Why You Should Be Watching ‘Sorry For Your Loss’

Did you know that Facebook offers original streaming content? I know, Facebook has become such an evil in our society lately, and we all collectively want nothing to do with it, which is probably not many knew that Facebook Watch, which launched in August 2017, has some really good shows. They offer a variety of content including dramas, comedies, docu-series, reality shows, game shows, and news programs.

While they have tons of options, I’m here to highlight their show Sorry For Your Loss. It premiered September 18, 2018 and I was immediately hooked. It tells the story of Leigh Shaw (Elizabeth Olsen), who has recently lost her husband, Matt (Mamoudou Athie), and it goes into how she deals with his death. The first season is up and the show was renewed for a second season, which will premiere in December.

So you don’t have to suffer about whether you’re getting more or not!

Now, here’s why you should be watching this show:

  • It’s a moving portrayal of grief, and how it affects everyone in that person’s life.
  • We are immediately thrown into the aftermath with Leigh, now living with her mother and adopted sister, and away from her job as an advice columnist. We see her attending grief counseling, working at her mother’s boutique dance studio, lashing out at her family, and trying to put her life back together, even if she knows she’ll never be whole again. There’s also a little mystery, as we don’t initially know how Matt died. This leads to uncomfortable conversations and tear-jerking moments. There is additional drama because Leigh and Matt’s brother Danny (Jovan Adepo) do not get along, and it’s like they constantly blame each other for his death.
  • The cast is incredible.
  • Elizabeth Olsen is great in pretty much anything, and she is outstanding in this show. Every emotion Leigh feels is written all over her face, and you can feel it just as hard. And when they flash back to her memories with Matt, the contrast is heartbreaking. It looks like she had so much life when he was around. Her mother is played by Janet McTeer, who is brilliant. McTeer is always a force in any production and she plays a really great mom to two very different daughters. On top of her son-in-law’s death, she is a struggling businesswoman, and has her own issues to deal with but manages to keep everything in stride. There’s also Kelly Marie Tran as Leigh’s sister, Jules, who is newly sober. There is a lot of resentment regarding that, but it was interesting to see how it tied into everything else. And this is only Tran’s second major role! I adore her and she holds her own around everyone else in this cast (much like she did in The Last Jedi). Olsen and Tran truly act like sisters, which is lovely. Mamoudou Athie as Matt is such a quiet actor, but you understand his struggles and why Leigh loves him so much. Adepo’s Danny definitely has a stronger personality, but everything he does is motivated by brotherly love.
  • There is also ample conversations about mental health and addiction.
  • One of the things you learn as the season progresses is that Matt suffered from depression, and was taking medication. There are moments where it seems like Leigh didn’t understand his depression and tried to force him to do things he wasn’t comfortable with. And that happens in real life. For all the discussion around mental illness, there is still room for improvement for everyone who doesn’t suffer. As for addiction, Jules used to be a party girl and was regularly using drugs and alcohol. She made the decision to get sober before the series began, but there are a few flashbacks that show how out of control she was. Her new sober life is treated with just as much respect as the grief Leigh is dealing with.
  • There’s no additional charge or anything.
  • All you need is a Facebook account! In this cord-cutting world, free is always appreciated.

Sorry for Your Loss is Available to stream on Facebook Watch.

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