‘Nancy Drew’ Review 1×10: “The Mark of the Poisoner’s Pearl”

Nancy Drew and “The Mark of the Poisoner’s Pearl” picks up weeks after Nancy‘s dad is carted off to jail on suspicion of the murder of Lucy Sable. Nancy is not taking his calls from prison and she is depressed, moping around her house and pushing everyone away.

Nancy, haven’t you learned anything from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? You don’t write shit down in a diary for all the world to see. Especially nosey cops. Oh sweetie, you still have a lot to learn. You might be a smarty pants detective but you are no Rizzoli and Isles.


Lets jump straight to it, shall we! Read on for my review of “The Mark of the Poisoner’s Pearl”!

Kissing Cousins

Guys, Bess is gonna turn out to be Owen’s half sister not his first cousin. I know Owen forged those test results and poor Bess is just so happy to have found her family she doesn’t even question him about it. Why does he need to lie though? Why is it bad for Bess to be his sister? Are the Marvin’s as sinister as the Hudson’s? Is that even possible? 

Bess just wants to belong, she doesn’t want anything more.

Owen better not hurt Bess, because she is a precious little unicorn. Hopefully Owen is just protecting himself and his family’s fortune because he is wary of people trying to take advantage of them. I’m hard pressed to believe he’s a killer, but right now he’s still a suspect.

Owen, really just needs to calm down. He’s not that great and neither is his family. The question is how did Bess and her mom end up in England the rest of her family in Horseshoe Bay? 

Ace is Back!

Awww Ace! I’m so happy to see you up and around and we finally get to meet your dad too. I call this a win, win.  In the B storyline of the night we finally meet The Captain, who is Ace’s dad. Apparently he worked on a similar case to the Tiffany Hudson one some years ago where a rare poison was found in the person’s bloodstream. The Captain was injured in the line of duty rendering him deaf and the killer was never caught. 

Ace and Nancy think the cases could be connected and with the help of Nick and Georgia, they find the answers they are looking for in the old high school of Horseshoe Bay. I really didn’t think the adults in this show could be any slower but lo’ and behold, I was wrong. Ha!

The Captain has been holding onto to a clue/puzzle from the serial killer, for like 10 years, and he cannot figure it out. BUT guess who solves it in like five minutes? Nancy. How do the cops on this show continue to have jobs? That’s the real mystery here. 

The Scooby Gang v. Claire

It doesn’t take long before Nancy receives her own cipher from the serial killer The Captain never caught. Show of hands who knew Claire was gonna turn out to be said serial killer? 

I won’t even bore you with the details of Claire, who killed any teacher who pissed her off in high school. What I will say about Claire is she is pretty scary and unassuming. Most serial killers look perfectly normal and Claire is no different.  Nancy was shocked that Claire was behind it all, and after Claire locked her in a room filled with poisonous gas Nancy drifted off to sleep or near death? I’m not sure honestly. 

What I do know, is Nancy apologizes to all of her friends for pushing them away and tells them she needs them. I was all about this moment. Nancy needed a reckoning, she is not alone in this life or the next and neither are her friends. #scoobygang #ghostbusters Also, if Nancy is in the spirit realm with Dead Lucy then technically Nancy’s dead too right? 

Dead Lucy shows Nancy where she has been since the demon Simon kicked her out of Horseshoe Bay. I thought Lucy was a pretty powerful ghost,  but I guess since Simon is a demon so that trumps her limited powers. So many rules to understand and not enough time.

When Nancy comes wakes up, Nick and Georgia are there to welcome her back and so is Dead Lucy. While in the spirit realm, Lucy Hitch hiked with Nancy in order to get back to Horseshoe Bay and Nancy’s house. 

We still don’t know the connection between these two women and its literally KILLING ME.  I’m intrigued. Lucy clearly doesn’t like Nancy’s dad and that is very apparent. BUT I  think he is red herring and just because Nancy’s mom died doesn’t mean she can’t be suspect. 

Lucy is stuck to Nancy for a reason and I want to know why damn it! Who killed you Lucy? And why? 

Nancy Drew airs at 9/8c on the CW network.

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