‘Roswell, New Mexico’ 2×13 Music Guide: “Mr. Jones”

There’s so much to love about Roswell, New Mexico. Whether it’s the fact that every episode fails to disappoint, the complex and diverse characters that populate this realistic world, or the emotional reactions the show forces from us on the weekly.

But perhaps an underrated element of Roswell, New Mexico‘s allure is the soundtrack that guides the story each and every week.

I’ve always made it clear that the eclectic mix of ’90s and modern music breathes unique life into this show. Especially the ’90s music, which pays homage to the original series.

This week’s episode brought us some songs that did a great job setting the mood for the tone of this episode, as well as an amazingly emotional song sung by Tyler Blackburn from Alex to Michael. And we’re still not over it! Another example of how music is an integral part to conveying the emotion of a scene.

Let’s take a look at the music that appeared in Roswell, New Mexico‘s season 2 finale, “Mr. Jones.”

“Time” by Hootie & the Blowfish

“Leave Her Wild” by Tyler Rich

“Frankie and Johnny” by Gloria Hart, Art Kassel, Kassel In The Air Orchestra

“Legend” by The Score

“Rhythm of a Memory” by May Bryom

“Would You Come Home” by Tyler Blackburn

“The Echo & the Shadow” by The Well Pennies

“Dark Side” by Cece and the Dark Hearts, AG

Roswell, New Mexico will return for season 3 on The CW.

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