sound. Lately it has been all to easy to feel that nothing we do matters, but in truth we do all matter & if we chose to embrace that we can do wondrous things.”

And you thought this was just about TV show.

But, this was supposed to be about LAAC. I got sidetracked by the feelings this show elicits in me. Don’t blame me, join me.

The whole purpose of the LAAC booth was not just to get new fans, but to let casual fans know that this isn’t over. The show is getting a movie in December, and with a fandom this passionate, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the end. And, in that respect, Mary said, the booth was an absolute success: “There were some who had heard of Timeless and had it on their list.  Some had watched the first season, and sadly had no clue there was extra episodes coming, let alone a second season.  A good chunk that we talked to, however were potential new viewers, and describing why we are here definitely set a precedent.  They loved the idea of the show and the videos playing non stop definitely pulled them in as well.”

Laura added “Unfortunately, lots of people who had heard of, or were even fans of the show, still need to be educated about the 2 bonus episodes on December 20th. Very few people knew about them. The slight plus side of this though, was that we got to make a bunch of people very happy.”

Which makes me think …what do we need to do? Should we be screaming louder? Maybe we need a billboard in Times Square?

Oh, yes. The clockblockers are doing THAT next. These people think of everything.

And, they’re really, really good at selling the show they love. Laura, for example, said this: “I had a little spiel based on the NBC promo material for season one, where I presented it as an “action-adventure time travel show, that sees a historian, scientist & soldier going to different time periods to stop people from changing history.” I made a point to say that the show chose to highlight women & minority contributions to our society that had been glossed over or erased by tradition history. Most people responded VERY positively to that. I don’t think anyone told me that they were not interested in Timeless after my spiel.”

I’m just saying, if you get the people who are really, really passionate to sell a show, good things happen.

This is a special fandom, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. And Mary and Laura agree. Like Mary said: “I can honestly say I have never seen a more passionate fandom. Seriously, though, the fact that Timeless was cancelled the first year, brought back in three days, and this year we just wait six weeks with no word, and they of course expect us to die down, and then cancellation— we were sad but we got back up, rolled up our sleeves and got to work.  We are loud, and we weren’t going to go down with out a fight.  We want Timeless, and are willing to spend the money to keep it.  There so many involved in the Save Timeless movement, from people who are researching and leading projects, people keeping up with polls, and social media accounts, to those who are just positive and just keep pushing.  Like gears in a clock we are all working together to Save Timeless.”

But that isn’t all. There is, of course, this sentiment, expressed by Laura and shared by so many: “My favorite thing about the Timeless fandom is that it gave me courage. I felt a little lost before Timeless. Like I was the only person in the world who looked at things the way I did. Along came Timeless, showing the world as it was, & its community where I fit & was valued. This community has given me the opportunity & the push to challenge my boundaries in a healthy way & become a better version of myself. I hope that that continues to carry through to other parts of my life as well.”

That’s why we’re fighting. That’s why clockblockers want more.

Why us? There’s nobody but us. And we’re not done.

LACC Volunteers:

Vernita Henderson
Amy Bowker
Jerry Berrios
Kristie Jacobson – Facebook
Amanda Hutchison- Facebook
Erin Talkington- Facebook

And the designers for all the pretty swag on the table: Ann Gardner & Leanne

Remember, Timeless will air it’s two hour movie event on Thursday, December 20th at 8/7c on NBC.

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