‘Deadly Class’ 1×02 Review: “Noise, Noise, Noise”

Deadly Class “Noise, Noise, Noise” was a lesson in learning who not to fuck with. You don’t fuck with Saya because that girl is on point and has your death probably measured and timed already. You don’t fuck with Maria because the harder you go after her, the harder she’ll work to destroy you. (Got no doubt on that one.) And you don’t fuck with Marcus because Kings Dominion newbie is a wild card who hasn’t found his place yet and is bound to fuck up shit as he figures things out.

Don’t Fuck with Maria

Chico thinks that he has Maria all figured out. He thinks he knows her, owns her, but he has no idea. Maria is done with him and there’s nothing that he can do to stop her. She will gain her freedom, rise to the top, and survive Chico and his bullshit.

He thought he was teaching Maria a lesson, something to tie her down and make her fear him and love him against her will, no matter what bad things he does to her. All he taught her is that she needs to be sneakier, smarter, and better organized to show him who is in charge of her life. That person is Maria. Not Chico. Not Master Lin. Maria is in charge of her own destiny!

Building on her relationship with Saya is a key part of Maria’s liberation. Saya is her found family, her sister from another mister, that has her back no matter the affiliation or organizations they come from. Maria gets to be the person she’s always wanted to be when she’s not pretending to be part of Chico’s crew or a faithful little follower of the rules set about at Kings Dominion.

Also, it was just really nice to see Maria and Saya hanging out together. Most dramas don’t have their characters relaxing for one second or one scene. This little moment with Saya was sweet and grounded these two women for me. I would like for them to have more conversations that have nothing to do with men or some boy they both kissed….but, at least they did talk about Maria’s medicine for a hot second. I need more in the next episode and am looking forward to seeing what kind of bond these two warrior women have.

Don’t Fuck with Saya

Saya knows EXACTLY what she’s doing, 100% of the time. That moment when she leaned into Marcus was calculated. Hell, even the body language, the closeness, was planned and implemented in a way that Saya wants. This is the key reason why you don’t fuck with Saya. You don’t side eye her, you don’t think ill will of her, and you don’t step a foot out of line with her, because Saya will break it before giving it back to you.

This control, this measure of discipline is being tested by Maria, her seemingly long time BFF, and Marcus, the new boy that she’s in charge of. Maria tests Saya with her bluntness, her spontaneity, her joy at life in the face of all the crazy that they have to deal with. Maria grounds Saya, gives her the found family that I don’t think she’s ever had before. AND WE LOVE IT!

Marcus is a whole other thing. He throws off Saya’s perfectly calculated self with his strong feelings and emotions. He lets what he feels, guide him in everything he does. Saya is not like that. And since he’s her charge now, everything reflects on her and she has to keep him line. But in doing so, she’s spending more time with him and having the opportunity presented to her where she can explore new feelings and situations.

Change is coming for Saya. Change that isn’t perfect, predictable, and controllable. Still doesn’t mean anyone should fuck with her. You don’t do that to our Kuroki queen!

Don’t Fuck with Marcus

And then there’s Marcus. I wanted to put him at the top of this review, the first thing covered and most important, but Saya and Maria were way more interesting in this episode than Marcus. That’s not to say I don’t find Marcus intriguing. I do. He’s not like the rest of the students and is a challenge for Saya, Maria, and the rest of Kings Dominion.

Like Saya and Maria, you shouldn’t fuck with Marcus. Mainly, because he’s unpredictable, and not because of the kids people think he killed. He doesn’t function like the people who grew up in crime, with the knowledge of Kings Dominion, or death as a constant companion. He doesn’t have the same allegiances as those who were born or brought into a crime family or organization. Marcus is just riding free and he’s going to bump against as many groups, people, and organizations as he pleases because he doesn’t belong with anyone.

That realization, that loneliness, does change the way that Marcus carries himself and how he perceives the world. He’s a walking contradiction who wants to be alone and desperately fit in at the same time. Right now, he’s pushing buttons, pushing boundaries, as a means of finding his place. It’s not perfect and it’s a whole lot of messy. But he’s got this. He’ll find a home here, a family here, while keeping a tough exterior that screams “DO NOT FUCK WITH ME” with a smile on the side.

Favorite Scene from “Noise, Noise, Noise”:

Give me a whole episode with just these two. I want it and need it dearly!

Deadly Class airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on SyFy.

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