‘Supernatural’ SDCC Interviews: Jared Padalecki Talks The Ending He Wants for Sam Winchester

We got a chance to talk with Jared Padalecki about the ending of Supernatural, being pleased as pie about it, and how he ultimately wants the Winchesters to have peace at the end of the day.

With how vocal Padalecki has been about his ultimate ending being Sam and Dean dying, he clarified that, “What I was hoping for them, but not putting the words, is that I wanted them to have some version of peace.”

According to Padalecki, Supernatural and it’s ending is in a unique position because it’s already been planned before the series has been shot. And he stated that, “if the series ends the way we all discussed I will be pleased as pie. If it changes, then so be it.”

Ackles, his partner on Supernatural seemed surprisingly at odds with Padalecki and his being ok with the ending.  “I thought it was brilliant. I think he [Jensen] was more concerned about the semantics of it. Jensen came around. It’s more the way we got to where we were going, I think that maybe was a concern of his.”

So prepare yourself Supernatural fandom. Prepare because Padecki loved this ending and the feels are coming for us!

To hear more about Jared Padalecki talking about the end of Supernatural and Uncle Jensen killing his wife, watch our SDCC interview below!


Supernatural returns to The CW this Fall.

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