‘Bright Burning Stars’ Currently Filming In Budapest

Sometimes, things slip by and we don’t know that something has started filming.

Especially when they do it under a different name.

The A.K. Small novel Bright Burning Stars has begun filming. The name of the adaptation is Birds of Paradise. The movie is currently shooting in Budapest, with Sarah Adina Smith directing.

Actors Kristine Froseth and Diana Silvers will in the adaptation. They star as two dancers at an “elite Parisian ballet academy who connect in a time of stress and tragedy.”

“Sarah is a talented, visionary filmmaker who we’re so happy is part of the Amazon family, and we can’t wait to bring her next story to life with Birds of Paradise,” said Julie Rapaport, film co-head at Amazon Studios. “We’re also thrilled to be working with stars Diana Silvers and Kristine Froseth who are both on the path to becoming the next household names with their undeniable talents.”

Director Sarah Adina Smith added, “I wrote these roles specifically for Kristine Froseth and Diana Silvers, who I believe are going to take the world by storm. I’m honored to take this journey with them and so thrilled to be partnering with Amazon Studios once again in pursuit of bold, unapologetic filmmaking.”

The movie is set to run on Amazon Prime. There is no release date as of yet. But, we’re looking forward to seeing this play out on the screen.

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