‘Deadly Class’ 1×07 Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of “Rise Above”

Jealousy, self preservation, and found family are at the heart of Deadly Class‘ “Rise Above.” Master Gao, Master Lin’s sister, is letting the past weigh her down and strip her of any compassion she might still hold because she’s jealous of everything her brother has. Maria is protecting herself from her mind, Chico’s family, and the judging (and concerned) looks from her found family. And Marcus and Saya…well, these two have leveled up their friendship and proved to each other that they have the other’s back no matter what. THat’s what found family is about.

The Good – Marcus and Saya, the Meaning of Trust


Initially, Saya agreed to take on Marcus at Kings Dominion because that’s what Master Lin wanted. Marcus was hand picked by her mentor and there was no way she was going to let him down. NO. WAY. But now, seven episodes into season one of Deadly Class, and things have changed.

Now, Marcus is more than just the guy she got stuck with. Marcus is Saya’s friend and she is his in return. And the entirety of this trust is because of their actions. They could’ve fought against each other and tore the other down. Basically they didn’t owe each other jack shit but still decided to stand side by side or back to back.

When Marcus gave Saya his journal, aka his most prized possession next to the picture of his family, he’s opening up to her and basically saying, “This is me. Warts and all and I’m ok with you seeing this.” And Saya, she’s smart AF. She might not say it or express it in the way you’d expect, but she knew the significance of this.

Could their relationship turn romantic? Absolutely. This is TV we’re talking here. But on the off chance that it doesn’t happen, I’m ok with that too. Their bond is such a special thing and whatever comes next, I’m ok with anything as long as they’re at each other’s side like good friends and found family do.

The Bad – Maria Spiraling on Her Own


Maria is out of control. She is spiraling so hard and so fast that she can’t really see what’s happening to her or how hard she’s falling. She’s just surviving, barely breathing, because she doesn’t know how she’s going to survive the next moment, next day, next week.

The fact that she’s separating herself from Saya and the rest of her friends, makes it all worse. Part of it is for public appearances sake. Can’t have people from different organizations acting all chummy after the disappearance of Chico. Another part of this separation is grounded in her believing that this is what she deserves and that she can handle this on her own.

She’s been a survivor since day one and has fought through and won single trial Chico and his family have thrown at her. Maria didn’t have Saya or the rest of the gang when Maria was surviving the worst of it in the beginning, so her retreat into herself is due in part to that loneliness, resilience, and self sacrifice.

Maria’s mind is also being a pain in the ass. As someone who deals with bipolar disorder every damn day, I see myself reflected in Maria’s wild nature. Her mind is painting a picture of what has happened in the past when she was in trouble, and she’s doubling down on that feeling instead of asking for help.

And we all know it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

The Ugly – Master Gao Finds Out About Master Lin’s Kid


Damn it Master Gao. You really had to go and do this? You really had to go and find out what your brother was hiding? Even worse, finding out and then going out to confront him and subtly threaten Little Lin (that’s what I’m calling Master Lin’s kid)? Really? Girl, you need a life, hobbies, and some self love to help with your everything.

The only purpose I see in this confrontation is control and jealousy. Gao tries to act like she gets along with her brother to a certain extent. But she loathes him with a firey and deadly passion. He got everything that she ever wanted. And this, his kid still being alive while hers is dead? Oh girl, this was the straw that broke the Gao back.

Gao is bidding her time and carefully planning for that moment where she will snap, break free, and truly punish her brother for the world giving him everything she’s ever wanted. Is it fair? Not a chance. Is it absolutely crazy and will probably be the downfall of her? Yes, absolutely!

Jealousy is an ugly look, no matter who you are. And right now, Master Gao has the jealous face down and ready to cause trouble behind the scenes, stir things up in the school, and eventually take her brothers place in EVERY aspect she can. She really is that petty and it shows.

Deadly Class airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Syfy.


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