Shawn Mendes Launches His Own Foundation

We love celebrities that do good. We love celebrities that use their celebrity for good.

Shawn Mendes is one of those celebrities. The singer/songwriter/all around uber talent has announced the launch of his foundation.

“For a long time, I’ve wanted to find a way to amplify the causes that my fans care deeply about, and to further help them make their voices heard,” he wrote on his Instagram. “Our generation has the power to change the future of our planet, and to help carry that change forward for so many generations to follow.”

Shawn continued, “With that, I’m so excited to announce the launch of @ShawnFoundation, to support causes that are important to my fans and our generation. I will work alongside my fans to help provide them with a platform and the means to give back and take action.”


The foundation already has two campaigns that it is working with. The first being with SickKids in Canada, a Toronto based organization, and REVERB, an environmental nonprofit. The foundation has also raised over $1,000,000 through donations and partnerships.

I think it’s amazing that Shawn is lending his name and celebrity to good. Be sure to donate if you can to the foundation on the website,

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