‘Deadly Class’ 1×05 Review: “Saudade” aka The Trippiest Episode You’ve Ever Seen!

Maria takes a hold of her freedom, Billy seeks the ultimate revenge, and Marcus trips out hard in the highly anticipated episode “Saudade” of Deadly Class. It’s a turning point for all of our faves, a moment in time that will influence their future at Kings Dominion and that grounds them in the reality that they matter to each other more.

Also, if you haven’t yet, please read the comics. This beautiful episode, with all its ups and downs, feels like it came straight off the pages of this comic to show us something truly unforgettable and unique. You won’t regret it. Promise!

So, without further ado, let’s dive into Deadly Class‘ “Saudade”!

Maria’s Liberation is Here


I want to thank Maria the actress and Maria the character for this absolutely brilliant episode. “Saudade” was a declaration to all that A) Maria Gabriela is a stand out actress and that B) Maria Salazar is done being under her captors thumb. Maria has wanted her freedom for so long, feared it for ages, and in a desperate moment where she had to choose friends/family over Chico, she chose the former.

Maria chose her freedom.

Before finishing Chico, Maria laid it all out. She used her voice to tell Chico what loving him, being around him, and being “saved” by his family has done to her. And it was liberating AF. Yes, Maria is a bit of a hot mess and she’ll continue to be so in next episode. But this action, this liberation, is one step closer to Maria facing the woman she is today, warts and all. It’s at the bottom that she can start working on building herself back up and defining who she is by her own terms.

I feel for Maria. I feel her struggle, her perseverance, and her ability to keep going, even if it’s little by little. And believe it or not, I see myself in Maria. I know what it means to love someone who hurts you and that you absolutely loathe. I know what it feels like to break free from it, the guilt that follows, and the garbage dump of a fire that our lives can become after freeing ourselves.

I picked myself back up and am stronger than ever before. The same will happen to Maria. But we’ve got to get through the messy bits first. I’m down. Are you?

Billy Needs to Be Protected at All Costs


“Saudade” was pivotal for Billy. He’s been carrying all this pain and heartache by himself because of his father and the separation that was forced upon him when he was shipped off to Kings Dominion. But now, he’s not alone anymore and he has people around him to help him carry the weight of it all and that he would go to bat for when things get rough or when people like Chico come at you.

Billy stepped up to Chico, something I think he wouldn’t see himself doing ever, for Marcus. And it wasn’t because he felt indebted to Marcus for helping him kill the spineless monster that was his father. Billy helped Marcus because he understands that this young man is his friend. In a cut throat place like Kings Dominion, true friendship is rare and hard to find. But Billy, he’s found it in Marcus, Maria, Saya, and Willie.

Special shoutout to Liam James for his amazing acting during the passing of his father. It was supreme acting that turned me into a blubbering mess. Billy didn’t deserve any of this and it breaks my heart that as his father lay dying, Billy questioned why it had gotten to this point. His words and his tears spoke of a young boy who loved his abuser but knew that things had to change. And Liam James made me see every little bit of that, ultimately leading me to want to protect Billy from the world!

Marcus, You Were Tripping HARDDDDD!


Dear Lord, where do I even start with this episode?

First off, it’s a trippy AF masterpiece. From the mountains and their digital conscience to the first couple minutes riding down the Las Vegas strip. All of it was a kaleidoscope of color, wonder, and the fabulous art of what I assume is countless artists that came together to bring this comic goodness to our screens.

This attention to detail by Deadly Class made it so I felt like I was in Marcus’ shoes and like I was experiencing the world from his eyes. I’ve never felt that way before when a character is tripping on drugs. It’s ugly shocker moment hallucinations that make you cringe at the character on screen. Deadly Class went the opposite way and gave me an experience that felt grounded in reality in spite of their fantastical elements.

Marcus tripping out and the beautiful/off the walls adventure that they have on “Saudade” wouldn’t be possible without Benjamin Wadsworth. He’s got this ability to shift between high as a kite to cool, calm, and collected. It makes for a character that understands that they are high and that they could possibly hurt or change the world because of it. Marcus is self aware in “Saudade.” This small facet of Marcus’ makes for a young man thinking beyond this night, this moment, this high.

For that, I love “Saudade” even more. I’ve gotten a clearer picture of who Marcus is in the way that stood by these people, even when he was high, and especially when he helped Billy and fought with him. I’m invested, need more, and can’t wait what is coming next for this young man and how he handles it!

Favorite Scene from “Saudade”:

No matter what comes next, these two are the real love story of Deadly Class. They are each others family and the reason why they keep fighting to survive at Kings Dominion. This scene in particular, came straight out of the pages of the Deadly Class comic. And it matters so damn much because you don’t get to see young women doing what they want, when they want, and with whomever they want THAT DOESN’T INVOLVE MEN! This is girl to girl, best friends forever, kind of action that we need to see more of!


Check out the trailer for next week’s Deadly Class titled “Stigmata Martyr”:

Deadly Class airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Syfy.

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