‘Brooklyn 99’ Renewed for Season 7

Well, apparently, this isn’t truly the Bad Place, even if we’re still not close to forgiving NBC for cancelling Timeless. But then again, that’s like asking for the impossible. We’re always going to be a little upset about that.

*insert side-eye*

But this time, the peacock network has done something right! Brooklyn 99 has been renewed for a seventh season. It will be the second season of the show to air on NBC, with the first 5 having aired on FOX, which cancelled the show and broke fans hearts after season 5, before NBC swooped in and saved the NINE-NINE.

EW first reported the news, and the cast has reacted on twitter with glee.



Here’s a video of the cast getting the news which absolutely did not give us feelings, no, we’re okay.

So, just for today, we’re going to be happy at you, NBC. Tomorrow we’ll go back to side-eyeing you. Are you happy to hear the news? Share with us in the comments below! Brooklyn 99 airs Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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