6 Things We Want to See from Season 6 of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’

And we’re back. Get your wine glass ready, and your make sure you’re not wearing anything white. How to get away with Murder is coming back soon, and with it being the last season, I’m sure that we’ll be in for a lot of jaw dropping moments. We’ve seen the K4 kill, blackmail, cover up and steal so many secrets and maneuver their way out of so many situations… will it finally all catch up to them? Probably. 

What else will happen during the last season? I’m not sure, but here are 6 things I’d like to see in the sixth season of How to Get Away With Murder.

BonBon will be happy

Lets be honest, Bonnie has gotten the pretty shitty end of every stick since season one. With her making heart eyes at the married Sam, to Frank never being completely over Laurel- and lastly to Nate just straight up killing Miller in an intense rage… she hasn’t had the best luck with love. Even when it comes to Annalise, she seems to become a bit of an awkward mouse, skirting around- becoming someone who needs saving. I just want BonBon to happy. Maybe with love. Maybe with Annalise. Maybe just with herself. She deserves it. She really, really does.

The Castillo Family Drama

We saw Annalise take on the Supreme Court- and win. Now I want to see her take on one of the biggest bosses in organized crime. The show has been hinting at how dangerous Laurel’s family since the time of Wes’ death. I want to see Annalise pull up her socks, and get her team working- really working, like the well oiled machine we know they can be- papers scattered everywhere with takeout Chinese on the tables- to get Laurel and her baby back. It would be such a great way to tie up the season. With the biggest threat looming over them, gone.

More Tegan

Now I’m hesitant to say how much more I want of Tegan- because I know what kind of character she is. She’s the character who can do almost anything, and it will still seem plausible; and that’s because I have absolutely no idea where her loyalties lie just yet. She seems like she’s up to something- she always is. So I do want to see more of her. I’m just worried it will be her working against Annalise, rather than for her. Either way, I absolutely adore her character, and love seeing Amirah Vann kill it on screen every single damn time.


He’s a strange guy, who just sort of showed up- and he seems to be an okay guy; I’m just thinking that he won’t stop until he knows the truth about Sam’s murder, and will then have it out for Annalise. The show never really just has one plotline. It’s usually a “work” related issue and a “personal” issue. And I think Gabriel will be personal one. The one thing that could maybe bring him back to the light side is love. Whether that’s Annalise’s love, or Michaela’s- I’m not sure, but I have always kind of rooted for Michaela and Asher. I also think that he could be the son that Annalise never had, and could help tie up the feelings of motherly instinct that Annalise has shown, but could never really act upon.

Who exactly are the Keating 4?

This touches on a larger theme. Family connections and sins for one, and just how complicated the character of Annalise Keating is. I think we’ll be getting a lot of call-backs to the first season- Shonda likes to do that (see Scandal for evidence), but what would be great is to see why Annalise hired every single one of the Keating 4. We know why Wes was hired- guilt. So it would be nice to see why Annalise picked these four kids (specifically Michaela and Conner, since there have been such heavy implications about Annalise knowing their parents before they ever set foot in her class). This will give us insight into Annalise’s motivations, but also some backstory on every other character.

Someone has to take the fall

I mean, the obvious answer here is Annalise. But I don’t think that’s what will happen. I think it’ll be Frank. It’s time. After the betrayal that led to Annalise thinking her baby had died, after all that they have been through, I think he’ll take the blow so that Annalise can finally have live the life she was supposed to. Without the crime, and the guilt and the self-hatred. It would be touching. It would bring many tears – and honestly, it would fit Frank’s character like a glove. 

And there you have it. The six things I’d like to see on How to get away with Murder. What are your conspiracy theories? What do you think should happen? I’ve seen some crazy ones on Reddit! Post in the comment section below, and we’ll all scream on a weekly basis on how wrong we were. Because if there’s one thing I can bet on, its that Shonda knows what she’s doing. 

How to Get Away With Murder returns to ABC Thursday September 26th, at 10/9c.

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