‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season Review: Our Newest Obsession That Never Failed Us

We’re fully aware that when we fall for a show, we fall hard. Over the years, we’ve been slower at falling on the sword of what shows we’re willing to commit to, because it just seems that when we fall for a show, we fall hard and then it’s taken out from underneath us.

In todays world, few ever watch live television. Streaming services, DVRs, the internet has made it not necessary to sit at home every day of the week and make sure that you don’t miss a moment. But for us – even with the luxury of not having to wait at home for the episodes – we made sure that our asses were firmly planted in front of the television every week to catch Roswell, New Mexico, live.

It’s rare that a reboot out does or stands on the same feet as the original show. And Roswell, New Mexico – well it does neither one of those. It stands on its own.

It’s cast, writers, and showrunner have taken time to make sure that everything is done as perfect as it can be. it is setting a standard all it’s own, refusing to cave into what is expected and instead embracing the possibilities.

That is why Roswell, New Mexico is one of our favorite new shows of the season.

Favorite Episode

Maybe I personally like to torture myself, because I am trying to narrow down my favorite episode to one. For anyone else, I would be able to tell you the filler episode, why it sucked, and how they could have done things differently. I could also tell you what episodes were my favorite and why.

But the thing is – with this first season of Roswell, New Mexico – I can’t. Everything felt essential. Everything shocked me. Everything felt as if I was taken in and grabbed me.

However, if I am narrowing it down to one – it’s going to have to be the season finale, Recovering The Satellites. The synopsis, “Max and Michael find themselves at a dead end with the 4th alien; Liz has a dangerous encounter with an unexpected visitor; Kyle begins to spiral.”

The reason for my love for this episode is that as it began, I was kind of bored. I was thniking to myself, Shit – they are done and they all tapped out. That was only for like the first 10 minutes and then they decided to bombard you with the WTF moments.

The reason that this one is my favorite is I legit could not guess one thing that was happening. There was nothing that I could predict, but it kept me invested. And then that ending – THAT ENDING. I didn’t even know what to say.

Roswell, New Mexico delivered a stellar season with twists and turns. But that season finale was the dream of how all shows should be – unexpected, captivating, and leaving you wanting more. And hit you right in the feels.

Least Favorite Episode

Hmmm… where to even start. It’s hard when you like the episodes so much and then you are left with having to choose your least favorite. But, it would have to be episode #8, “Barely Breathing.”

Look – I know that it was not a bad episode. It was a good one. But I didn’t like the whole healer storyline. Do I get that it was a catalyst for other things that happened? Yes.

I feel like every episode in this season had a purpose and as the pieces weaved together you saw that everything had a purpose.

The healer storyline helped eventually uncover that they weren’t the only ones out there. That there were more aliens. There was so much in this season that looking back – feels like little breadcrumbs to get to where we needed to be. Every piece wove together to create a storyline that was the like putting together pieces of a puzzle.

Favorite Characters

Michael – It’s crazy to me that someone walked onto the screen and the moment he opened his mouth, we were all goners. Michael Vlamis is a one in a million and our hearts swoon over him. The truth is that he’s got that it factor and he may know it, but he sure as hell doesn’t act like he does. That all being said – for us, Michael Guerin was a character that had the most growth this season and we felt every single bit of his pain, happiness, love, and anger. His character evolved on every level throughout the season. He sure as fuck knows some angst too.

Liz – Liz, oh Liz. I go back and forth on this one. I love Liz because she is strong AF, she takes no shit, and she’s loyal to a fault. She is a family person with a heart of gold. But why Liz is one of our favorite characters is that she feels deep. You get to see the complexity of her emotions. You feel for her.

Truth be told part of the gloriousness of Roswell, New Mexico is that you felt for every character. Even if it was hate, dislike, or love – you felt something. And that’s the beauty of everything.

Least Favorite Characters

Rosa – I know that we only got to see a part of Rosa and we haven’t really gotten to know her as a character. I get that. But, what I know of her, I just was annoyed by her. I feel like I will grow to like her more next season as we get to know more about her.

Isobel – I wanted to like her. I really did. I just really don’t feel like we got to know her. Maybe I didn’t like her because she was possessed half the time and therefore we really didn’t get to know her. Maybe I’ll like her more next season. But this season, she annoyed me.

Overall Thoughts

If you were a fan of the original Roswell or if you haven’t seen the original Roswell – Roswell, New Mexico is an absolutely beautiful story. The show is filled with tears, pain, joy, and angst. It’s filled with heart and humor. It’s a show that is about aliens, but not about aliens.

The beauty of Roswell, New Mexico is that they manage to make this a story that anyone can relate to (you know minus the alien possession or living in pods). The show is filled with shock, awe, surprises, and angst. I think that part of the beauty of Roswell, New Mexico is that it writes lines that are relevant to the events that are happening today.

Some have said that it’s making a political statement, but that isn’t what we think. It feels as though they are using the events of the world happening today in order to give us something that we can relate to.

Roswell, New Mexico was a highlight of the season for us and we’re looking forward to Season 2. Especially with that cliffhanger.

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