EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Sam Littlefield Talks Mouse and ‘Batwoman’

We got a chance to speak with Sam Littlefield about his time on Batwoman and his upcoming and mysterious character Mouse. (Yes, everything is Alice in Wonderland themed when you work with Alice.) From working on a historical show when it comes to queer representation to his connections with the Dormouse from Alice in Wonderland, here are 5 things we learned from Sam Littlefield in our exclusive interview!

1. On who Mouse is:

“Mouse is a member of the Wonderland gang. He works with the character Alice, who is basically the big bad in Gotham and related to Kate Kane, our Batwoman.”

2. On Mouses ties to Alice in Wonderland:

“I’ll say there are definitely some very strong ties with Wonderland as a whole. And yes there is a kind of connection between Mouse and Alice from Alice in Wonderland.”

3. On working on such a positively queer show full of talented female actors:

“It’s fantastic. I feel like we are part of making television history. This is the first queer superhero on television.* And when you think about gay kids growing up who are able to watch television and see some positive imagery reflected back at them about who they are and who they can be.”

* Batwoman is not the first queer superhero on television.

4. On working with Rachel Skarsten aka Alice:

“It’s so fantastic. Rachel, I came into the series a little bit later and Rachel really welcomed me with such open arms. And seeing her give such a bold and confident performance kind of has given me space to create my own character and most of my scenes are with Rachel and she’s just such a great challenger in so many ways. And in the most positive way, we’re just able to play with one another. We have a really great time.”

5. On what he hopes people take away from Mouse:

“Well, he’s a very dynamic character. I think that…I imagine that people are going to have some conflicting perspectives on him. Hopefully they really enjoy him. That’s my main thing that I hope people take away from him is that he’s an enjoyable character that people are looking forward to tuning in and seeing what he does. Because he really does so much. He’s a very fascinating character.”

Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/9c on The CW.

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