‘Pearson’ 1×07 Review: The Biggest, Baddest Operator Around

Pearson turns a definite corner in “The Immigration Lawyer,” not in regards to Jessica – the only part of the show that’s always worked – or even in regards to other characters, who sometimes work by themselves, but almost always work in relation to Jessica, but in general, in the vibe, in the feel …in the idea that this show, carried or not by Jessica Pearson, can actually be a thing we care about, not just because we care about the main character.

It turns a corner because it cares, because – even though a bit too late – it finally delves into the mystery of the season, a mystery that always had to do with Nick, Pat and, of course, Bobby. And it turns a corner because it allows other characters to shine, even outside of Jessica.

Now, of course, this will all come back to our main character: Yoli, Nick and Bobby’s issues, Keri, even her family’s troubles. But we shouldn’t need Jessica in every scene for us to feel things, and the past two episodes, but this one in particular, are the first times we actually feel like that’s true.

A lot of the credit for that goes to Yoli and Derrick, always two of the most interesting characters around, and the only ones who’ve managed to create a dynamic separate from Jessica that we care about.

What are they? Are they attracted to each other? The answer seems to be obviously yes, but it isn’t in the easy teenager way, or even in the adult we-met-at-a-social-setting-so-I-know-how-to-express-that-I-just-like-you, but in the very real and awkward way you like someone you work with, and that’s complicated, and weird, but also familiar and good, because you still have to spend a lot of time with that person, so it’s good that you like them.

Now, as someone who’s watched a lot of TV, I can say the payoff for a relationship like that takes a hell of a lot of time. Don’t expect to see it in season 1.

You know what I do expect in season 1, though? Some answers about the Nick, Pat and Bobby thing. Because Nick seems to be the only one suffering from a guilty conscience around, but he isn’t the only one who should, I’m sure. At times I think he’s covering for Bobby, maybe because there’s something so earnest about the way Simon Kassianides plays Nick, that I just can’t buy that he’s the bad guy, no matter how many people tell me.

Or maybe it’s just that I like the chemistry between Jessica and Nick too much to give up on it, Jeff be damned.

Yeah, I had to sneak a devil pun in regards to D.B Woodside’s characters. D.B himself would have been ashamed of me if I hadn’t.

In the end, though, all these story-lines, and whatever mess Angela manages to get into now, end up converging in one person: Jessica Pearson, who, Derrick is right, is the biggest, baddest operator around. Now, Derrick didn’t say it like a compliment, but is it a bad thing?

Or maybe we’ve just been taught to believe it is. Maybe Jessica can use her powers for good. That is, after all, why she’s here.

And maybe, just maybe …that means she can help these people that are now, for the first time, closer to feeling like the kind of makeshift family Suits has always felt like. When that happens, when Pearson finally manages that feeling, then the rest will make more sense, and they will all be happy to have Jessica on their side.

I can promise that.

Things I think I think:

  • Well, Bobby’s courage hasn’t deserted him yet. Color me surprised.
  • Let’s see if it lasts till the finale.
  • I still find Nick super-hot, what can I say?
  • Also, I trust the Nick who told Jessica he wouldn’t harm her. I just do.
  • Overconfident Bobby is almost worse than down in the dumps Bobby, and I didn’t even like the other version to begin with.
  • Have I mentioned I just don’t like Bobby? Because I think I’ve been very stealth with my feelings, and I just have to express them out loud again, in case you didn’t know.
  • No, Derrick, Jessica being the biggest, baddest operator around isn’t really a bad thing. Trust me on this.
  • Your pride isn’t as important as saving mami.
  • Fuck that lawyer.
  • Fuck him.
  • I knew it as soon as he took less money. I knew it.
  • And it breaks my heart that this happens, and that it always ends up happening in this way with the people who are most vulnerable.
  • Fuck people, actually.
  • Nope, still don’t care about Bobby and Keri.
  • LET
  • ME
  • HELP
  • YOU
  • I’m not even sure I can quantify the chemistry between Jessica and Nick, but it’s there, and I like it.
  • Angela hasn’t always been my favorite character, but this Angela and this Jessica? I can get behind that.
  • Well, Frank, let’s be honest: she earned it, and this is a win for you. Take it and go
  • You don’t even understand how fucking beautiful it is the show not even trying to tame Jessica’s frizzy hair in the rain. THAT’S LIFE.
  • And TV isn’t always good at showing that.
  • Can Nick even smile? Have we ever seen him actually do something more than smirk?

Agree? Disagree? What did you think about “The Immigration Lawyer”? Share with us in the comments below!

Pearson airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on USA Network.


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