Christmas Movie Roundtable Pt. 2

Welcome to our Christmas movie roundtable part 2. We once again are talking about new Christmas movies we loved and hated, so you can have a better idea what to watch and what to skip:.

Joining me this week are Erin, Lacey and Lizzie.


Check Inn to Christmas. I FINALLY got a Hallmark movie that I loved.  I might be a little biased because part of it was filmed close to where I grew up. However, it was full of everything I loved. Girl in a big city that returns to small Christmas home town to help with her family’s business while she cozies up to their family’s enemies.  I mean can you get any more tropy than that? It was just cute and gave me many a warm and fuzzy feeling. 

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby. This was easily the worst out of the three on Netflix.  The other two were bad, but I found them funny and could tolerate them. On this go around I was just cringing at all the awkward moments and the plot holes. I feel like they created a roulette wheel of story-lines and just added a bunch together. I…it just made no sense.  


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Christmas At The Plaza. I FINALLY got a Hallmark movie that I am obsessed with. Anything set against the backdrop of New York, the romanticism of it, and the excitement of it – it’s soooo good. I also have to agree with Kenzie, Check Inn To Christmas was soooo good. I loved the tropes of both of these movies. I loved that I was invested in the characters. I loved that I couldn’t get enough. 

Same Time, Next Christmas. This movie had all the potential in the world – but I felt like it fell short in the long run. I felt as though it was tropy for the sake of tropey. But I also feel like it portrayed the main female character a little too weak while trying to convince us she was strong and independent and everything. It just missed the mark for me. And I hate that.


A Christmas Prince 3: Royal Baby: It was absurd, and no, it wasn’t even good, but maybe because of that I sorta enjoyed it? It’s like I could turn my brain off. But fine, since this is supposed to be about good, I’m gonna go with Holiday Rush. Now that was a family, feel-good movie about empowerment that I didn’t see coming.

Ghosting, the Spirit of Christmas: This one was a no for me, sorry Lacey. I just couldn’t get over the premise. I adore what Freeform is trying to do representation wise, and the fact that this was focused on a friendship was cute, but I LIKE MY MAIN CHARACTERS ALIVE, please and thank you. Especially at Christmas.


Ghosting, The Spirit of Christmas. This was a pleasant surprise for me. I really loved the storyline and how unpredictable it actually was. I love Christmas movies but they can be very predictable and almost repetitive but this movie was anything but that. Just when I thought it was going down the same romantic trope, it veered left and I loved it. Jess found love within herself, her friend and her beau. It was a beautiful story with an amazing message of self-love and reflection. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also loved Same Time, Next Christmas though it was a bit predictable.

What Christmas movie did you enjoy? Which wasn’t really your thing? Share with us in the comments below!

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