Lucy Hale Talks About Katy Keene’s Aspirations

We’re always looking for new shows to watch. It’s hard to find ones that we are willing to commit to, because we don’t want to get emotionally involved and then a show get cancelled.

Katy Keene is a show that we are ready to invest in. The characters, the setting, the dreams – it all has captured our hearts.

Lucy Hale has been doing a lot of press promoting the show and we’re living for it.

When asked about her characters aspirations, we have to admit that we wanted to stand up and clap.

“So often in TV and film, women are chasing after a guy. We grow up thinking you need to get married, we need to have kids, we need to do X, Y, and Z,” Lucy shared with Advocate. “I’ve never felt that way. I’ve always put my dreams first. I think Katy is that way too.”


Putting ones dreams first is of the utmost importance. Katy Keene is a strong character that we can look up to.

Are you a fan of Katy Keene?

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