‘Deadly Class’ 1×03 Review: “Snake Pit”

Deadly Class’ “Snake Pit” sees the legacies lose ground and face because of the community that Marcus, Saya, Willie, Maria, and the rest of the “Rats” make up. These losers, these outsiders, are family in a way that none of the legacies can even try to understand. These “Rats” they were initially forced together. But in this episode, they came together and showed their strength, side by side.

So, watch out legacies and all you rich Kings Dominion fools who think they have it all figured out. You don’t, especially when it comes to the “Rats” who you oh so love to embarrass and lie to. They are each others found family and community. And that’s stronger than any legacy!

Maria and Saya aka My Dream Team


I love Maria Gabriela de Faria and Lana Condor, the women behind Maria Salazar and Saya Kuroki. I’ve loved them from the first second they came on screen but I love them even more after “Snake Pit.” Let me explain. So, for the first two episodes of Deadly Class, their relationship was defined by the men around them. Marcus helped define Maria and Saya and what they talked about. And Chico did as well, tying them both down with his bullshit.

“Snake Pit” saw these two women supporting each other, having the others back, and being each other’s person. Chico thinks that that position is his, that Maria fears him enough to never really go after him or set herself free. She’s wrong and a huge part of that has to do with Saya and the community that she represents for Maria.

Yes, Chico was still around during “Snake Pit.” But Maria and Saya spent most of the episode…just being themselves. They got all dressed up, pulled a petty crime together, and then were the cutest goobers ever out on that dance floor. They didn’t let Chico define them, their relationship, and couldn’t really be bothered with the asshole as they were having fun in spite of him.

Personally, I don’t think that Maria is using Saya to infiltrate her community. And even if it started that way, which I think it did because Chico is a piece of shit, I think that Maria told Saya everything. And that honesty, that ability to be raw and unashamed with someone, is what keeps Maria and Saya going, despite the differences in community, growing up, or legacy.

Maria and Saya are the dream team. The family that neither of them ever really had. And it’s the reason they’ll not only survive, but thrive in the crazy that is Kings Dominion.

Being Normal is Overrated


Honestly, I still struggle with this one, especially being a Latina who now takes medicine to help with the fire in my brain, like Maria. I feel for her. I don’t think she’s pulling a trick on Saya to get closer to her. And I really do think that she desires to just be normal; cookie cutter, perfect, and not a flaw in site. That’s perfection where you don’t stand out, knock shit over, or leave impressions in people’s minds that they remember.

And maybe some of us are never meant for that no matter how much we try to be.

I want to normal. I want to disappear into a crowd and not be noticed. I want to be left alone, to blend in, to not be bright and shiny. I want to not be taking medicine, feel like I’m tied down, or trapped like Maria is right now. But it’s not black and white and I am far from normal, no matter how much I try.

Like Maria, I shine. And I don’t mean this in a selfish/grand/woe is me kind of way. I mean it…as a moment of clarity and introspection. Right now, at this moment, I’m ok with shining. My anxieties and the pain in my mind are calm, like the surface of a tranquil lake. And I use this time to try and accept that I’m weird, I’m colorful, I’m alive, and there’s no way I would ever blend into a crowd.

I think Maria is on the cusp of this realization and every step forward in her journey feels like a step forward for my journey. It helps that she has found community in Saya and that things are changing in Kings Dominion from legacies to friendships. But once she realizes everything about herself and how great she is, Chico won’t stand a fucking chance. I can’t wait until that moment comes!

Do Not Let Assholes Rent Space in Your Head


I feel like this title should be spray painted across my forehead, on my walls, and inside my mind. Why? Because sometimes we need reminders that we aren’t what people say we are. We are more. We are better. And we’re all sorts of fucked up and amazing that the haters can’t even reach or touch so they bite and snarl in retaliation.

Personally, I’m reminded of my mother when I think about this title and what happened to Petra. That asshole, I let her rent space in my mind for years. I let what she thought of me cloud my judgement. I let what she felt about me, become how I felt about myself. And I let her twist me about until I couldn’t move without her permission and direction.

And the only reason I got out of that situation, and why Petra did as well, is because of friendships. Community woke me up and tore me away from the destructive hold of my mother and community is what brought our “Rats” together and enlightened Willie about who had his back.

Community makes you better. Community opens your eyes and your heart to new experiences. And community forces out those assholes that tell us we are less, that we can’t do this or that, out of hearts and minds forever. Because they don’t deserve you, they don’t deserve me, and they sure as hell don’t deserve Petra, Willie, Marcus, Saya, Maria, or Billy!

Check out the trailer for next week’s Deadly Class titled “Mirror People”:

Deadly Class airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on SyFy.

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