Movies We Can Watch on an Endless Loop

That part of your mattress that has become a mold in the very shape of your body, your stretched out yoga pants or university sweats, your go to snack-you know, the life comforts that call your name? What’s a girl to do when she can’t let go of Mr. Darcy’s professions of love, or stop laughing at Craig and Smokey on a Friday? Nothing except give in, right?

Here, we’ll share some of the movies we adore and aren’t ashamed to say we’ve watched over and over, cried to, laughed at hysterically, and probably recited lines right alongside our favorite characters to. We’re pretty sure you’ll agree with some of these and agree to disagree with others, but what the hell – check out our love list anyway!

Pride and Prejudice


Do we really need to say anything here? I mean, the GIF sums it all up nicely. While this love story has been tried and tried again, it was done to perfection in the 2005 theatrical version. Keira Knightley and Matthew McFayden play the seemingly odd couple of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy in such a magical way that it’s hard to look away. Mr. Darcy’s final profession of love and the small stutter at the end meant to portray his nerves are enough to give any romantic at heart the chills. Whenever this period drama graces the screen, we are right there to root for our centuries old soul mates.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Yep. A Marvel movie made this list! Steve Rogers is the best friend everybody wishes they had. The one who will come looking for you even when you don’t know you’re lost. This re-watch favorite has all the movie magic you could ask for. Action, humor, drama (the real world kind- hello New World Order), angst, and yes even that thing we fans here at Fangirlish tend to talk about sometimes: ships, baby! I know, I know, Romanoff and Rogers aren’t a thing in the movies. She’s boo”d up with Banner. Huge eye roll. But it’s pretty hard to deny the chemistry those two were giving off. Such a flawless movie can be given a pass for this slight mistake.



This is a throw throw back that never gets old and does the phrase less is more great justice. Shot on a paltry budget, this neighborhood comedy tackles ridiculous hi-jinx and more serious subject matter all at the same time. Giving us the phenomenon known as “Bye Felicia,” introducing the greater world to Chris Tucker, and forever associating the infamous Jaws music with the looming threat of a beat down instead of a shark, Friday is a classic to laugh at for the ages.

The Matrix


Admit it. You’ve probably tried the slow motion back bends or some version of them that your body could handle. The sci-fi wonders of The Matrix never cease to amaze. From the time Neo decided which pill to take, to the time he truly discovered he was “the one,” this movie classic has been stuck in our brains; whenever it pops up on the television guide, the play button has to get the push. Did we forget to mention how fine Keanu Reeves was, excuse us, is?

Waiting to Exhale


Best friends. Relationships. Relationships gone sour. Crying with your best friends. Moving on. Did we mention doing a little damage to the belongings of the person who soured the relationship? Yep, Waiting to Exhale has all of that and then some. This girls night classic takes us through all the stages of relationship grief, leaving you with the feeling that with the love of good friends there is always hope on the other side. And who could ever forget the fierceness of Bernie flicking her cigarette? Not us!

The Proposal


Enemies to lovers can be one of the best tropes in romance if done right, and The Proposal definitely does it well. With loads of laughs and chemistry out of this world, Margaret and Andrew’s hate to like evolution was so cute that this movie favorite had to make our endless loop list. Sandra Bullock’s dance number in the woods, her bachelorette stripper, Betty White, Ryan Reynolds’ deadpan humor, and of course Margaret’s realization that she wasn’t the monster she had been pretending to be, are all reasons this movie is one to re-watch as many times as you can stomach.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day


If the first Terminator wasn’t already enough of an idea to scare us, the second one came right along to scare us again and again. We can’t get enough enjoyment out of the ripped return of Sarah Connor. She’s not just a scared wall flower anymore. She has something and someone to protect- her son and the future. Sarah Connor isn’t the only thing about T2 that we love. The liquid terminator or the T-1000 version of the machine that was sent to kill John is cool as hell! Seeing Arnold back in action ain’t so bad, either.

The Princess Bride


Rodents of unusual size, six-fingered men, giants, pirating, and more- this age old story has more than you could imagine. But the premise of course is love.( Revenge is a large driving force of the story too.) The Princess Bride is must see movie magic for any and everyone! It has something for movie goers of all ages to fall in love with and lines that will stick with us for a lifetime. “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”



Umm yes! We love animated movies here too; we don’t discriminate- if it’s top notch, it’s top notch, and Disney’s Ratatouille is just that. With its inspirational message that anyone from any walk of life can be anything they dream to be, and its showcase of beautiful non-traditionally beautiful characters, this feel good movie is one we’d curl up with any day.

A Star is Born


We don’t know this one as well as the others yet, but its well on its way to becoming like that dent in our mattress. Like another one of our favorites on this list, A Star is Born has been remade a few times before this 2018 take on the film. This one has stolen our ears and our hearts with its soundtrack and its stars that light up the screen. You know a movie has captured you when it invades your brain space and doesn’t leave. “Shallow” and “I’ll Never Love Again” are enough to put you into a romantic coma on their own, but watching Ally and Jackson write them together, belt them out on stage, all while trying to make a go of a tragically flawed relationship is heart wrenching, yet you can’t turn away even when you know how it will end.

While many of our great movie loves are far beyond their theatrical hey days, A Star is Born has been re-released on the big screen after its magical Oscar run. You can bottle up the rest of this movie goodness and keep it for life by purchasing DVDs or BLU-RAYs of course, but then there are also the streaming platforms of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu; if you’re a fool like me and haven’t cut the cable cord just yet, there’s On Demand searching when you need your comfort film like right now.

This was just a drop in the bucket of the movies we can’t get enough of.

What movies would make your endless loop list? Which of ours could you do without? Let us know in the comment section below.


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