Starz Renews ‘Vida’ for Season 3

Thank you, Starz. Thank you for this message. Because, in this moment in time, this feels like more than an acknowledgment that Vida is a hell of a good show – which trust us, it is – and more like someone finally putting their money where their mouth is and betting on diverse content.

And for someone who felt seen by every second of Vida, this means the world.

We’re already lost too much lately, from Timeless, to Sweet/Vicious, without forgetting Pitch and One Day At A Time. We’re fragile. We’re scared. And we are especially both when it comes to female led/diverse content, because those always seem to be the first shows to get cancelled.

But this time, the odds were in our favor. So, yay, rejoice with me because we’re getting a season 3!

The first two episodes of the second season of Vida aired last Sunday on Starz, but the entirety of season 2 – 10 episodes in total – has been available through the Starz app and Starz OnDemand since May 23rd.

“It is a rarity in television today to have a series earn this level of critical praise for two consecutive seasons and spark cultural conversation in the way that ‘Vida’ has,” said Starz COO Jeffrey Hirsch, as quoted by Variety. “We are proud to continue to tell this story with Tanya and the incredible cast and crew she has assembled.”

Yeah, tears. Literal tears. But happy tears, for once. Is this a positive sign for what’s to come or maybe just a sign that we should really be investing in Starz? I have no problem with the second one, but I really wish, for all of us, that the first one could be true.

In the meantime, if you haven’t, go check out Vida and feel all the things with us. The story doesn’t end here!

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