MTV Is About To Go Back To Reality Family Television

Reality TV can be a good or a bad thing. I guess that depends on if you like it or not.

Me – I am trash for it. Well, shows like Very Cavallari or Christley Knows Best are right up my avenue. And now MTV is bringing a new reality show to my life and I feel blessed.

The Busch Family is coming to the channel for a 10 episode run on the channel, with their new show, The Busch Family Brewed. And the name Busch should ring a bell – they are descendants of the Busch family, founders and original owners of the iconic beer brand. Their products have enabled me to make a lot of bad decisions in my life.

The Busch Family Brewed marks the return to reality family television for MTV. The last one – The Osbournes.

The Busch Family Brewed will follow the family as they break ground on a new craft brewery on their property – the first for the family in over 150 years. They are continuing the family legacy with their own beer.

I am not a beer drinker, but I am happy as fuck to watch this show.

The cast features father Billy Busch Sr., great-grandson of beer king Adolphus Busch; his super-wife Christi; and their seven children ranging in age from 28 to 13: Billy Jr., “the responsible one”; Haley, “the sweet one”; Abbey, “the wild child”; Gussie, “the ladies’ man”; Grace, “the blunt one”; Maddie, “the wise one”; and Peter, “the baby.”

Their massive 700-acre estate comes with equipped with many things, but the most important thing – Clydesdales.

The series premiere at 9 PM Thursday, March 5, on MTV.

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