Zoe Sugg Has A New Book Series

Maybe I am missing something, but if I am – I hope someone will explain to me what I am missing. Why are all these books now a days about someones classmate dying? Or some student dying?

I am just confused.

YouTube superstar Zoe Sugg is writing another fiction series with author and editor Amy McCulloch, who she worked with on her series, Girl Online.

Their newest series –  The Magpie Society: One Of Sorrow – they are cowriting together.

Here’s the synopsis –

Two girls, from completely different backgrounds, are reluctantly brought together when the death of a popular former student becomes the subject of a murder investigation. And not just with the police. As they find themselves drawn deeper into the mystery of her death, they uncover more secrets about the school they live in, and a shadowy society known as The Magpie Society. But is the Magpie Society a force for good? Or do they have more sinister intent?

See what I mean? I guess investigating deaths is the hot thing.

The book will available October 29th.

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