‘Roswell’ 1×02 Review: There Are Many Sides To The Same Story

Everyone has a story.

The way that we all tell our stories is different. Some of us will never tell our stories. Some of us will never know all the facets of our story, even though we helped write it. That’s why there is such a thing as mysteries and on Roswell, the big mystery is around how Rosa died.

I’ll start by saying this – secrets always come out. We know that this one will eventually, but we’re gonna have to stand by for a little bit and watch everything unfold. And hey, that’s fine. That’s what makes a show worth watching. When you can’t figure out what has happened that’s part of the fun.

Part of the excitement.

Part of the mystery.

Every moment of Roswell is a ride. But that is okay for us. We love the drama. We love the commentary on the things going on in the world today. Roswell doesn’t bullshit. They tell you exactly how it is.

10th Anniversary of Rosa’s Death

It’s been 10 years since Rosa passed and everyone in Roswell remembers. We learned in the first episode that everyone thinks that Rosa was a drug addict who drove her car into a tree, taking the lives of two others with her.

The town is upset and after the shooting at the Crashdown, Liz’s Dad decided that he was going to close the cafe for the day. One can’t blame him for wanting to protect his daughter and everything that he owns. I kinda feel like he needed the moments too, because he has every right to protect his own heart and grieve the daughter he lost.

Liz doesn’t seem to see that. She see’s Roswell being a reminder of one of the worst days of their lives. But for her Dad, it’s a matter of remembering the good times. Liz can’t get over the bad times, the fact that she didn’t feel her sister loved her the way she loved her. I mean, not to be rude, but we’ve all been at that point in our lives. We’ve all thought something of our siblings and it may not be correct, but our feelings are valid.

I think that Liz needed to be emotionally slapped in the face. She needed to feel the pain and realize that her sisters death was not about her. I get it, you have your walls up Liz and you don’t want to be hurt, but stop and watch the words that come out of your mouth girl.

You are not above reproach.

Liz heads to a church to light a candle for Rosa and gets so mad. Of course Max shows up and we swoon. But he makes what is going to be a big mistake. He lets his hormones take control and decided that he’ll do what Liz asks and let her see his memories of Rosa. I get it dude – you want to impress the girl, but you also have to watch out for you and yours.

Because you let her look one second too far. Lesson to be learned – don’t let your emotions do the thinking for you.


They picked up someone for the shooting at the Crashdown, but Max knows that it’s not him. It’s the Long boy, the brother of one of the girls who died in the crash with Rosa. So him and his partner, Jenna, head out to the ranch to confront him. To get proof.

I like Jenna. She’s like this no nonsense chick who makes sarcastic comments and doesn’t take shit. She’s closed off, but a little in your face. She doesn’t give a fuck.

Her and the Long guy have a shooting contest and of course she wins. You have to hand it off to Max – he knows how to get proof that Long shot up the Crashdown. The bullet fragments can be tested by forensics to make sure that they match the ones from the shooting.

Michael and Isabelle are at the bar and they hear Long admit that he shot up the Crashdown. Isabelle knows that they need to go there because Max will do whatever it takes to save Liz’s family.

I straight up started crying when Long and his friends started to beat up Liz’s Dad. I was thankful that Max had stalkerish vibes at that point, because he was there to protect him. I cheered when he beat up everyone and got them off Liz’s Dad. I cheered even more when he chased after Long and beat the crap out of him.

I totally get why Michael and Isabelle had to put a stop to it, but I wanted Long gone. He knows now they are aliens – if he’s smart. Ok, he’s not, so maybe that is a moot point.

I think Max would have killed Long and regretted it. He already lives with it over whatever happened to Rosa.

But hey – lets just be honest – secrets, drama, and everything in between are part of what makes Roswell’s drama.

Never Trust Someone Who Says “Trust Me”

Kyle, Kyle, Kyle… I want to love you. I want to look at your jaw porn and say yes, that’s a face that I can trust. But you made me distrust you twice in this episode. I don’t know about you, but I was always taught to never trust anyone who says any variation of “you can trust me.” Ah, no way. I see your shadiness showing.

Kyle comes from a long line of people who have been investigating the aliens that crashed down in Roswell. His family was killed by aliens. It’s like his duty to be part of Project Shepard. But is it one that he will accept? That’s what I don’t know. He seems to be more into being a doctor, but I have been down this road. I have started to realize that we can’t really trust anyone who seems to be into one thing and is involved with some shady shit.

The thing is Kyle has no allegiance. No real ties to either Liz or Project Shepard. I say this because Liz has been gone for 10 years and he just found out about Project Shepard.

Here’s the thing though – Kyle does a great gesture for Liz and gets Rosa’s autopsy. The official autopsy says that she overdosed, she was a druggie, and that she ran into a tree. The truth – well, that’s classified and Kyle has it? Ya, trust you my ass. Like here’s the thing – Project Shepard would give him that access to the classified info. So where did he get it from if he didn’t take a role with the Project.

He believes that Rosa was murdered by aliens. She’s got the hand mark that Liz had on her chest – Rosa has that too. It all fits and all makes sense. The lyrics that she saw when Max showed her his memories of Rosa. She knew.

She knew immediately.

Max was lying. He had seen Rosa the day that she died. He was keeping a secret and with Rosa being killed by an alien – none of this was going to sit well with her.

I knew I fell for this ship too fast. Pain was getting ready to set it sights on all of us and torture us for thinking that it wasn’t going to hurt. IT HURT.

I feel strongly that Kyle is trying to manipulate Liz. He wants answers. He wants to do what his family hasn’t. I don’t buy this good guy act. I don’t buy that it’s because he cares and wants to protect her. Please boy, we all know you out for yourself.

There is just something about him that makes me not trust him. He asks too many questions and he shows up at the worst times, and he said “trust me.”

That’s a sign.


One of the things that I love the most about Roswell is Malex. Michael and Alex are sexy as fuck. They are so damaged – actually let me take that back – they are fragile. There are all the reasons that they can’t be together, but there are all the reasons that they should. You know – like it’s obvious that they love each other?

Alex is trying to be the man that he feels that his father expects him to be – the man the military expects him to be. But he’s so in love that he doesn’t know how to be that person. And quite frankly, I don’t think that he should be that person.

Michael has been through the ringer in his life and it’s unfair. It’s not right for anyone to experience that much pain. He’s dealing with the fact the he wasn’t chosen by the Evans, that the foster care system was less that kind. He’s feeling alone, but he’s masking that with a hard ass exterior.

I get it.

I think that what I find the most unfair for Michael is that he can’t see that he is so loved. He is so cherished. Sure him and Max fight, but it doesn’t mean that Max and Isabelle would do anything for him.

It’s all these walls that make Michael complex and quite frankly an asshole. But even though he’s an asshole, you know he’s redeemable. You know that all he’s searching for it love.

When Alex shows up and leads him into the trailer, my body screamed YES!

I live for these moments. Malex is goals. I know that they have a lot to overcome, but I believe in them.


Kyle of course catches up with Liz at the cemetery¬† as she’s paying tribute to her sister. She’s pissed. She’s recently confronted Max who lied to her again about the last time he saw Rosa. I get Max is an alien, but life lesson – when a girl asks you a question 9/10¬† she knows the answer. so be honest.

But you may be asking yourself why I am mad at Liz. Well, because as she tells Kyle that she’s staying in Roswell, she tells him inadvertently that Max is an alien.

Look, I get Liz is mad, but she’s automatically thinking the worst, and I loose a little respect over that. She needs to have some faith.

But aren’t we all blinded by anger and rage?

Roswell airs on The CW.

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