‘Doctor Who’ 12×04 Review: “Nikola Tesla’s Night of Horror”

Doctor Who’s “Nikola Tesla’s Night of Horror” saw the Doctor and her companions meeting the famed creator Nikola Telsa while battling greedy monsters/aliens after their own agenda. Like every episode that came before it, this episode was a wild ride with a staple of lessons attached to it that that left you proud, excited for what’s to come, and like the real world could learn a lesson of two from the Doctor and her companions.

Seeing More of Goran on My Screen

Not going to lie, I’ve missed Goran Visnjic. For many he’s known for his ER days. To me he’s Garcia Flynn from Timeless aka that one fandom that I found myself ingrained into the point of madness. But I digress because the Timeless fandom isn’t going to take away the appreciation I have for Goran Visnjic or the people I met along the way. I said, what I said. 

His character was a welcome surprise and change from his Garcia Flynn days. Yes, he was a tiny bit arrogant and difficult, he’s a man after all in a fight for survival against the odds of Thomas Edison and his creation machine. Who wouldn’t be a bit difficult? But that difficulty ran alongside his need to create and change the world. 

And when it came down to it, he chose to save the world over himself. That sets him apart and makes me love the character that he played on Doctor Who. If it came down to it Edison would’ve done things different, but not Tesla. He knows that his life isn’t more worthy than any of the ones on Earth and he’s willing to make the sacrifice.

Nikola Tesla is the hero on Doctor Who’s “Nikola Tesla’s Night of Horror.” 

The American Dream and Today’s Political Climate

From what I know aka a quick look at Google, Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American chasing the great American dream and being told to go back home because of it. It didn’t matter that his English was impeccable, that he put in the hard work and time to change American lives, or that he called the US his home. He was an outsider and I can’t help but think about our current political climate and how little has changed.

If you watch the news, it’s a constant barrage of us versus them; the “us” being United States citizens and the “them” being Latinos trying to make it across the border because they’re seeking a better life. Nikola would be the “them” in this scenario. And it wouldn’t/didn’t matter how much time he spent in the US or the strives he’s made along the way, he would continue to be the other who was trampling on the “rights” and “lives” of US citizens. 

And I call bullshit.

Nikola Tesla, and people that come into this country, are just chasing after the great American dream where everything is possible and you lead a better life because of it. And this dream shouldn’t be privatized or be made for the few and far in between because current US citizens want to be stingy about it. Anyone and everyone should be allowed to live a better life and seek it out if they choose to do so. #ISaidWhatISaid and don’t regret it one bit!  

Creatures Who Steal Instead of Crediting Creators

After “Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror” I couldn’t help but look at these monsters/aliens as thieves on the same wavelength as someone like Aaron Carter. Let me explain. People like Aaron Carter, who will now be known as AC, they don’t care if it’s YOUR work that they’re taking. Once it’s out there in the world it’s ripe for the picking and this attitude, all bits of it, is disgusting.

If you create something, if you share it with the world, you aren’t expecting for those who admire it to steal it without giving any create to where it came from. You expect people to consume it, admire it, and join you in a conversation about the piece you created. Like the monsters/aliens of Doctor Who, AC thought he could take something instead of making something of his own.

And it’s hella pathetic.

Creators put their hearts and souls into the things they make and you’d do well to follow their example by making things yourself as well. This creation leads to revolution, discovery of new talents, and gives you the ability to fix your creation when it goes kaput. The aliens/monsters on Doctor Who crash landed into this exact problem because they were arrogant. 

We all saw where that arrogance led them.

Doctor Who airs Sundays at 8/9c on BBC America.

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