‘Deadly Class’ 1×01 Review: Reagan Youth, Assassins, and A New Life

Syfy’s Deadly Class is a vivid portrayal of survival with a protagonist supported by a cast that is just as important as him. Every person is a complex amalgamation of the world they inhabit, the circumstances they find themselves in, and the dreams & goals they want to achieve. They aren’t two dimensional, forgettable, or weak. They are survivors in an unexpected home with an unexpected amount of lessons being taught to them. And it’s fucking brilliant from start to end!

So without further ado, let’s dive into Deadly Class’ “Reagan Youth”!

Marcus Lopez aka The Most Interesting Character I’ve Seen in Ages


Let’s be honest, a character like Marcus Lopez would’ve died ages ago. Why? Because TV has taught us that young men like him aren’t real and if they are around when a story is being told, then they end up dead, asap. But lo and behold, Marcus Lopez survives and thrives in Deadly Class.

Marcus is determined, vicious, hardworking. But he is also lonely, broken, touch starved, and hungry for any sort of human interaction or connection. He’s a mesh of feelings, emotions, and attitudes that make him feel real and which TV and movies are often afraid to include in the stories they tell. Especially when writing male characters because we can’t have men showing emotions besides brooding, right? Wrong.

This young man, on this show and on this network, is bringing something new and something fresh to viewers. He’s proof that you can be strong but also be gentle, you can fierce but also in pain. You can be a multitude of things despite what you’ve learned on TV, movies, or your daily life about what it means to be a man or a person. And that right there makes the whole show worthwhile.

Fuck your gender norms or your stereotypes. Marcus doesn’t have time for them.

Hot Damn, I Love This World Created on Deadly Class


There is so much to unpack when it comes to Kings Dominion and the world created in Deadly Class. I love the fact that there are different organizations that send their kids to be trained in the art of murder. I love that there are rules and laws that you can’t break unless you want to be kicked out. And I love how Deadly Class feels like an amalgamation of the world via 80’s day Reagan.

We have tons to unpack in this story and we’ve only just grazed the surface of a complicated world grounded in assassinations, compromise, and learning how to be deadly. I’m ready, willing, and so damn excited to learn everything and anything I can about Master Lin, Marcus, Saya, and even the bull headed Chico.

That’s what happens when you have good writing, intriguing characters, and a visually stunning world, people want to come back & people want more. I’m one of those people. I want more and I know that this show is going to deliver and give me more than I or you ever expected. Which brings me to my most important side note when it comes to this review.

Read the comics.

Deadly Class and all of it issues are on sale in this months Humble Bundle. Link HERE. Broke and have no money? They’re also available at your local library! Print editions are available and if you’re lucky, your library might have a membership with Hoopla. This app for iOS and Android, has ALL THE COMICS for Deadly Class. I’m suggesting you read them so you can better appreciate the style of the comics and how it’s being brought to life. Because trust me, it’s weird. It’s so different and out there that I was afraid that SyFy wouldn’t be able to bring all this oddity to our screens.

Spoiler alert, they were able and they absolutely did bring Deadly Class to life in the best possible way!

Saya Kuroki and Maria Salazar aka My POC Dreamboats


During a screening of the first episode of Deadly Class at The Wing, Lana Condor said, “Something that we both (her and Maria Gabriela) share is that we weren’t seeing women that look like us in roles that broke stereotypes AND honored tradition.” And it’s true. You don’t see women who break stereotypes by being more than the vixen, the vulnerable woman, the villain, the mother, or the bad girl.

Saya Kuroki and Maria Salazar are none of these. They are people simply trying to survive in a world where every moment is full of struggle and strife. They are calculating, immovable, and vulnerable all in one. Maria fears the position she’s in and the ones that surround her, pretending to care for her. And Saya is curious, patient, and throwing her heart and mind into everything that she does.

As for tradition, these women wear their heritage like a badge. Maria wore her Day of the Dead makeup while undercover because it’s a part of who she is rather than just a disguise. Her big hair, hoop earrings, and red lipstick aren’t used as an oversimplified representation of who Maria is as a Latina. They are part of her, her culture, and her family. Same thing goes for Saya. Her makeup, skills, and even her tattoos are a piece of her heritage etched on her very skin.

We’re just at the beginning of Saya and Maria’s journey. There’s plenty of adventures that they will go on, times where they will stumble and fall, and a multitude of problems being thrown their way that they will have to solve. But if the way they’ve initially built these women is an indication of what is to come, then we are excited, over the moon, and ready for more of this Latinx woman and her Asian counterpart.

Favorite Moment from “Reagan Youth”:

Is this my new ship?! Hmmm. But I do love Saya and Maria, together! Decisions!


Deadly Class airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Syfy.

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