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First ‘Black Widow’ Trailer Released and We Still Have Mixed Feelings

This was a long time coming. So long, in fact, that at this point, we’re not even sure how we feel about the fact that we’re finally getting a Black Widow movie.

We asked for it for ages. We wanted it for ages. We kept getting movie after movie featuring male Avengers, and yet we had to wait so long for a female-led movie in Captain Marvel. In fact, it almost seems like Marvel only took the plunge because DC’s Wonder Woman did so well.

And, then, Captain Marvel took over the world, because guess what, women WILL watch female-superheroes. And surprise surprise, men will too.

So, for Marvel, it all clicked. Now was the time to give us that long awaited Black Widow movie!

Just a couple of problems with that: They literally KILLED Black Widow in Avengers: Endgame, and her storyline ended pretty as messily as it had developed – with the fact that she couldn’t have kids being the thing that doomed her. Clint was a father, after all, so more worthy of saving.

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What else was a problem? Hmm, let me think? Oh, yes, the fact that at this point, we want nothing to do with Scarlett Johansson and her ‘I can play anyone while defending Woody Allen‘ attitude. So, while I would have wholeheartedly supported this movie a few years ago, and while a part of me still wants to go see it just so they don’t say, see, women didn’t actually want to go watch a female-led superhero movie, they just wanted to watch Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman, I’m just not sure.

And I hate that I am here.

But, while I sorta out my internal issues with this film, you can still check out the trailer and try to decide how you feel about the movie that we wanted for so long, and now aren’t sure we care about:

Marvel Studios’ Black Widow is scheduled for release on May 1, 2020.

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