‘Deadly Class’ 1×04 Review: “Mirror People”

Deadly Class “Mirror People” stripped all our favs of their carefully presented outer image/presence and gave us young men and women who care, hurt, and feel, no matter how much they try to hide it and act like they don’t. They are just humans, looking to connect and thrive in the face of a world that wants to tear them down. And for some, it might’ve taken til this episode for them to understand that the only way they can conquer their demons, and Kings Dominion, is at each other’s side.

And as someone who has read the comics and devoted countless sleepless nights to my Kings Dominion favs, I’ve proud of the way this story has been developed for TV. The pace is a bit different in comparison to the comics, but I’ve gotten to know the characters in a different light and come to appreciate them and the journey they have ahead of them now.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the Deadly Class episode titled “Mirror People”!

Strip It All Away and They’re Just Human

At the core of this episode you have people that have been stripped of everything; of their weaponry, their organizational companions and lackeys, and what has kept them separated and fighting amongst each other at Kings Dominion. You can see all our favs in “Mirror People” for what they truly are when they’re not primped and ready to make an carefully curated impression.

They’re just humans.

It’s especially true in particular for Petra and Viktor while they were laying there dying, side by side. There was no room for name calling, teasing, or fucking each other over. It was just two people scared, two people with nothing else left to lose, and two people who were suddenly thinking about what they’d done and what they’d do over if they had the chance.

The same occurred with Saya and Marcus, although a little less bloody. With no weapon on hand, Saya was still willing to take on the people coming after her so her friend in the other room, and the one in front of her, wouldn’t die because of her. And in that very raw moment where Saya tells Marcus to go, well…he stays. He doesn’t know what he’s gonna do, he’s a right shit fighter, but he’ll stay by her side because that’s that humans should do for each other.

Personally, I’m looking forward to all this development, all this understanding about how truly similar they all really are. It’s what will make them grand when the screen goes black and we’re done with season 1. Mark my words. These young men and women will shock, surprise, and surpass everything at Kings Dominion, including their expectations on who they are.

Protect Billy at All Costs

First of all, we need to talk about Liam James, the actor who plays Billy. Honestly, I had shivers, goosebumps, and an uncontrollable urge to create a machine that would make it possible for me to jump through my TV and take our Billy’s dad for myself. And it all was due to Liam James performance in his scene with Benjamin Wadsworth aka Marcus Lopez.

Now the meat of this section. Billy. We need to protect him at all costs. He’s not what I expected, not now as I’m watching or when I was reading the comics. When you see someone like him, you just write him off as the goof and the weirdo who fills in space when we’re not focused on the lead aka Marcus. Not on this show, people!

Billy isn’t here to fill in spaces and his story matters just as much as Marcus’, Saya’s, or Maria’s. This episode was proof of that. He has a heart, just like Marcus, that wants to protect those he loves from the bullies of the world. It’s the reason why these two young men have become friends and it’s the reason why Marcus will come with Billy to take out his dad.

Found family is my utter weakness and it’s so damn present right now between these two young men, between Maria and Saya, and Marcus and Willie. And it’s the factor that grounds this show and keeps me watching week after week. Because Marcus isn’t the only that’s going to help. Maria is going to come. Willie is going to come. And Saya is going to come.

What happens from there on out will change the way that these young men and women carry themselves in Kings Dominion for the rest of their stay, and maybe for the rest of their lives.

Maria is One Step Closer to Being Free

I’m looking at Maria’s failed attempt to free herself from Chico’s life/influence/general presence, as a stepping stone to something greater and better. Her freedom is right around the corner. She just has to keep going at it, little by little, until she’s liberated. And maybe along the way Chico will learn a thing or two about the powerhouse of strength and poise that is Maria. Hell, maybe Maria will see it too.

Let me clarify, Maria knows she’s a badass, no doubt about it. But she doesn’t know yet that she has the power inside of her RIGHT NOW to break free from Chico. Years of being frightened, hurt, and gaslighted has kept her under Chico’s thumb. And a huge part of that liberation and self realization that is coming Maria’s way, has to do with the people she keeps around her.

Marcus is an illuminating light that has shaken things up in general at Kings Dominion. And his consistent trend of hanging out with anyone he pleases without worrying about allegiances, is surprising and eye opening. I see Maria changing before my very own eyes as she hangs out with Saya more and let’s herself actually live & breathe.

Until now, until these big changes that started happening when Marcus came around, I think Maria was holding with baited breath for someone to free her. That time is slowly over and Maria is edging closer and closer to a freedom and a life of her own choosing. And when that happens, oh Chico, you better watch out. That powerhouse is going to smoke and leave you as mere embers.

Favorite Scene from “Mirror People”:

In the face of all the challenges that they are facing at this very moment, Marcus REFUSED to leave Saya. And not because he’s got some misplaced lover boy feelings for Saya. He stays because that is the person that he chooses to be. He’s the one who stays when everyone else leaves. That makes him a fascinating and honorable young man.

Deadly Class airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Syfy.

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