‘Locke and Key’ Spoiler Free Review: Welcome to Key House

To be honest, when we first jumped into Locke & Key, we weren’t sure if we’d like it. Sure, it had the makings of a great urban fantasy drama, but there was something about it that left us feeling uncertain on whether we would like it or not. Good thing we ignored that doubt and gave Locke & Key the chance it deserved.

Locke & Key is what great stories are made out of. It’s about family, love, loss, and the lengths you’re willing to go to save those you love, even after they’re long gone. It’s a story about discovery, magic, and the bonds between siblings. And it’s about what you’d do to protect those you love from the forces of evil, particularly tall brunettes.

Don’t worry, you’ll understand when you watch. Until then, read on for our spoiler free advanced review/5 reasons why you should be watching Locke & Key when it comes out on February 6th on Netflix!

1. Bode, Kinsey, and Tyler are the heroes of this tale.

Locke & Key has compelling young characters who are the champions of this story. They are the ones we stand with as they face the monsters and evils of their worlds head on. And they are also the characters we grow with while being reminded of our own lives and the struggles we’ve faced to get to this point in our lives. Sure, the adults are around, doing their thing and trying to help, but its these young champions who steal the show, our hearts, and the screen every time they come around. 

2. The magical keys are out of this world, creativity wise.

Every key that the Locke family finds is more creative than the one that came before it. And because of that, we are gifted with a rich and wonderful world full of seemingly impossible magic at the hands of Bode, Kinsey, and Tyler. There’s a key that leads you to anywhere you want, one that unlocks minds, and some that give you the ability to fly if you so wish. Almost anything is possible when you have these keys on hand and that makes for a compelling storyline where we’re excited to see what the Locke family discovers next.

3. Tragedy is at the heart of this story but doesn’t weigh it down. 

The loss of the father is the heart of it all. It’s what changed all of their lives and what guided them to Key House. And it’s not an easy thing to watch, take in, or learn about it all as you’re watching Locke & Key. The death of their loved one was horrifying, yet simply put together to create a moment of loss that feels like it could happen to anybody. And that makes it even scarier and harder to watch. Nevertheless, the death of this loved one doesn’t weigh down the story. If anything, it guides them down a path of discovery, wonder, and transformation that leaves these people changed forever

4. The adults aren’t just sitting around waiting for things to happen.

Like all adults in stories like this…they’re a little ignorant of what is going on with the kids. That doesn’t mean that they are just sitting by and letting things pass by them. For one thing, the adults of this story used to be children themselves; full of wonder at the world and its magic. Now that they are adults, things are loads different, but they have the capabilities a younger generation might not have to find the leads needed to conquer the big bad or just expose them in general. That leads the adults on a ride that compliments the younger hero’s journey, and leads all of them down unexpected roads that will change their lives completely. 

5. The house is magnificent and a character in its own.

Key House is a beautiful home away from home for the Locke family. After losing their dad and the her husband, the entire family moves away from the life they knew as a means of getting closer to their lost loved one. The children resent the mother for the move, well…at least two of them do and they are teenagers so it makes sense for their acts of rebellion. The youngest is enamored with the home, ready and willing to find out its secrets, one key at a time. And the mother is keen on repairing the home while trying to uncover its secrets, unbeknownst to the children. But the closer they get to the mysteries of Key House, the more dangerous things become because they’re not the only ones after the secrets this house holds. There are darker forces at play who will tear the house down just to get what they want. And that right there is a frightening thought on so many levels.

Locke & Key is available on February 7th on Netflix.

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