Fangirlish End of Year Lists 2022: Best Movie Moments of the Year

The end of the year may be here already, but that just means we can relive the best movie moments of the year for 2022! Read on for our list!

Queerly Not Straight: Bisexual Catwoman is Exactly What We Need in ‘The Batman’

Zoë Kravitz revealed that her Catwoman is bisexual and we need to talk about it in this week’s Queerly Not Straight.

‘The Batman’ Review: Robert Pattinson is Now Our Batman, #SorryNotSorry

Robert Pattinson is now our Batman and there’s no turning back. #SorryNotSorry. Read on for our spoiler free review!

You’ve Convinced Us, ‘The Batman’

Yes, The Batman. You’ve convinced us. You don’t have to keep going so hard. But we won’t really complain about all the promo.

The First Clip From ‘The Batman’ Has Been Released

With everything that we see from #TheBatman we grow to love Robert Pattinson as the caped crusader even more.

See The Latest Released Still From ‘The Batman’

We’re counting down the days to March 4th & Robert Pattinson as Batman.

Here’s What the Internet Thinks About ‘The Batman’s Robert Pattinson & Zoë Kravitz Playing the Iconic Duo

The internet is all over Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz’s Batman and Catwoman in the latest ‘The Batman’ trailer.

5 Unforgettable DC FanDome Trailers and More

From Robert Pattinson’s ‘The Batman’ to the ‘Supergirl’ farewell tribute, here are our favorite trailers and more from the DC FanDome event!

DC Fandome Shares The First Trailer For ‘The Batman’ And We Are ALL IN

DC Fandome Shares The First Trailer For ‘The Batman’ And We Are ALL IN

‘The Batman’ Returning To Production This September

Another day, another movie returning to production. Another set of mixed feelings about the whole thing.

DC FanDome Schedule: 21 panels to watch

We’re just one week away from the DC mega-event known as DC FanDome, which will feature an array of panels covering our favorite DC movies and television shows.

Zoe Kravitz Talks About Robert Pattinson’s Casting In ‘The Batman’

Do I normally care about Batman? No. Not unless it’s to tell the world that I want to understand how anyone ever thought that Ben Affleck would make a good Batman. Cause that shit was bad choices on every level.…

Zoe Kravitz Talks About Working With Robert Pattinson on ‘The Batman’

Batman. I guess the thing about Robert Pattinson is that being a die hard Twilight fan will make me think only the best of him in anything. I will look forward to seeing any role that he plays. Except that…

‘The Batman’ Movie Casting Updates And Why We’re Excited

The Batman keeps getting more and more interesting. Matt Reeves ‘The Batman’ has found its Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon, and The Riddler.  We here at Fangirlish have been closely following the casting.  Here are the latest cast members heading to Gotham City.…

Who Inspired Robert Pattinson’s Voice For The Upcoming ‘The Batman’ Movie?

Robert Pattinson could model his Batman voice after Big Bird and I would still watch. Sure, I would make fun of it, but I would watch it. It is Robert Pattinson after all. The actor talked about what has inspired…

Fandoms Collide: Zoe Kravitz Joins ‘The Batman’

I would hate to be a casting director. Now don’t get me wrong, I love movies and television, but I am not one to actually see people in roles until they are there. Sure, I don’t agree with every casting…

Jeffrey Wright Is Heading To Gotham City

If we’re being honest, we’re going to be 100% Batman because Robert Pattinson. And well, everything leads back to Twilight, including us. That’s how we started out. But how else we started out, well that would be The Hunger Games.…