‘Star Trek: Picard’ Unveils Premiere Date At NYCC

We’ve been staying up-to-date with news on the Star Trek: Picard series and we got great news and new footage from Sir Patrick Stewart, himself, at NYCC. The ten-episode series will hit CBS All Access on January 23rs in the U.S.! It’s getting so close! 

Not only did Steward gift us a date but we also got treated to a new trailer and some new images! 

The new trailer gives us a much more in-depth view of what we should expect when the show premieres. We won’t lie and say we didn’t get chills multiple times watching the new footage! CBS shared some of the old faces we’ve been excited to see return like Jonathan Frakes’ Will Riker and Marina Sirtis’ Deanna Troi who have at least one child together. We saw Brent Spiner’s Data as well but we aren’t sure what capacity he’s appearing in since the original Data died in Star Trek: Nemesis

As we suspected, Picard is at his family’s vineyard for his retirement but we now know he’s looking for safety. Unfortunately for Picard, when you’re a legendary Starfleet captain, there is no such thing as hiding from your past. 

The new footage also shared more glimpses of the girl in trouble (Dahj) and Picard’s new crew. We learned that Starfleet would not sanction his mission so he was forced to find another way. The mystery behind Dahj’s (Isa Briones) peril is still unknown but most theories point toward something to do with the Borg.


We’re thrilled to see the old faces but we’re also really excited to see the new players jump into the action. Now that we finally know when Star Trek: Picard, January 23rd feels like it’s right around the corner. What are you most excited to see when the series premieres? 

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