‘Nancy Drew’ 1×09 Review: “The Hidden Staircase”

Hello Nancy Drew fans! This is the fall finale for the CW’s newest breakout show and I’m sad about it. What will I watch on Wednesdays now? Sigh. I will say that it was a nice ending to a great first half of the season. There was a jaw dropping moment at the end and a twist I always saw coming, because as I’ve said before me and Nancy have the same brain and I’m just as suspicious as she is. With Ted missing/kidnapped, Bess trying to bond with her long lost family and Nancy re-working an old case we have a lot to unpack. So, lets get right to it, read on for my review of Nancy Drew.

Kidnappers, Broken Ribs, and Ghosts, Oh My! 

So when Nancy was 12 she solved a cold case involving a missing girl, around the same age as Ted. Turns out, even though the kidnapper was arrested, he was really working for an evil spirit he nicknamed Simon. This guy, is still alive and locked up in jail, thanks to Nancy, but he’s a total psychopath.  The guys tells her that Simon recruits delusional crazy adults into kidnapping children, and feeding him their souls, in exchange for the adults biggest wish. Sorta like a Jinn and we all know how evil Jinn’s are, it never works out in the humans favor…

Unfortunately, Simon has a new follower named Moira, and she is the one who kidnapped poor Ted, and she plans on feeding her to Simon. Thankfully, Nancy is smarter than most adults on this show, and saves Ted with the help of Georgia and Nick. Nancy starts tearing down Simon’s alter thereby freeing Ted, but pissing the evil spirit off even more. Oh Nancy! When will you learn, that you live on a Hellmouth and you can’t just tear up shit and think that will make the evil spirits go away.

Please, for the love of Sunnydale go and watch Buffy, so that next time you will be prepared!

Ace Wakes up, and Bess Finds her long lost family

Guys, I know this was the B-storyline of the night BUT, it is still worth noting. Bess, finally said something about her heritage to Owen who was weirdly happy and offered to take a DNA test. Hopefully Bess turns out to be related to the Marvin’s and they are not evil or crazy or both. Fingers crossed. I love Bess.

Ace finally wakes up from his coma, I think something is off about him. He almost died, traveled to the spirit world, came back and now he’s weird; just like Will on Stranger Things. Is he possessed by a spirit? Maybe. I guess the writers were having a hard time figuring out what to do with his character now that everyone knows his back story and why he was helping the police. Wait, if Ace is awake does this mean that Laura died? Hopefully after the break, Ace can answer some questions for Nancy and I pray he’s really Ace and not some spirit hitchhiker.

Nancy’s Dad Murdered Dead Lucy!

Well, at least it seems that way, according to Karen, per Nancy’s diary. What the actual fuck Karen! Why are you reading Nancy’s diary? How are you, the cop, getting your clues and evidence from a 19 year old’s diary!  Guys, seriously, the cops in this town are idiots.  Karen tells Nancy that they found her dads fingerprints on a knife at the scene of Lucy’s death, which was how he was arrested. Apparently Karen’s been leading this super secret under cover investigation about Nancy’s dad.

I think, Karen might be framing Nancy’s dad. I can’t be 100%  sure, because he certainly never said he didn’t do it, while they were dragging him away in handcuffs, but he had no motive either, and Karen did. Dead Lucy and Karen were BFF’s until a month before she died. What happened? I know Karen is lying, but then again, Dead Lucy is haunting Nancy’s house and her dad did have her bloody dress hidden in the attic. All fingers point to him, but I just feel that it’s too easy, and if he did kill her, someone helped him pull it off, he didn’t act alone.

Nancy will have to find out who’s lying and who killed Dead Lucy, when the show returns sometime next year. Until then go and re-watch the first half of season one now!

Nancy Drew airs at 9/8c on the CW.

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