‘Grown-ish’ 2×18 Review: “Nice For What”

Finally, everyone has stopped being polite, and started being REAL in this week’s Grown-ish. This week Zoey, Nomi and Ana dig deep into their existing relationships or non-existent if we are talking about Ana and Aaron, and figure out what each of them really wants or is getting out of the deal. Turns out, in Nomi’s case, not a whole lot, she is hidden away because she is 19 and dating her professor. Ana and Aaron are slumber party buddies and we all know it won’t end well for Ana no matter how many times she says she’s FINE.  Zoey and Luca seem to be the old married couple of the group, but we know what happens to old married couples, right? Read on for more of my thoughts on this weeks Grown-ish.

Nomi has been spending a lot to time with her professor and I’ve said this from the jump guys, Nomi you’re gonna get your heart broken sweetheart! And guess what? SHE DID! And I hurt for her, I never thought her and the professor would lead to anything also it was mad weird. I don’t care if the professor made her proud to be a lesbian and helped her come out to her parents, she had Nomi sneaking around campus to be with her and Nomi wasn’t allowed to tell anyone about their relationship. The professor even told her that she couldn’t trust Nomi. RUDE. That sounds like a side chick to me. Zoey was first to put that nonsense on blast and I was proud of her too because she is totally being more observant now of her friends and their lives instead of just her own. Zoey tells both her and Ana ” I don’t know what is more fake right now, these vegan eggs or you two pretending your fine.” BOOM!

Nomi doesn’t let Zoey off the hook so easy however, and tells her that Luca calls all the shots in their relationship. Luca decides where they eat, what they eat, and how they spend their time. Zoey just goes along with it and never has an opinion even when it’s something she most definitely isn’t’ feeling. Case and point, Zoey sold some of her things on E-bay, made some extra money and now she wants to go out with Luca to celebrate. Zoey is all, lets go have some margarita’s and chips and salsa and sit on a sun drenched patio! Hell, if I was there, I would have been soooo down. But Luca? Nah. He all, lets order in sushi, watch animal documentaries and cuddle. He even goes to change into his “cuddle kimono” WTF? That’s a real thing? Blank stare. Luca is starting to wear on me, even though I get his whole introvert vibe. When Zoey asks why he doesn’t want to go out, Luca responds with “Mars is in retrograde right now and I can’t risk running into a Sagittarius”. LMAO. SAME, Luca, SAME. Then Zoey does something I didn’t expect her to do, she decides that she WANTS to go out and that it’s fine if Luca wants to stay in, she’s cool with that, they don’t have to want the same things all the time. Luca says he’ll go if she really wants him to, and Zoey says no, she’s alright  hanging out by herself. Good job Zoey!

Ana and Aaron, were a train wreck waiting to happen, first of all they were never in a relationship, BUT they still sleep together and hang out. Aaron doesn’t want to hurt Ana, but he doesn’t want to claim her either. You know what upset me the most for Ana? When she called him out on not wanting to be in a relationship with her but last year he wanted to be in a relationship with Zoey, but Zoey chose Luca over him. DAMN. Aaron leaves, and later texts Ana to check on her, but she tells him she needs some s p a c e from him and then promptly blocks his number. Baby steps Ana. Nomi runs into Zoey at the local pub where she’s having her margarita and chips, Zoey tells her she’s trying this new thing, and it’s called doing what SHE wants, even if Luca doesn’t want to. See guys, EVERYONE is growing… Awwww I love it. Nomi broke my heart when she laments to Zoey that her heart is hurting and she wanted nothing more than to please the professor and to be LOVED. Nomi, this was a crash course lesson in toxic relationship drama right here, but you have come out on the other side and I’m proud of you. You stood up for yourself and you didn’t get sucked back in. Well done, you deserve someone who isn’t ashamed to walk across campus with you, preferably someone your own age too. Zoey and Nomi promise to never compromise their own happiness for someone else’s. I’m proud of them and hopefully they can get Ana on board too, because home girl needs an intervention.

Grown-ish airs Wednesdays at 8/7CST on Freeform.

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