I Need You to Watch Letterkenny

I know that’s a bold title, but it’s the truth. Stick with me here; Letterkenny is the best show on Hulu right now, and you need to watch it. Pitter Patter.

Two men standing in front of a red barn; one in flannel, the other in a blue jumpsuit.

Let’s get at ‘er.

The first time I saw Letterkenny, my ex (also roommate, it’s fine) and his friend were watching it. I definitely didn’t give it much of a chance because I don’t like coming home to a strange lady in my apartment. But it looked interesting and there was hockey, so I thought I’d try it out. After starting from episode one, I fell in love.

Three men and one woman standing in front of a bar. From left to right: man one in a jumpsuit with his arms crossed, man two in flannel with his thumbs in his pockets, woman in shorts with her thumb through a belt loop, man three in overalls, holding the straps.

Letterkenny is a rural Canadian town, and the show focuses on the problems of the residents. There are hicks and skids, and a whole other cast of wild folks. The episodes start with an anecdote from Wayne (usually including his sister Katy, best friends Daryl and Squirelly Dan). Once that’s settled, the episode kicks off.

Often the episodes relate to the anecdote, but sometimes it’s just a bit in the beginning. My favorite thing though, is that there’s almost always a dog in the introduction. Wayne has a dog that he’s trying to breed, but is having issues with. She is usually in the episodes, which really makes my day.

Three men standing outside. One wearing overalls with cotton candy and a birthday hat, one in a blue jumpsuit with a feather boa and tiara, and the third in flannel with a birthday hat. Letterkenny

The episodes are all over the place. One of my favorite episodes is about Daryl’s birthday, and the softest party ever. The goal is to always out-soft the party the year before, because you don’t mess with tradition. It’s the second episode ever, and it really gets the series off to an incredible start.

I think the absolute best part of Letterkenny is the colloquialisms. While I’m a big fan of “pitter patter, let’s get at ‘er,” my favorite thing that I’ve picked up is “not my pig, not my farm.” It’s a way of saying that something isn’t my business, so I’m keeping out of it. My mum says “not my monkeys, not my circus,” but I like the added dig of saying that someone isn’t my pig (hey, I’m Slytherin).

So, why required? I know it’s just a TV show, but I need someone who can understand that when I say “somebody get this guy a f*ckin’ puppers,” I’m saying that somebody needs to calm down. As a single gal perusing the dating apps, I get so excited when someone’s account says “pitter patter.” Heck, this guy I’ve known forever told me that he watched some Letterkenney and I lost my dang mind.

If you’re not convinced yet, let me tell you something. Hockey. There’s hockey in this, and it’s mostly yelling, fighting, and buff dudes doing things ferda (for the) boys. I love it. There are two hockey boys, Reilly and Jonesy who date Wayne’s sister Katy for a bit. They’re incredible and I love them. Plus, since hockey players are stacked, there is quite a bit of eye candy on screen.

I feel like there’s something for everyone in Letterkenny. I have a friend who told me that her second hand embarrassment is too strong for her to watch it (Gail is a unique character, to say the least). But also, Sam Maggs (an amazing author) tweeted that Letterkenny has a lot of truth in it, specifically in the “rural Canadian town” vein.

So, if you’ve got Hulu, do me a favor and watch Letterkenny. It only really took me two episodes to be into it, so I’m pretty sure you’ll love it too. If you don’t have Hulu, you can buy season one here, on Amazon!

Fun fact: I read a lot more than I watch! You can see some of my favorite books for this year here!

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