Who Inspired Robert Pattinson’s Voice For The Upcoming ‘The Batman’ Movie?

Robert Pattinson could model his Batman voice after Big Bird and I would still watch. Sure, I would make fun of it, but I would watch it. It is Robert Pattinson after all.

The actor talked about what has inspired his Batman voice and it isn’t what I would have thought of, but it works.

“Willem Dafoe’s voice in The Lighthouse was quite inspiring for it, to be honest,” Robert said in the interview. “It is pretty similar, the voice I’m gonna do, to Willem’s.”

Sorry, running off to remind myself of what Willem’s voice sounds like so I can plan out my alcohol usage while watching Batman. It’s either a lot or a little depending on the sound.

Hey, at least I am being honest.

Are you excited for Robert Pattinson as Batman?

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