‘Nancy Drew’ 1×11 Review: “The Phantom of the Bonny Scot”

Welcome back Nancy Drew fans! This week Dead Lucy is back in full effect haunting Nancy again and reeking havoc on her home. Meanwhile Nancy teams up with Carson, on the tragic murder of the Bonny Scot crew and tries to get her dad out of jail. Nancy’s life is super busy right now with ghosts, and jailbirds, I don’t envy her, well maybe a little, I looove her car. Lets dive in, because we have a lot to cover in this weeks episode of ‘Nancy Drew‘, “The Phantom of the Bonny Scot.”

Dead Lucy is Back!

Oh Nancy, Dead Lucy must have really missed you girl, because she is all up in your grill! Lucy was like guess what, Nancy? I will follow you around your house, your bathroom, your closet, I will show up in random paintings, and your attic! NOTICE ME BITCH! Ha!

By far Dead Lucy is the most interesting supernatural character on this show. Simon was boring and he was basically a Jinn. Tiffany was only interesting because Dead Lucy was there when she died. I don’t think she wants to harm anyone she just wants to be seen and heard, also I’m pretty sure she wants Nancy to solve her death.

Me too girl, me too.

Dead Lucy leads Nancy to box of files hidden underneath the staircase of her house. Nancy learns her mother was Dead Lucy’s guidance counselor back in the day. INTERESTING!!! BUT, because the writers can’t reveal everything at once, when Nancy tries to read the files on Lucy, everything has been ripped out!

Now, I have said this before, but I will say it again, just because Nancy’s mom died of cancer, does NOT mean she didn’t have anything to do with Lucy’s death. Nancy’s father is just a red herring.

Bess, Owen and those CRAZY Marvin’s

I breathed a sigh of relief when Bess finally revealed to someone other than Nancy that she is a Brit. How this girl keeps that American accent going all the time, is really beyond me. Also why do British people take on American accents so well, but we can’t take on theirs without sounding like idiots?

Random thought I know.

Raise your hand if you thought the Hudson’s were evil? Well, the Marvin’s aren’t like the big bad Mofia family the Hudson’s are but they are pretty damn close. Owen’s parents do at least love him and respect him, unlike Ryan’s parents who might have killed his wife and are now plotting to kill Nancy’s dad in prison.

How is this small town filled with this many criminals and murderers?

Bess meets the rest of her family and they like her, I guess? What they don’t like is her girlfriend! No lesbians allowed Bess! Also Bess, any family member who wants you to change who you are to suit them or is embarrassed of you, is not worth your time or energy.

I’m not mad at Owen because he didn’t encourage this but his family is awful and I’m pretty sure he knows that.

I’ll be honest. I don’t care about the Bonny Scot. I know it sank, I know lots of people died and are now haunting the town but plot wise, its a big YAWN for me. The only interesting tidbit to come out of this storyline was Owen helping one of the survivors evade the Hudson’s. Owen is a good person, deep down.

Owen and Nancy sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-NG

Owen and Nancy are HOT together. Waaay hotter than Nancy and Nick. Nick needs to just go be with Georgia, she’s into him and they are a better fit.

Owen and Nancy can have steamy kisses like this all the time. I’m fine with it and from the looks of it so was Nancy. My only real concern is the age difference between the two. Its never been stated, only implied that Owen is much older. I mean but on the bright side, he’s not a murder right? He definitely didn’t kill Lucy, and he’s not looking to exploit Nancy or her family.

For someone like Nancy who plays her cards close to her chest it was nice to see her let go for once and give in to her desires. Also Owen can help get her father out of jail so that she doesn’t have to be a double agent. Right now, she’s working double time with the Hudson’s trying to help them quiet the Marvin’s but like she’s also working with Marvin’s (OWEN) to bring down the Hudson’s. Exhausting right? I know. So if she wants to have sex with Owen to blow off some steam, I’m okay with that.

No judging. Do you girl. Just keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Nancy Drew airs Wednesdays 9/8c on the CW network.

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